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American Mercenaries En Route To Fight ISIS

21st Century Wire says…

Numerous individuals are said to be taking the fight against ISIS into their own hands and heading out to tackle the radical Islamists personally.

Watch a video of this report here:

A group of American mercenaries is setting out to fight ISIS in the Philippines. Firearms instructor and martial artist Suleiman Yousef is leading the group, all of which have day jobs and regular lives back home in the United States.

Yousef, who once trained with Blackwater, says, They’re hurting kids, they’re hurting innocent people, and they’re saying it’s in the name of Islam. It doesn’t work that way.

Are the Philippines ISIS’s next target? (Photo)

He did not reveal who exactly had hired the group, but believes there is an ISIS problem in the Philippines despite the lack of mainstream headlines, and states that “we need to do what we can with what we know, and do it for the greater good.”

Volunteer groups like this are thought to be driven by both empathy and anxiety.

With the entirety of documented Western support for ISIS being found in the Middle East, this ‘ISIS’ group in the Philippines is more than likely a copycat group with zero hard-ties to groups in Syria or Iraq.

RT caught up with the group for an interview (Photo)

While this can be seen as a noble cause, it is also somewhat reckless. Moreover, the lack of resources this group will suffer means the extent of their effectiveness will always be incredibly limited.

Yet, if we begin arguing for state-led intervention, we know exactly what we will end up with; à la Libya.

We are left with quite the conundrum.

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‘Bigger and badder’: US volunteers head to fight ISIS


A group of US volunteers is headed to the Philippines on a contract to fight groups allied with the Islamic State.

One counterinsurgency specialist wonders if their enthusiasm will make up for the lack of logistics, weapons and training.

Those in the group have day jobs and regular lives but feel the need to help people endangered by militants who have pledged loyalty to the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), a group in southern Florida told RT’s Maria Finoshina…

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