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Who is Authoring Little Bana’s Tweets if She Can’t Speak English?

21st Century Wire says…

21WIRE has been reporting on the phenomenon of the 7 year old child, “twitter-personality,” know as @AlabedBana since her appearance on social media platform. Her tweets and reports about her have been pushed by the mainstream media to support the Obama administration’s political narrative that Assad and the Russians were attacking the citizens of East Aleppo. 

It has often been opined that perhaps this 7 year old child does not have the ability to author the tweets that have been politicized from her twitter account. It looks as though this theory may have some teeth in the light of the below embedded video showing a reporter trying to speak to little Bana in english.

Does her difficulty in answering a simple yes or no question back up the theory that she could not be the author of the tweets on her account? Watch and decide…

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  • Toxik

    by the way, while she was purportedly in Aleppo, how in the world was she (or rather someone else – who has perfect command of the English language) able to text where there is no internet? Obviously the area is a war zone.

  • beammeup

    what chance does this child have? surrounded by toxic supposed adults who are willing to use their own child to some extremist political end. Then we have ‘western’ extremists who must know this is a scam and milk it for all its worth. How can a putrid system like this stand for much longer?

  • African Child

    An dishonest western media creation similar to the Saddam throwing babies out of incubator by the ‘nurse’ who turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador that was used to ramp up support the war on Iraq.
    This is why the main stream media is at its lowest level now in America and Europe.