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Iran Tests Combat Robot During Drills

21st Century Wire says…

Iran, unlike Iraq, has been under sanctions for decades now. Left outside of direct US corporate interference in its internal affairs, it has been able to develop a surprisingly modern military fighting force.

The combat robot was tested during recent military drills being undertaken by the Iranians. The robot is equipped with a 7.62mm Machine Gun, thermal cameras and has an operational radius of 5-7km. Any attempted attack on Iran will definitely not be a walk in the park.

While they are a little way off from The Terminator, these technologies definitely path the way towards such an idea. See the Iranian robot in action below:

The future of military combat is going to be dominated by robots particularly due to advancements in A.I. and autopilot technologies. The U.S. military is currently developing underwater drones.

However, this kind of technology is not exclusively reserved to military purposes. Internet megastore Amazon plans to deliver goods with drones, also, satellite and drone technology is being used to discover evidence of lost civilizations in rainforests and the Sahara Desert.

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Iran tests ‘combat robot with machine gun’ at massive drills

Iran has reportedly tested an armed robot during the massive war games currently underway in the country. Pictures shown by the local news outlets showed a tracked mobile turret armed with a machine gun.

The combat robot was tested by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) during the Prophet Mohammed-9 exercise in the Jask region.

Iran’s Tasnim news agency said the robot is equipped with a 7.62 mm caliber machine gun as well as optical and thermal cameras, allowing operation in night conditions. It is said to have an operational range of 5 to 7 kilometers. Pictures can be viewed here.

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