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Exposed Neocon tool Liz Wahl embarks on rear-guard PR defense tour

21st Century Wire says…

After being caught out coordinating a neoconservative think tank-sponsored political stunt, ex-RT presenter Liz Wahl has been doing the rounds again this week…

DAMAGED GOODS: Wahl’s on-air FPI kamikaze mission makes future employment with broadcast news very tricky.

Wahl talks about the ‘truth’ but seems to be a little too loose with it.

Her recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter was scheduled as a result of Max Blumenthal and Truth Dig’s damning expose of her not-so-spontaneous and much celebrated on-air resignation from RT America. She’s now dutifully performing what is known in PR circles as ‘rear-guard action’.

Due to the negative exposure and revelations of her stage-managed exit and teaming-up in advance of her resignation with pro-war neocon think thank Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) and its ‘senior fellow’ James “Jamie” Kirchick, this week Wahl has been forced to do a little overtime for FPI in order to sweep-up Kirchick’s mess. Here Wahl does what any loyal corporate journalist or politician does as standard – attempting to re-write history:

“I knew that I had to quit in the wake of what was going on and was thinking about it for a couple of months, but it took a while to gain the courage. I was going to quit quietly, however on this day I was particularly appalled and disgusted by the coverage of the Ukraine, especially when one of my interviews was censored,” says Wahl, who joined RT in 2011 after working overseas as a reporter on the island of Saipen.

“All these things pushed me over the edge and I thought, ‘I can’t do this quietly. I needed to do it publicly and let the viewers know exactly what the station is about.’

“I went to the bathroom and scribbled some thoughts on a piece of paper and decided that this was the course of action to take. And then it went down on air,” she reveals.

Unfortunately for Wahl, Truth Dig’s investigation tells an entirely different story:

“Kirchick acknowledged having been in contact with Wahl since August, but cast himself as a passive bystander to the spectacle, claiming that they merely “stayed in touch periodically over the past 6 months, and I always encouraged her to follow her conscience in making a decision about her professional future.”

Kirchick wrote that by quitting, Wahl paid “the price real reporters—not Russian-government funded propagandists—have to pay if they are concerned with quaint notions like objectivity and the truth.”

Later that evening, Kirchick tweeted a photo of himself with Wahl (see below), calling it a “Freedom selfie.” The two had apparently gathered to celebrate…”

SELFIE! Liz Wahl celebrates with her co-conspirator Jamie Kirchick.

Wahl’s PR backtracking also refutes her own admission that she ‘wanted the attention’. Here she admits, “I have faith that it will work out. I wanted to get attention and I did want to make a splash — but I never thought it would make so many waves”. Clearly, Wahl is not the brightest spark in the hardware shop, as evidenced by her somewhat inaudible ‘Clueless’-style interview with FOX News presenter Neil Cavuto:

Later in that Hollywood Reporter piece, Wahl continues to pile it on, now trying to extract sympathy from public, claiming that she is in imminent danger as a result of her PR stunt: “I haven’t felt like my life has been in imminent danger and I haven’t had any death threats, but there’s been some pretty terrible things out there in the depths of Twitter and on blogs. I just try not to read them and I feel pretty safe where I am in Washington D.C.”

In the depths of Twitter… Yes, very scary indeed.

In the Cavuto piece Wahl claims to be concerned with a new “Cold War”, yet her efforts have only fanned the flames of stereotypical Russian fear in America, and now we know that this was not by accident.

What’s becoming more and more apparent throughout this story, is that Liz Wahl will allow herself to be used by just about anyone. She worked for 2 and a half years with RT America, allegedly she tells us against her own ‘principles’ – and did so for money. Then, sensing she was going to get the sack from RT, she allowed herself to be used by Kirchick and FPI, which in this case, was used to help promote tension between the US and Russia. As far as journalism and hard news goes, she’s already damaged goods.

It will be amusing to see – now that she has given herself away to a very nasty clique of neoconservative operators in Washington, where Wahl will end up next?

At this stage, it looks like a toss-up between E! Entertainment, The View, or have another go on the FOX News casting couch…

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  • Gizur The Goth

    Here’s your “freedom fighter” and Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) member in action, demonstrating his true colors: http://www.tabletmag.com/scroll/167160/jamie-kirchick-for-abe-foxman Yeah, you go girl “slap the haters Jamie” in your rainbow suspenders.

