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PRICELESS: Watch speaker give ‘TED talk’… on how TED talks are worthless.

21st Century Wire says…

TED has an endless supply of catchy strap-lines by which it markets itself, or its brand – like, “Ideas worth spreading”. Are they really?

TED stands for ‘Technology Entertainment Design’. For many people, TED provides a safe, middle of the road platform for speakers and audience alike, to hang out and “exchange big ideas”.

For others, TED is much more. It is a cult, and one which captures the middle and university educated classes into a ‘safe’ environment where men like Al Gore and Ray Kurzweil, or digital barons like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Honeywell and Facebook, and defense industry R &D giants like DARPA can easily ply their wears and bump their shares. Few see it, and even fewer dare to ask: Does TED really achieve anything, or is it merely a corporate talking shop?

One in a million TED speakers will ever challenge the intellectual viability of TED. Here is one of them…

Benjamin Bratton, Associate Professor of Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego, takes TED apart piece by piece, exposing many of the shallow, pseudo-intellectual aspects – and the dangers, of this popular utopian forum…

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  • Spychiatrist

    I love it when the intellectual crowd (especially the liberal-elite-intellectual) crowd has the air taken from their sails.

  • Spychiatrist

    “In the US the right wing has certain media channels to focus attention……and certain other groups have TED”. He’s right about that, but he should’ve included the left wing having their media machine as well.

    Good speaker.

  • liberman

    This guy understands the US mentality is broken,
    while he doesn’t know:
    1. what Capitalism is: where industry pays its workers, who save in “commercial banks” who invest in the industry. ( “investment banks” are different and speculate).
    2. what N.W.C.E: North-Western Continental Europe, is like
    – where nobody is in the sewer.
    3. The economists prior to the 20st century were honest and useful:
    Adam Smith and William Stanley Jevons.