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9/11 Truth ‘Inside Job’ Caused Seahawks Superbowl Loss

21st Century Wire says…

If there was an award for the most ignorant news program of all time, after this, it should definitely be given to FOX News.

Courageous Seahawks’ Head Coach Pete Carroll is asking the right questions.

In a snide remark, FOX host Greg Gutfeld said of the Seahawks’ loss:

When you see a play that was so deliberately self-destructive, the only thing you can conclude is that it was an inside job”.

Seattle Seahawks’ Head Coach Pete Carroll is known to have questioned the official story of 9/11, and this is the controlled mainstream media’s attempt to smear him for doing so.

Find the ridiculous outburst below:

Gutfeld asserts that seeing planes hit the buildings provides all the evidence anybody should need to understand what happened on 9/11.

Then, we must ask Gutfeld, what exactly happened to Building 7?

Watch the collapse from multiple angles below:

This 47-storey skyscraper collapsed into its own footprint in mere seconds at 5:20pm on 9/11. It was not hit by a plane. Gutfeld’s kindergarten approach to scientific enquiry is an affront to the work of thousands of qualified architects and engineers who have raised incredibly serious issues with the ‘official’ story of what happened to those buildings on 9/11. Perhaps this explains why British Police now do not want you watching any live coverage of unfolding terror events.

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