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Recapture Canyon: Supporters Band Together Against BLM ‘Lawlessness’ in Utah


BLANDING, UTAH – The ‘Recapture Canyon’ BLM protest in Blanding, Utah was yet another embarrassment for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), especially after last month’s victory for the American people at Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada.

The event also highlighted the BLM’s long history of abuse, excessive force, unlawful conduct and in the case of Dr. James Redd, a legal investigation is still underway for an alleged wrongful death which resulted from the BLM heavy-handed activities in Blanding.

San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman has been in the Blanding area for four generations, and has been battling the BLM over the past several years as the BLM has incrementally encroached upon local residents by pretending to own the Recapture Canyon, as well as pretending to have law enforcement authority over the people of the State of Utah.

“To describe the BLM’s encroachment as ‘over-reaching’ is an understatement. For the BLM to be running around with new SUV’s, guns and badges claiming that they are a U.S. Government owned agency is an outright fraud perpetrated upon the public. To do so in an attempt to or assist in stealing land from the people of any State in the USA is unconstitutional”.  One protester explained, “They have as much authority and policing power over our sovereign land as McDonald’s Corporation has if they were to stick an AR-15 out the window of a drive thru and demand possession of your vehicle”.

On paper, the BLM is actually a private corporation with absolutely no arrest or law enforcement authority over our free people.  They are a corporate entity, and that’s why they were afraid to show their badges yesterday (5/10/14) –  Cliven Bundy and his supporters obviously taught them a Constitutional lesson on April 12th at Bundy Ranch. “The BLM does not own any of the land which they use assault rifles to steal”, says Pete Santilli, radio talk show host and advocate of disarming the BLM and reclaiming the land they currently “manage” unconstitutionally.

Approximately 2-300 protestors, mainly comprised of Utah state residents were united in the same spirit which the Bundy Ranch protestors assembled on April 12, 2014 with one exception. Local San Juan County Sheriff Rick Eldredge was in charge of providing security and protection to the protestors, and the BLM agents were only able to remain present because they were not in uniform and did not identify themselves.

Accomplice to Daniel P. Love’s unlawful SWAT-Teaming of Dr. James Redd’s family ranch. Note the gun, badge, new truck, and trophy-ranch-raided in the background.

BLM agents were in the canyon during the protest, but they were not in uniform, said BLM Utah spokeswoman Megan Crandall.  Additionally, Special Agent in Charge of the BLM Daniel P. Love was not present as he was for the Bundy Ranch standoff; thereby decreasing the chances of someone dying at gun point or psychological operations.

Here’s What The Main Stream Media Will Not Cover, Nor Will The BLM Ever Mention

“At the Bundy Ranch standoff, Daniel P. Love almost got a lot of people killed, and is most likely responsible for criminal misconduct in the abuse, murder and unlawful disposal of Bundy cattle.  What’s ironic is that Daniel P. Love is not a rookie in the game of criminal misconduct which results in the loss of life in Utah or Nevada. Blanding, Utah is a significant landmark for the BLM, Daniel P. Love, and Dr. James Redd.  Love is currently being investigated and sued for the wrongful death of Dr. James Redd, an upstanding and honorable member of the Blanding, Utah community until Daniel P. Love SWAT-teamed his residence.  Dr. Redd is no longer with us directly as a result of Daniel P. Love’s appetite for shoving assault rifles in the face of people in his career path — unfortunately for Love, through the lawsuit the truth is exposing his pattern of abuse of people, animals and land.  Fortunately for the Recapture Canyon protestors, Daniel P. Love was not present and the event ended without one assault rifle being pointed at anyone.”, stated Santilli.

(Listen to audio recordings of Daniel P. Love in the days prior to the Bundy Ranch standoff)

Dr. James Redd September 15, 1948 – June 11, 2009.

In 2009, the BLM sent 140 heavily armed agents and snipers under the direction of Daniel P. Love to the residence of Dr. James Redd (photo, left) in Blanding, Utah — to arrest him for an artifact appraised at $75.00. (See affidavit regarding appraisal of item Dr. Redd was arrested for: Exhibit 8 Dace Hyatt’s affidavit for our response to the govts response to the bivens action).

