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Catalonia Separatists Say ‘Spain is a Failed State’, EU Banksters Use Blackmail Kill Their Bid

21st Century Wire says…

No one said it would be easy.

The banking mafia in Brussels are already leveling threats at Barcelona in order to try and kill-off any movement towards independence from liberty-hungry Catalans.

According to Luis Maria Linde, head of the Bank of Spain, a newly Independent Catalonia will be kicked out of the eurozone. He said the region would be ‘cut-off’ from single currency and its membership to the European Union ‘revoked’, and that, the exit from the euro is automatic, the exit from the European Union is implied,” he said.

Nationalist leaders led by, Raül Romeva (photo below) have promised to declare independence within 18 months should they win their upcoming independence vote.

High drama in Barcelona and Madrid…

Catalan Yes! Independence leader Raül Romeva.

The Guardian

At the port of Tarragona recently, with the sun shining on the harbour, it became clear that Junts pel Sí (Together for Yes), the Catalan independence coalition which hopes to score a significant victory next weekend, is a pretty big tent.

Asked about a controversial megacomplex of hotels, casinos and theme parks in the works, candidate Germà Bel was confident that the project would create wealth and jobs for the area. But Raül Romeva, charismatic leader of the Together for Yes list, doubted whether the project would actually go ahead. “It’s not a done deal,” he hedged.

Spanish media seized on the moment as evidence of the uneasy bedfellows that had joined together for Catalonia’s forthcoming regional elections.

But Romeva, who leads the Junts pel Sí ticket, sees the unwieldy coalition backed by the conservative Democratic Convergence party, the leftwing Catalan Republican Left and grassroots independence activists, as a sign of the extraordinary moment Catalonia is experiencing.

“This is a movement that goes from left to right, spanning conservatives, liberals, ecologists, sociologists and many others,” he told the Observer. “It’s a consequence of necessity.” For the past decade, he argued, the Spanish state has failed to represent the plurality of the country: “What we have is the opportunity to change all this.”

His coalition seeks to turn the 27 September ballot into a de facto referendum on independence, segregating parties by their stance on the question and launching the region’s most ambitious move in recent years in the push to break away from Spain. “If there is a majority, we will have to manage that result. If there is not a majority, we will have to accept that and move on.”

Polls suggest that pro-independence parties could win a slim majority in the 135-seat regional parliament. If so, Catalan leader Artur Mas has pledged to lead a transitional government, lasting no longer than 18 months, which will begin drafting a Catalan constitution and work towards negotiating secession with the central government in Madrid…

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