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FBI Release Oregon Video Footage Depicting Death of Robert Lavoy Finicum – But Questions Remain

21st Century Wire says..

UPDATE 1-29-2016 at 01:30PM ET: Due to public pressure and intense speculation about the events of Tuesday brought on by a YouTube recording of the testimony of key eyewitness Victoria Sharp, the FBI has released the unedited aerial video footage from Tuesday evening’s incident which took place along Highway 395.

According to the official FBI statement: “We feel that it is necessary to show the whole thing unedited in the interest of transparency.”

The FBI video entitled, Complete, Unedited Video of Joint FBI and OSP Operation 01/26/2016″, does show the victim Lavoy Finicum exiting the truck awkwardly in at least two feet of snow, and he clearly does not “charge towards” the SWAT team, and his hands are clearly held high above his head as he exits his truck when confronted by a SWAT team, before being shot multiple times by marksmen and falling in the snow. Also, the scale and size of this operation is very evident by the footage, and the apprehension of the protesters was not the result of a mere “traffic stop” as it was wrongly characterized in multiple mainstream media reports.

The FBI has also titled their release as “unedited” which shows a window of 26 min and 29 seconds, but it would be interesting to see any drone footage prior to where their clip begins, to further determine how long the drone was filming the vehicles of Finicum and Bundy. This is important because it would shed further light the premeditated nature of the confrontation that the media and government ‘sources’ have called a ‘traffic stop’.

On its own, this FBI drone footage would appear to support previous government and media claims by CNN, Washington Post and others that the victim was indeed “reaching towards his waistband” which gave federal and state police justification to unleash deadly force. However, it is still not completely clear from this aerial footage whether or not Finicum was holstered (he is said to normally carry a gun on the right hip, but FBI are claiming he had a 9mm gun in his inside left breast pocket), but also whether or not he lowered his arms beforeor after he was shot multiple times. For example, if Finicum had his hands in the air and was then was shot in the abdomen first, then any man’s natural reaction would be to then lower his hand(s) and clutch the wound. Additionally, if any shots were fired, even in the vicinity, then confusion could have ensued which might have prompted Finicum to reach for his weapon. Either way, it is impossible to make any such a forensic determination without a corresponding audio track  which would help to determine if any shots were fired before Finicum’s hand(s) could be seen lowering.

WARNING: The following images depict violence and death which some readers may find disturbing. Watch:

Watch the edited version here:

Watch the ‘unedited’ video here:

Finicum was known to carry a Colt 45 on his right hip, but according to the FBI statement, Finicum is said to have reached toward his left pocket with his right hand. “Finicum did have a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in that pocket,” the FBI stated.

Finicum appears to temporarily lose his balance in the snow at the very moment he looks to be hit by agents.

What is clear however from this video is that armed agents did not shoot to disable their suspect, but shot to kill and even had a laser sight trained on him for many minutes after he was downed. Clearly, multiple SWAT shooters could be seen emerging from the woods. After killing Finicum, police then left the victim to bleed to death laying in the snow and did not check on him for at least another 8 minutes.

Flash-bang rounds can be seen around the 14:00 mark of the FBI’s ‘unedited’ version, and the FBI has said that it fired CS gas and ‘non lethal rounds’ (possibly pepper spray rounds, or rubber bullets) are said to have been fired at the truck while the passengers were inside. This begs the question: with nonlethal rounds already in play – why did multiple SWAT shooters use so many deadly rounds against Finicum when he exited the truck with his hands up?

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  • WeAreYourGods

    The whole occupation was rudderless from the jump, but just looking at this scenario it’s obvious the feds were prepared to grab the truck while on the road. If they thought they could run and get away with a helo above them in the middle of nowhere, it’s likely they just panicked. When Finicum swerved off the pavement into the snowbank he almost hit one agent, that’s more than enough for them to want to gun him down but even from the sky Finicum performs what looks like a cross draw movement to his left side.
    That was either idiotic, or suicide by cop. The only way for him to survive would have been to lay face down in the snow with his arms out. Sad that he basically died for nothing, the leaders of his group who exposed their men to danger without any clear objective, plan, or rational demands should hang their heads. Don’t play big boy games without having a serious game plan and some operational security at the minimum.

  • Angelo

    This is sickening, disgusting – complete and total piracy under the “color of law” – utterly nonsensical, absolutely no reason for it, completely inorganic, unnatural, synthetic violence contrived for the very purpose of all of the preceding to actuate. This scene depicts an accurate culmination of man’s societal evolution – cowards and monsters simultaneously and we are either a) incapable of outrage coupled with an inhuman capacity to rationalize, or b) simply just don’t give a shit.

  • amuncat

    I believe the theory about his being shot in the hip with a dart to make him appear as though he is reaching for a gun! For gosh sakes, if he wanted to shoot it out it would NOT have been while he is completely in the open, he could have done that from the car and sped on.
    I vote he put his hands up which made is easy to do the dart hip shot and the rest is history.

    Remember, folks, these are people who have been training for this sort of thing for quite some time! They know how to do things to make them look innocent…or at least they think they do!

  • Mudhole

    Look at the video very closely- you will see evidence of bullet strikes on the windshield of the white pickup. They become visible at 0:56 and are more easily seen at 1:57. The best view is after the ‘death’ of Lavoy Finicum- see those bullet strikes now? Go back to 0:56 and watch again. The bullet strikes are ALREADY THERE before the first encounter with the FBI. What’s this mean? I suspect another shooting hoax like San Berdoo and Friday the 13th.

    • I will do this, but before I do I’ll simply say that my first and only viewing, with rewinds here and there, gave off a sense of strangeness, artificiality, contrivance (and I don’t know if the absence of sound contributed to this) – and I suppose I accepted this as the mechanical and scripted “nature” of a death squad hit.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    “On its own, this FBI drone footage would appear to support previous
    government and media claims by CNN, Washington Post and others that the
    victim was indeed “reaching towards his waistband” which gave federal
    and state police justification to unleash deadly force. However, it is
    still not completely clear from this aerial footage whether or not
    Finicum was holstered, and also whether or not he lowered his arms
    before or after he was shot multiple times and killed.”

    SERIOUSLY? It is ALREADY KNOWN Lavoy was not carrying. It can be seen in the video his hands were up when he was shot in the abdomen after which his hands tried to drop to the wound and he stumbled turning to be shot in the head after which he fell.

    No more of this “Charging the FBI” BS. How does an old man charge anything in near waist deep snow?????

    • Mike Lashewitz

      As it turns out, the “reaching” began after Lavoy was shot multiple times in the abdomen while his hands were in the air. His “reaching” was because he was wounded and surprised. He turned away from the shooter a totally NATURAL instinct and then was shot in the face by the second FBI pussy.
      I hope that pussy’s mother is proud of her murdering youngster. WTF!

      NOBODY expects to be shot while their arms are raised (this was not a Big Mike Brown charging the FBI) but perhaps this is now the “order of the day” to shoot the unarmed? Just not in the back. (as if that gives them any more right or honor)… Perhaps the FBI has devolved into a bunch of coward pussies who have less honor than two bit criminals in a child gang?

      Remember that Oath you took when you accepted the job? It is similar to the Oath we all took. You broke that oath and now are in a breach of contract with the American people. Do you feel “good” as a traitor to American values and the US Constitution?

      Please tell us how your actions killing an unarmed man were remotely justified?

  • L Garou

    Murdered as he lay there wounded is one thing which needs to be pursued, but there’s also, plain as day, his hands coming down and moving in and around his coat..
    Like it or not.. it’s there.

    • spirittoo

      That man had been SHOT!!! That’s why his hands came down and he moved around!!!. They had every intention of murdering that brave man.

    • Joe Strange

      I’d move my hands to the place I had already been shot, too…

      • L Garou

        You’d do more than move you hand..

  • EmNotEx

    There are all kinds of interpretations being made from this poor quality video. Duff and Dean at VT even presented one pixelated still as “proof” LaVoy Finicum had a gun in his hand. Police reports say it was in his pocket. It can’t be in his hand if it never left his pocket. What cannot be denied is that this was an ambush. They knew where the protesters were headed (I believe they were lured to that meeting by a misdirected trust in the sheriff) and they wanted to arrest them before they got there. The roadblock was set up just around a curve so LaVoy Finicum had no choice but to head for the ditch to avoid crashing into the roadblock vehicles. In the video I see a man emerge quickly from the white truck after it stops with his hands in the air and since there is no audio I cannot tell why he lowers his hands momentarily. For all I know he could have been stumbling in the deep snow. It would be natural to lower your hands to keep your balance. Or he could have been shot and again it would be natural to lower your hands to the point of the pain. At any rate, if the FBI weren’t confident the video would be interpreted just as they desired they would never have released it. The media has already stepped in to convict a dead man in the court of public opinion. My opinion is that LaVoy Finicum was a good man and that this shooting is another American tragedy.

    • Very sensible. There’s a sense of strangeness about the whole thing though, still.

      • spirittoo

        Now wait a minute and EmNot … remember the corporate news was reporting that Finicum charged at them. The drone video proved they were lying … now why wouldn’t they lie about Finicum having a gun? When I saw the man on video before his death he had a side arm … western type gun. The FBI claims he had a shoulder holster 9 mm. That is a lie. I knew before this video that they were lying about him attacking them. The video I saw of him showed he wasn’t that type of man. Those FBI bootjacks are murderers … Finicum isn’t the first American they have murdered with impunity.

