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SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘The Iron Clad Island’

21st Century Wire says…

This is the first in a new weekly feature of our SUNDAY SCREENING where our editorial team will curate a documentary film for 21WIRE audiences.

This is an incredible piece about the small island of Migingo, revealing some fascinating insights about life on this small outpost in Africa…

RT Documentary

Tiny Migingo is one of the most densely populated islands in the world. In the middle of Lake Victoria, it’s home to Ugandan and Kenyan fishermen and their families. RT Doc’s Peter Scott paid a visit to find out how more than a thousand people live on a rock half the size of a football pitch.

Migingo is a small island in East Africa’s Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest fresh water lake, bordering Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. There’s a sovereignty dispute over Migingo Island between Uganda and Kenya but while the governments of the two countries may argue over the tiny piece of land, both Ugandan and Kenyan fishing families live here peacefully side-by-side.

Run time: 30 min. Watch:




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