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In Plain Sight: Coalition Forces Routinely Air-Drop Military Supplies to ISIS Fighters In Syria

21st Century Wire

Deconstructing one of the biggest ISIS myths…

A plethora of mythology has been spun in the US media about ISIS “controls large parts of the Middle East”, when in reality they do not. This highly inflatable concept is easy to sell to US audiences who struggle to find Syria on a map. There are areas in Iraq and Syria which are unstable, and smaller areas yet, which are experiencing intense fighting, but ISIS does not control “large areas” of the region

When you knock down that first domino, then other dominoes fall with it, like the myth of “ISIS maintains a vast network of supply lines in the region.” Again, more myth-making generated by a typically over-exaggerating mainstream media – designed to support the original thesis. There are terrorist units spread out in an array of isolated pockets in Syria and Iraq, so with that being the case, what would be the easiest way to deliver supplies to troops in the field? It turns out that the answer is much simpler than the overblown fish story our media is selling us….

HIDDEN IN PLAIN ‘S.I.T.E.’: Pentagon and Israel media arm SITE has been helping to stage-manage the ‘accidental weapons drop’ narrative.

Pay attention. The article below was posted in Oct. 2014 by online Israeli tabloid site,Vocativ, which illustrates how poorly the ISIS camouflage performs in the field; the real story is casually hidden in plain sight. The video at the end of this story shows that ISIS is receiving weapons and supply drops from above. The official line on this story attempts to cloud and obfuscate the obvious. The Pentagon and US media both constantly claim that, somehow, ISIS has “got a hold of American weapons and ammunition that the U.S. military had dropped for Kurdish forces in Syria.” Sure it is.

It’s a subtle and very convenient way to explain away what you are witnessing with your own eyes: that ‘Coalition’ air forces are routinely dropping supplies to ISIS fighters in Syria. It’s becoming a regular occurrence, appearing in the media on multiple occasions reported here, here and here. The mainstream will constantly steer its captive audiences away from the obvious – that one of the reasons that ISIS is so formidable is that they are being steadily supplied with US military-grade war materials.

Who has operational control of the skies over Syria and Iraq now? Answer: the Pentagon-led coalition. In addition, US ally Israel is also flying regular missions over Syria too, and they could also be involved in supplying ISIS fighters too.

Air-dropping supplies to covert paramilitary rebel or fighting groups is nothing new for the US. Whether it’s in Nicaragua (arms, cash, for cocaine), El Salvador (arms for cannabis) and Cambodia/Laos (arms, cash, for heroin), or in Syria (arms, supplies, for captagon?), it’s always been a key component to any US clandestine operation. The practice became famous following the hit film, Air America, which detailed the U.S. Government and CIA covert courier service used to support illegal military operations in areas the U.S. Armed forces could not go into, as was the case with South East Asia due to treaty restraints contained in the 1954 and 1962 Geneva Accords. It seems like Air America is back in business.

Watch the video at the end. See for yourself…

This Army Surplus Camo Might Make ISIS Easier to Hit


ISIS might be the latest victim of America’s need to constantly be on trend. The extremist group seems to have taken old U.S. Army uniforms that were proven to be horrible at disguising American soldiers over two years ago, making its jihadis easy targets in battle.

In the past month, photos have appeared online of high-ranking ISIS officers wearing fatigues that look exactly like the American uniform design known as UCP.

The dysfunctional UCP Army uniform, which basically looks like an old Windows computer screen capture of a fatigue pattern, was created in 2004 in response to some Army soldiers who literally just wanted to look cooler. The pattern on the uniform is technically more fashionable, depending on your taste, but also gives little to no camouflage protection in combat. The U.S. spent $5 billion on it only to find it was a danger to the soldiers. In 2012, the Army introduced new and improved fatigues, but ISIS might be stuck with the old pattern. Photos of ISIS commanders potentially wearing the old American uniforms are made more actual by the fact that ISIS posted a video online Tuesday claiming it got a hold of American weapons and ammunition that the U.S. military had dropped for Kurdish forces in Syria.

You can watch the ISIS video of the alleged stolen weapons and ammunition here:

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