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TRANSHUMANISM: Introducing ‘Rex’, Britain’s First $1-million Bionic Man

21st Century Wire says… 

On its face, this is an extraordinary development in terms of technology, but there are a number of very real ethical and social implications here.

The program which aired on UK television documenting this story (below) revealed that the disabled human subjects being fitted with these spectacular new advances – made it clear that they prefer their new enhanced bionic limbs,  or ‘their new bodies’ – in favour of their old ones. One avid rock climber said that “normal bodies are boring”. This shows that the ground is laid already for what is called “Transhumanism”, a forerunner to the elite’s previously maligned Eugenics Movement. 

Regarding new limbs and new eyes – as impressive as they look on a TV documentary, these advances are not likely to be available on Obamacare, or the NHS for the general population as medical care already struggles to deliver basic treatments and physiotherapy for the lower end of society before they will be given to military soldiers, the ultra-wealthy and selected high profile, Para-Olympic athletes for PR purposes. Yet, these advances are still sold to the public as ‘something for granny’ or children. Do not be fooled so easily by the emotional marketing – and note the real agenda in progress…

What people are not asking now, is that the majority of research and development funding for these new miracles has come from the US Military. Look how fast drones have been adopted – and with no debate or discourse. The same can be expected with robotic soldiers, complete with AI (artificial intelligence), and bionic sight capabilities. A ‘Cylon’ army is in the making as we speak. Does that sound too far fetched?

It’s very real indeed. It’s already here…

REUTERS – Swiss psychologist, Berthold Mayer – who was born without a left hand – has been trying out Rex’s latest technology.

Meyer, says: “For the first time I was able to flex my wrist with that prosthetic limb, I had never been able to do that before. Of course it was a bit frustrating to be told that not only is this technology not ready yet but also when it becomes available it will be so expensive that it will be completely out of the question for me. I won’t be able to afford it and my insurance won’t pay for it. That also highlights some of the ethical issues at stake when we look at technology like this. The technology is there and more and more will become available but fewer and fewer people will be able to get it funded through their insurance companies.”

Rex also has an artificial pancreas, spleen and windpipe, along with a kidney which could soon be ready to replace the real thing. It even bleeds if injured.

“One of my personal favourites is the artificial blood that runs through these tubings, because this is made of nano-particles that are able to bind oxygen and give them off, just like real blood can do, but this isn’t real blood, this is nano-particles. I thought that was absolutely science fiction.” Rex is on display at London’s Science Museum. But it may not be long before many of his parts are being used for medical purposes not just display.

Source: Reuters

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue