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Ukrainian Protesters Encircle US Embassy: ‘Yankees Go Home!’

21st Century Wire says…

While the pro-EU Soros rent-a-mobs continue stage their pseudo upheavals in Kiev, a new faction of intelligent Ukrainian protesters has sprung up this week.

They see right through the covert western operation:

“The US is behind everything that is happening in Kiev’s downtown right now.”

From yesterday afternoon, this new group have begun to encircle the US Embassy in Kiev. Their demand to the US:

‘Stop meddling in our affairs, and stop sponsoring unrest mobs in our country’. 

Following John McCain’s recent trip to Kiev practicing his new brand of international racketeering by threatening the Ukraine if they did not join the EU, it seems that the real Ukrainians have finally figured out that the pro-EU mobs have been staged by a conclave of western NGO’s and ‘democracy foundations’ – the very same nest of hornets who brought on the fabled ‘Arab Spring’ to the Middle East three years ago.

The main goal for Washington and the City of London is to separate Kiev from Moscow, and thus weaken Russia’s hand in Eurasia.

For EU central bankers, the prospect of raping and privatising the Urkraine economy-  is also a big incentive.

It looks like the old tricks are no longer working. At last, the ‘colour revolution’ jig may finally be up…


A huge crowd of demonstrators has surrounded the US embassy in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, protesting against Washington’s meddling in the country’s internal affairs.

Follow RT’s live updates.

The event was organized by Kievans for Clean City, a new pro-government activist group which has spoken out against the rioters and violence in downtown Kiev.

Several thousand demonstrators are taking part, urging the US to “stop sponsoring” mass unrests, local media reported.

“The US is behind everything that is happening in Kiev’s downtown right now. The financing is coming from over there. This has to be stopped. That is what we came out here to say to the whole world: ‘US – stop! US – there needs to be peace in Ukraine,’” said Ivan Protsenko, one of the movement’s leaders.

Rioters on Grushevskogo Street continue to burn tires, with building No. 4 catching fire from the high flames, Unian news agency quoted the Ministry of Internal Affairs as saying.

Police have been holding their line throughout the evening, attempting to extinguish fires with water cannons. After four days of protests, the center of the Ukrainian capital continues to resemble a warzone, with smoke, barricades, and debris all around.

Wednesday’s clashes between rioters and police intensified in the afternoon after riot police cleared Grushevskogo Street.

Footage from the Ukrainian capital showed hundreds of police officers using tear gas, rubber bullets, and stun grenades against the protesters. The dispersal is the largest to take place since the latest outbreak of violence began four days ago. Some clashes involved policemen snatching individual rioters from the crowd and brutally beating them.

Rioters threw firecrackers, Molotov cocktails, and stones at police.

Despite some episodes of police brutality, security forces largely refrained from attacking rioters. Former Ukrainian president Leonid Kravchuk said he is grateful for the patience that police officers and the Berkut unit have shown while confronting rioters on Grushevskogo Street.

“I am grateful to the guys and Berkut, who are standing there now. I do not condone nor approve of the fact that they cleared out the students on November 30, although the right thing to do would be to criticize the person who gave out the order,” Kravchuk said in a Forbes opinion piece. “Now they are going through an incredible challenge: being beaten up, having stones and burning mixtures thrown at them, and they stand there and endure. Not a lot of countries have military who would tolerate such a treatment in a similar situation.”

The riots have reportedly left two people dead and at least 300 injured, according to local media. Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs said on Wednesday that more than 70 people have been detained during the unrest.

Ukraine’s prime minister, Nikolay Azarov, said police were not given any additional instructions on the use of force against the protesters. Conversely, procedures now in place ensure minimal use of force against even the most violent rioters.

“Instructions given to law enforcement authorities were simple: avoid the use of force against peaceful demonstrators, and prevent violent seizure of government buildings and institutions,” Azarov said in a BBC interview.

The clashes erupted after a massive rally was held in Independence Square on Sunday, where protesters spoke out against new laws adopted by the Ukrainian government last week.

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    Once again, Putin the grand chess master sees right through the Western agenda. And as any superior chess player would do, he will lure his opponent into a checkmate.

    • ander

      I thought it was a staged chess game.

      • Rogoraeck

        Yea! Putin play chess! But the other side play poker & they hold only a pair of deuces!

    • John Gill

      You know Ukraine and Russia are not the same place right sparky? The US has nothing to do with whats happening in the Ukraine

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Sure they don’t John. 🙂 AND they had nothing to do with the round of “Arab Spring” bulldust revolutions, George Soros is just a good old philanthropist and Muslims run Hollywood, the Western Media and Pornography. Thanks John.