    • Joe Strange

      Would you want a jury to convict you after the prosecutor’s opening statement? Knee-jerk reaction is not the same as thinking…

  • Why were these pirates videotaping their ambush? Is this something they typically do, and then release such tapes to “the public”? Real or Fake, what’s the intent for the tape and its release?

    • spirittoo

      Actually the boot jacks should have been wearing body cameras …they are suppose to do that … the only reason they released the drone video is because the people that pay attention wasn’t buying the government’s BS about what actually happened. The body cameras would clearly show the obvious … that brave man was murdered and that was their intentions.

  • FreudianSlip

    Uranium Contracts with Oregon BLM & FBI actions to secure mining sites, see hard documentation here:


  • spirittoo

    The video proves the corporate news and government lied when they said Finicum tried to attack them. Also I saw videos of him carrying a side arm not a shoulder hostler. A side arm he leave behind at the reserve the others were at. It is obvious that he had his hands up … the first boot jack shot him, he put his hands down to grab his wound, he turns and the other bootjack fires at him too. The video clearly shows they had every intention of murdering Finicum. The day is coming when all the criminals in the government and their boot jacks are going to be held accountable for all the crimes they are committing.

    • Government = Corporate = Fascism. Proof Leviathan’s lying is the instant it opens its mouth and begins to enunciate word-sounds. Though their lies are assumed, and as proof of them becomes so much easier and quicker in its forthcoming – the burden’s always on them to prove their lies true.

  • renics nikoros
  • renics nikoros
  • renics nikoros
  • Joe Strange

    Gee, a police scenario ‘crafted’ to match a video purposely released
    in grainy format even though the government has equipment superior to
    that of many news teams.

    No dash cam or body cam audio visual to
    show if police unloaded on him the minute he stumbled in the snow or
    that if he was, indeed reaching for his gun. it was only after the
    police opened fire.

    The police, in possession of a multitude of
    assault rifles, and the like, had no reason to position themselves where
    they might be endangered except to be able to testify that they felt

    An eyewitness stated that the truck took off, in the
    first place, because it had been fired upon. This indicates that they
    fled for the safety of the women and others aboard. It also indicates
    that shooting someone was always a part of the plan.

    Indeed, there is no evidence that he stumbled because of the snow instead of because he had already been shot.

    LameStream Media mindlessly regurgitates the hand-outs from law
    enforcement. That makes them not ‘reporters, but police spokespersons.

  • Statement from the LaVoy Finicum family 1/29/16

  • tkelly67

    “Piracy under the color of law” That pretty much sums up government. I am reminded of that quote from St. Augustin’s City of God where the pirate lectures the emperor that they’re both in the plunder business – the difference being only the respective size of their navies – and therefore the emperor was no place to judge or punish him.

    The BLM appears to be engaged in a gradual policy of pushing small and independent ranchers and farmers off the land. So it resorts to ensnaring these families in red tape and from to time to time resorting force (“the law”) when one family proves to be stubborn. Certain corporate interests covet the land and minerals rights and are using the alphabet soup agencies as proxies in their theft.

  • BREAKING: Zoomed video – Who took the first shot? Lavoy points him out:

    • Absolute pieces of disgusting shit… If it doesn’t begin to end now, right now, it never will.

  • DarkStarAz

    Hands are up, then he reaches across and into his vest pocket, then hands are up, then he reaches into his vest, hands are up, reaches, then he’s shot.
    Even still the FBI seems really trigger happy to me.

  • If these disgusting creatures didn’t make a martyr (and I don’t give a damn if that’s what they want, I couldn’t care less what they want), but if they didn’t make a nation Saint and martyr of this good man, Mr Finicum, by their demon possessed murder of him, then we’re all demon possessed nihilists who will commiserate with each other in Silence, and in due and certain time, in Hell.

  • Space Ghost

    Remember when it wasn’t cool for the government to gun down someone?

  • Account of Dave Hodges’ interview of Shawna Cox on the ambush of LaVoy Finicum (possibly her last before being gagged by the federal court) on the Common Sense Show. Has link to interview:


  • Giorgio Torreggiani

    Look at the testimoniew from Victoria Sharp and Shawna Cox at youtube and Brandon Curtis who has seen the clip at a 70 ” screen. It is clear what happened that day

  • This is the best analysis yet with zooming in on the scene included! Feb 2, 2016 Breaking: Lavoy Finicum Tased By OSP Implicates Murder By The Feds

    Press For Truth analyses the FBI footage which appears to show Lavoy Finicum at first being tased by the Oregon State Police but then quickly executed by the feds.