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Addicted to Lies: Kiev, CIA Still Pushing Fake Reports of ‘Russia Invading Ukraine’

21st Century Wire says…

On Friday, the Ukrainian military’s PR machine spun-up its latest episode of the illusive “Russian Invasion”, this time accusing Moscow of dispatching a column of 32 tanks and “truckloads of Russian troops” into the country’s eastern region.

The West are being very choosy with their language – in case they have to deny they ever said it later.

Presently, the West and Kiev are stopping short of labeling the non-event as an invasion, instead calling it “Russian aggression”, and a “cross-border incursion” to aid separatists, with the all-important caveat of “unconfirmed report”, a PR system standardized by CIA media handlers currently in residence inside the US-backed Kiev regime.

COUP D’COOL: Barack Obama meets with Ukrainian neofascist leader-in-waiting, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk having tea in the White House.

Another ‘Russian Invasion’?

The timing, and the sheer desperation of this latest PR move is designed for one thing: deflecting public attention away from the fact that Ukrainian military have already broken the fragile ceasefire with rebels, as Kiev resumes its shelling of civilian areas around Donetsk and Lugansk.

Multiple reports of indiscriminate shelling, mass graves, and prisoner torture by Kiev’s government forces – has already been roundly condemned by international groups and human rights organizations, but this has unfortunately attracted no interest from the US State Department (or the western media) who are avoiding addressing Kiev’s military deployment against its own unarmed civilians, including women, children and the elderly.

Eastern regions also held long-overdue elections last Sunday, but were (predictably) condemned as “illegitimate” by the West, even as major political parties and representatives in Eastern Ukraine have been banned and disallowed from participating in Kiev’s new junta government.

Still the western media is spinning this latest Kiev lie as yet another reason to, “call into question Russia’s commitment to a two-month-old ceasefire deal”.

WAG THE DOG: Washington’s plans to maintain a fictional PR narrative of how ‘Russia is invading its neighbors’.

This latest fake Kiev/CIA attempted report are is the first. Here are some previous attempts to create a ‘Russian Invasion’:

July 28, 2014: After their total failure to blame eastern Ukrainian Rebels and Moscow for shooting down Fight MH17 on July 17th, Washington and its NATO allies have shifted their propaganda strategy in a new attempt to implicate Russia for “international war crimes”.

Washington used its US ambassador to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, to launch the fabricated social media campaign designed to blame Russia for “firing artillery over its border into the Ukraine”. Pyatt had simply grabbed a series of images off of the Google World-style satellite mapping website Digital Globe, claiming it was “evidence” of Russia artillery fired into eastern Ukraine. Here’s his Tweet that started the lie:


August 30th, 2014: US media was set ablaze with imaginative reports of 5,000 Russian troops and columns tanks rolling through rebel-held Eastern Ukraine. Moscow response was blunt and to the point. Russia all but laughed off Kiev’s claim, as CNN reported, “The comments came the same day that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused NATO of using “images from computer games” to — in his view — falsely make the case that Russian troops are in Ukraine. Lavrov said, “hiding the evidence is an outstanding characteristic of the U.S. and many EU countries” – with regard to Ukraine.

Unfortunately, Washington, its State Department, as well as British officials – did not hesitate to run with the fake story. White House spokesman Josh Earnest (in earnest) got a taste of what Mark Carney had been doing in previously years – propping up another State Department lie, insisting no matter what the Kremlin says, Russian troops were inside the Ukraine and had fired on Ukrainian military positions. “Those denials are completely without credibility,” Earnest said.

See bogus the NATO satellite images here

And Russia’s military may be digging in deeper in Ukraine. The British government also joined in on the gag, with a “inside source” (no clue who that might be) telling CNN on Friday that Russia moved 4,000 to 5,000 military personnel. Meanwhile, NATO’s Anders Rasmussen chimes in saying how Russia is trying to, “destabilize Ukraine as a sovereign nation” (when in fact it is NATO allies who destabilized Ukraine).

The timing of the late summer lies came as Washington and Brussels were finalizing a round of sanctions against Russia for – wait for it… “aggression in the Ukraine”.

