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British Police Do NOT Want You Watching Live Terror Events! Why Might That Be?

21st Century Wire

In a move that should not shock anyone familiar with the alternative media, British Police are practically admitting that what goes on during a terror event is not all that meets the eye.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe might come to be known as Captain Coverup

We are told that there are “fears that broadcast of live images could increase difficulties for police and military and risk lives of hostages.”

Alternatively, we could suggest that ‘authorities’ do not want anybody to have any evidence available to them that could possibly be used to argue against, and damage, their ‘official’ narrative of an event.

Plans have supposedly been “reviewed and refined”, as a consequence of what was “discovered of the French experience”; with the recent attacks in Paris.

A detailed analysis of the events in Paris, including expert testimony on what was witnessed, suggests that the attacks fit the bill for what can deemed a false flag event for geopolitical purposes. It is true that without such witness testimony, coming to such a definitive conclusion would be a task much harder to achieve. Many people are now familiar with the signs and red flags that can indicate a false flag terror event, and perhaps that is why British Police do not wish you to have any evidence to do your own, independent, analysis.

Do you trust the ‘officials’ to give you all the evidence?

Apparently, the Police want you “to be informed” on terrorist incidents; as long as they are ones doing the informing. How can we trust a Police establishment riddled with corruption to truthfully inform us of anything?

Police “want to make sure that our ability to respond is not restricted by things like live coverage”, which is understandable to an extent.

But the question still remains, what exactly are you worried about us seeing? Perhaps something along the lines of the time the BBC reported that WTC 7, a building the vast majority of people have never even heard of, collapsed 20 minutes before it actually did.

Watch that ridiculous mess below:

With almost everyone on the streets of Britain carrying a video camera on their phone now, eyes are everywhere; watching and waiting to expose ‘official’ lies. And, more importantly, the truth of false flag events occurring in the real world has been exposed. This move will only raise more questions, more doubt and more distrust of the ‘official’ line.

If you want to see how to destroy an ‘official’ argument when zero hard-evidence is presented find my piece on Greece being named as a ‘hub’ for terrorism, which proves how flimsy ‘official’ narratives can truly be.

Keep your eyes open and cameras rolling.

Police urge TV stations to scale back live coverage of any terrorist siege

Vikram Dodd, Mark Sweney and Tara Conlan

Television news organisations are to be asked by Scotland Yard to consider not broadcasting live images of police or special forces preparing to storm any terrorist siege in London to avoid jeopardising the lives of hostages or armed forces trying to rescue them.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan police commissioner, said on Thursday he feared live coverage could hamper the ability of police or the military to respond.

Recent terrorist sieges in Paris and Sydney were accompanied by extensive live coverage on television. The fear is that hostage-takers may be tipped off about an impending rescue mission, with the authorities losing any element of surprise.

Metropolitan police officials held initial meetings with the UK’s major broadcasters last week, specifically about broadcasting after the Paris attacks.

In previous terrorist incidents in the UK, police have had a voluntary agreement with broadcasters, under which they agreed not to show live pictures of police or special forces preparing to storm a site. In return they were permitted to keep filing for broadcast afterwards.

Continue reading the full story on The Guardian

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