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      DC trolls – we love it. Welcome girls.

      • Truman Golden

        ADL has always been led by cocksuckers, so faggy kirchick will be home.

  • OsNetDaily

    Well, well, well, if the Russians can’t even figure out there’s a neocon plant in their own propaganda network (RT) , it doesn’t look too good from where they’re standing, isn’t it ? It’s not clear from what they author says why he thinks Kremlin funded propaganda is any better then neocon funded propaganda ? Liz Wahl seems to have no problem presstituting for them both, or at least for the highest bidder.

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      If you want to know if a Russian state network is better than a US/UK based network in terms of real propaganda – just ask the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. Oh, I forgot, those 2 million dead don’t count in America or Europe. It’s childish to compare Russia to the US/UK Axis, not even in the same league. Grow up kids.

      • OsNetDaily

        The Russians exterminated about a million Afghans in the 1980s invasion. They also leveled Chechnya in the 1990s. Of course, don’t expect anyone in RT to mention this (for some mysterious reason…)

        • Predrag J. Maranovic

          Really – a million Afghans. Right.

          I see you’re making stuff up. Nice. Amateur hour.

          • coytheman

            Amateur hour. Appeal to Ridicule…nice. The Russians were always such trustworthy, considerate world power. Sure, they murdered 50 million of their own people, and yeah they took over Eastern Europe going so far as to build a wall to keep people from leaving, but that’s just because they were misunderstood. Now that they have Putin, a former KGB lifer, they really are just trying to keep the Liberal independence of Man. They have no corruption whatsoever. Nor are they run by a rich oligarch established in the remnants after the fall of the wall by the Russian Mafia. Russia good!

          • Truman Golden

            Well Americans murdered 100 million native Americans and added another 50 million African Americans through slavery and middle passage. America is the most genocidal country in the history of humanity.

          • coytheman

            Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. Seriously? That’s it. Well Tom had the remote first… You are a laughing stock. No facts. No comprehensive argumentation.
            “Slavery” and “Natve Americans”. What’s up shill? Dumbass. Low intelligence idiot. Or no, a calculated comment. A shill or an idiot, which is it? Are we in the 21st century?

    • farang

      Without stating whether your comment is valid or not….care to *specifically* state where you see RT propaganda in the Crimean press coverage? Specifically referring to the Crimean events. We’ll wait.

    • abinico

      With the Kremlin funded propaganda at least you get some inkling of true coverage of Wall St, where as Western MSM is owned by Wall St (jews) and virtually all their reporting is biased.

  • Skins

    The arguments this article makes are lame. It proves nothing as what is asserted about Wahl.

    It’s not uncommon for a person to not want to be in the spotlight while at the same time wanting the story (even if it has to come from her) to garner as much attention as possible. That’s common sense. We want to be humble, while at the same time we want the truth about matters to be known by everyone.

    Then, trying to show a photo of Kirchick with Wahl as celebratory, means absolutely ZILCH! Nothing!

    Where did this 21st Century writer learn how to report accurately, because all these assertions are not proof of anything. This article is just Creative Writing.


    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      Skins, not sure if you noticed, but “the argument” is actually evidence in Max Blumenthal’s investigation with Truth Dig – not 21st Century Wire.

      Nice try DC trolls. LOL,

      • Predrag J. Maranovic

        DC trolls – we love it. Welcome girls, grab a Diet Coke.

    • farang

      Her “selfie-buddy” is a well-known Neocon, and they have the long knives out for Russia, because Russia stood up to Zionist conniving, plotting and aggression in Crimea, and allowed International Observers in to monitor a DEMOCRATIC VOTE.

      You cheer against that, Skins? You support this presstitute’s scripted “exit.”

      That speaks volumes about you.

  • Rogoraeck

    So after all the hooha she’s receiving & all will quiet down, she will get a position as a main star in flick porn from Jahoowood!

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      Is Liz related to Tilla Tequilla?

    • Lyin Ryin More

      whats to say she already hasn’t?

  • Truman Golden

    The little whore gives a new meaning to presstitute

  • hp b

    What a team.
    One Kirchick Sodomite and one kikechick sidekick..
    Very Hollywoodish.

  • abinico

    Typical MSM operating procedure – avoid real issues and instead present individual, but meaningless drama.