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PROXY WAR: British Military Training Ukraine’s Army, American Backup On The Way

21st Century Wire says…

The Ukrainian proxy war is now completely in the open.

The British military have begun training Ukraine’s army and 300 American ‘paratroopers’ are set to arrive in April. The UK also aims to supply a ‘gift of non-lethal equipment to support president Poroshenko’s forces.

The term ‘non-lethal‘ is entirely misleading. Imagine supplies of food being considered non-lethal. Depending on who is distributing the food, and to whom, that food ‘aid’ could prove to be very lethal for those deprived of it; for political, or even logistical, reasons.

For an example of problems with non-lethal ‘equipment’, we only need look to the numerous cases of people killed by equipment like tasers to understand the potential for lethality from supposedly non-lethal methods.

The US has been supplying satellite imagery of rebel-held Eastern Ukraine to Kiev, which might be considered non-lethal aid. But, what happens when such ‘aid’ is used to direct military attacks? In this instance, the lines are very blurred indeed.

With such foreign training being required, it can only be assumed that the Ukrainian army is not up to an adequate standard. This might explain their string of losses to the rebels in the East, culminating in the encirclement and abandonment of a number of Kiev’s troops in Debaltseve.

Despite ridiculous reports on Russia ‘invading’ Ukraine, Kiev has since admitted that there are no Russian troops involved in the fighting. Meanwhile, Russia, at least on the surface, has been primarily concerned with providing humanitarian aid before military support.

UK troops start training Ukraine’s army, US confirms own mission.


UK military personnel have arrived in Ukraine and are beginning their training mission there, Britain’s Ministry of Defence has announced. Meanwhile the US will send nearly 300 paratroopers to start training the country’s national guard next month.

The deployment of foreign troops has started amid a barely holding cease-fire in the country’s east.

With the aim of helping Kiev’s army to fight anti-government forces, according to the UK MoD, its training mission is now operating in Ukraine, with the numbers of involved personnel “depending on the schedule.”

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