Agent Love is said to have not only over-valued the artifact at $1000 in order to obtain a “felony” warrant and destroy the lives of the Redd family, Daniel P. Love reportedly capitalized on the SWAT-teaming of the residence to steal personal property of the Redd’s.  Computers were confiscated, items not listed in the warrant were allegedly stolen.

Dr. Redd took his life 24 hours later, after he left a revealing suicide message potentially exposing Daniel P. Love to his wrongful and untimely death.

Funeral of Dr. James Redd.

Dr Redd effigy bird pendant the only thing he was arrested for.

The ‘Recapture Canyon’ Protest – The Canyon Is Now Recaptured

At approximately 9am, several speakers addressed the crowd who assembled at Centennial Park in the small town of Blanding, Utah (Population approx. 3500). Led by San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman, Ryan Bundy, Dr. James Redd’s son Jay Redd, and others, the very vocal and passionate crowd of 2-300 (estimated) proceeded with their cars, on horseback and ATV’s to the Recapture Canyon area.

Protestors were advised by Phil Lyman that there were “environmental activists” who intended to protest, and told the crowd that he may not participate in a head to head conflict.  The crowd actually turned on Lyman as he appeared to back peddle in his determination to open up the trail.  People from out of State spoke to the crowd to encourage them to stand firm in the face of the tyrannical and oppressive BLM, and overwhelmingly the crowd responded in support of completing the Constitutional mission.

As of this report, we now know who the “environmental protestors” were at the Recapture Canyon area. “BLM agents were in the canyon during the protest, but they were not in uniform”, said BLM Utah spokeswoman Megan Crandall.

As Phil Lyman stated during his address to the protesters, there were people at the canyon who appeared to be in opposition to the BLM protestors. “Based on the information we now know, it is highly likely that the so-called environmentalists were likely covert BLM agents who could not display their badges, uniforms or assault rifles due to their extremely poor relationship with the people who pay their wages.” says Pete Santilli.

Here’s how the Main Stream Media chopped up the story.  Please note that the ill-informed reporter (repeater – teleprompter reader) states that the land is “federal land”.  Millions of dollars go towards equipment, labor, and news room stages, and the end result is a story so skewed and intentionally deceptive it should be criminal for using language as a weapon upon their viewers.

Despite the Bureau of Land Management’s unconstitutional and deceptive practices including pretending to have arresting or law enforcement powers, and unlawfully possessing assault rifles and other lethal/non-lethal weapons, the protestors proceeded to the Recapture Canyon area to take back, or ‘recapture’ the land from the BLM.  Although it can be perceived that ATV’s are harmful to the environment, that should be for the local residents and legislators to decide; not the BLM. Protestors contend that it is not the BLM’s land, nor do they want them having anything to do with managing the land and the people expressed their God given rights by reclaiming it. Santilli explains, “Essentially, if the BLM does not have any jurisdiction over the people, and they should therefore not exist, then who are they to continuously try to justify their existence and actions by whipping up investigations whereby citizens die (Dr. James Redd) , enforce fraudulent court orders upon the Bundy Ranch — how could we ever take serious BLM State Director Juan Palma who said in a statement he will ‘seek penalties against those who broke the law in Saturday’s protest’.

For the BLM to state that they conducted a covert operation to photograph and identify protestors is laughable. Santilli goes on to say, “Let’s go back to my original analogy about the BLM being like McDonalds; holding AR-15′s out the drive through window threatening to take your car.  If you flipped off the drive-thru attended and proceeded, you would laugh at them if they threatened that you were on their secret surveillance camera and would arrest you for not submitting to them.  The BLM should only worry about one of their only powers of authority in managing our land —- picking up cigarette butts and garbage at our local parks.”

“As long as we have fearless people like those who stood up at the Bundy Ranch and Recapture Canyon, the Bureau of Land Management needs to fear that all of their assault rifles, badges and surveillance equipment are going to be reclaimed by the American people — this will happen and it is non-negotiable per the U.S. Constitution.”

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