CNN’s ‘panel of experts’, including globalist General Wesley Clark, back in August on worldwide TV, were pushing their own fiction as fact – to create their wag the dog-style, “Russian invasion of Ukraine”. Watch:

October 19, 2014: As 21WIRE reported recently, Sweden’s farcical Russian submarine hoax, was engineered as part of a NATO PR push designed to push Sweden closer to joining the NATO Military Union, as western media worked overtime pumping up a new ‘Hunt for Red October’. After deploying it’s entire naval and tracking resources – nothing was found and many admit that the whole campaign was based on a grainy photo and a rumor, and the story disappeared into the shadows.

NATO bosses in Mons, Belgium have their sights set on the crucial northern Baltic front. Not wasting any time, NATO’s press office worked-up a quick follow-up to the Sweden hoax, claiming that a Russian Ilyushin-20 surveillance plane had been intercepted by Two Canadian CF-18 Hornet jets scrambled from Siauliai Air Base in Lithuania. NATO claims the Canadian fighters shadowed the Russian craft for 15 minutes before disengaging.

Ten days later, October 29th, NATO ran a follow-up story to the Canadian Jet PR bumper, this time claiming that NATO intercepted at least 19 Russian aircraft – in 1 day, all “flying far outside Russian airspace”. The reports turned out to exaggerated, but were timed perfectly for a broader directive happening that week which called for more NATO troops to be deployed in Baltic region.

The following day, on October 30th, in Britain, two Royal Air Force jets threatened to shoot down a slow-flying, twin propeller, Latvian cargo plane, over fears that it constituted some kind of “Russian threat”.

Many are now seeing that NATO is merely an extension of Washington DC and the Pentagon, the facade of NATO as a “security alliance” is beginning to disintegrate rapidly. Watch as journalists grill one panicking US Pentagon official as Chuck Hagel’s recent claims that, “Russia is on the doorstep of NATO” (when in fact it is the other way around) during the daily State Department briefing:

More of the latest here…

Moscow to Kiev: Stick to Minsk ceasefire, stop making false ‘invasion’ claims


Russia has called on Ukraine to stick to the Minsk peace process and disproved claims that Russia is deploying additional troops on the border. Kiev has again accused Russia of invading Ukraine, but has not produced any proof.

The calls from Russia come as tension is rising in eastern Ukraine, and rebels say Kiev is preparing to break the ceasefire and resume hostilities.

Amid the threat of escalation, Russia is calling for a new round of talks in the Belarusian capital, Minsk.

“We call for the Minsk process to continue and for a new gathering of the contact group,” Russian presidential adviser Yury Ushakov said Friday.

Negotiations in Minsk managed to produce a shaky ceasefire in early September, which has mostly held until now. They didn’t stop the violence altogether, as some flare-ups occurred on the border between areas controlled by Kiev loyalists and rebel forces, such as the fighting over the ruins of Donetsk international airport. But the violence was reduced.

The calls come after Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk called this week to abandon the Minsk talks altogether and go back to the Geneva negotiations format from April. Unlike the Kiev talks, the talks in Geneva did not include representatives of the rebel forces.

“Sitting [down] with them for bilateral negotiations is useless,” Yatsenyuk said. “One of the most efficient and real formats is the Geneva format, which included the participation of the US, the EU, Ukraine and our geographically northern neighbor.”

(…) The rebels have good reasons to suspect foul play from Kiev, considering that a number of high-ranking Ukrainian officials have stated that use of force in the east was needed. The latest statement came Thursday from Markiyan Lubkivskiy, an aide to the head of Ukraine’s Security Service.

“I believe that sooner or later we will have to start very active actions,”
he said on Shuster Live, Ukraine’s main TV talk show on politics.

Earlier, Yury Lutsenko, an aide to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, said Kiev’s interest in the ceasefire was to win time to regroup its troops.

“We need to maintain the ceasefire as long as we can to get our precise instruments, to get military and financial aid from the West,” he said last month. “We are the ones benefiting from the ceasefire and peace.”…

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