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Is God is Really an Estate Agent?

IMAGE: It’s been said that God created the world in 7 days, but sadly, did not leave specific instructions on Middle East property rights.

21st Century Wire says…

More than any other previous performance, this latest edition of political threatre called the peace process has not inspired the sort of confidence one might expect from such a grand diplomatic effort.

One of the main reasons for such low expectations for this latest round of peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians is Washington’s place in the middle of all this. The current American administration is juggling a number of scandals, and has lost most of its international credibility through its mishandling of the NSA scandal, supporting terrorist militants in Syria, and also for its support of the unpopular Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

There is a deeper issue which few in America dare face, let alone speak out on. At the root of this long-running saga of failure is the idea that biblical boundaries actually apply in the 21st century. Is God an estate agent?

Some critics of Israel believe that the Jewish state’s Zionist aspirations of a homogenous homeland as religious fundamentalism. If another religious or ethnic group made similar claims, would they too be recognised?

21st Century Wire’s Patrick Henningsen raises some interesting questions in this piece below for RT…

An estate agent with guns: Israel’s new settlements disable peace process

Patrick Henningsen

They say that there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes. They could have easily added a third one: that Palestine will continue to shrink.

Only days before bilateral negotiations were scheduled to resume between Israelis and Palestinians, the Israeli government announced the construction of some 1,200 new apartments for Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. And so begins the great ‘peace process’.

Washington’s role in this diplomatic theater is already well known and is similar to that of a match referee who has already been passed the brown envelope by the away team. Never in the history of this peace process has Israel ever had to make any actual concessions. Part of the reason for this is because Washington is there to help ensure certain outcomes on behalf of the Israel’s powerful lobby in the US…

Palestinian Land Loss -1947-2005
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