        To the ever gullible and ignorant ‘Bushama’ patriot, John Gill – Kiev is a capital of Ukraine, however, it just also happens to be the first capital of Russia – chew on that, sparky…
        And to the Bankster Slayer: Love the name, but I would caution you on trusting Putin, because nothing is what it seems in this world, or what we were taught in schools – the Red Russia was built at the behest and with the money of the Rothschield family, and it disintegrated just as fast at the behest of the same family – it was as if someone just pushed a button and poof, it just happenned.. (Trotsky received $20 million from Jacob Schiff in New York in the summer of 1917, after the Democratic Revolution of February 1917 has already happened and the Tsar abdicated the throne, to specifically murder the Tsar;s family – look into the American Civil War for the roots of that hatred; and the first ever meeting of the Bolshevik committee during the October putsch was called along the ‘masonic’ channels). So, please, do your own research and question and double-check everything as much as you can… not sure if it’s worth wasting your life on this, there are more positive ways to approach living – just be true with and to yourself, no compromises, and you will be in tune with the Universe… and definitely, definitely, discover Rudolf Steiner…

        • Astraea Shaw

          i just hope you are wrong – or just too cynical – about Putin. We need him!


            My apologies for ‘raining on your parade’, so to speak, but you are taking sides in the game, the gist and the complexity of which, you do not even come close to understanding – that, is a prescription for disaster… take heed, please… the change on a global level comes through a change in each and every individual and their attitude towards thruth, you see, and so far. Putin, has been found wanting… things change, however, as people change and so can he… in the words the immortal Bill Hicks: ‘It’s only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money. A choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one. Here’s what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride: Take all that money that we spend on weapons and defense each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over, NOT ONE HUMAN BEING EXCLUDED, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.’… enough said…

          • James Johnson

            For every guy or gal like you, there is a guy or gal like me who uses some form of weapon to place fear into the enemy of our people who wish to be free, love and have peace. There has never been a time in the world where disarming our protectors has led to a peaceful revolution. It would be awesome if we could all put down our guns and stop fighting. The problem is that someone will fall out of line and create a weapon to harm the ones who seek peace and have no weapons. Disarming a population or person puts them at risk. I’m all for the people who want to love and spread peace around the world. We will always protect them.

            Good luck and peace to you.

        • Tom Monisky

          John Gill= stupid

      • Mr.Joe

        Are you that naive or are you a paid shill to say that?

      • Sparky? Why the disrespect John? To feel better about your own-self?
        What is the “US” John? A team to root for like a football team? Do you have a say in US policy? No, you do not! You can only govern your own-self. Therefore, guard your thoughts. If you wish to be treated with respect, treat others with respect. The very best to you John.

      • Astraea Shaw

        “ukraine” means “the edge.” It really should be part or close to Russia – it has been the edge of Russia for a long long time.

        Get Soros and his handymen – and women such as the idiotic “Pussy Riot” – out of Ukraine and out of the affairs of Russia and everyone else, especially Syria where they, together with the Jewish run Britain and France and the rest are FUNDING the most disgusting and dispacable terrorists ever known. Similar to the horrifying Mau Mau who are said to have been invented by Maurice Strong on the orders of the horrible and stupid David Rockerfeller. At least, to my mind it is really really stupid to try to control the food of all the World as he has done. Read Seeds of Destruction by William Engdhal.

      • Rene Aus Berlin

        John, if you are so informed, why don’t you call the country in question by its proper name. There is no such country as “THE Ukraine”

      • Heidi

        No it is not the “USA” that is meddling in the Ukraine — “Soros” is of an ethnic group, that no matter what country they are in, classify themselves as that “ethnic” group rather than claiming to be apart of the country of which they reside. Which may be why European history shows how this “ethnic” group was kicked out of European countries about 109 times.

        Google: New York Times. October 6, 1940. “New World Order Pledged to the Je ws”

        • Tom Monisky

          The USA and EU are meddling same agenda

      • Tom Monisky

        What are u that stupid???

      • Jean-Francois Dube


    • Muhammad Abbass

      You don’t have to lure this opponent into a checkmate. An examination of it’s woeful and counterproductive history should make clear the only thing needed is to clear the path and let this cretinous beast lumber into the biggest deepest hole around without any effort on your part. A sort of Zen Judo?

  • Eileen Kuch

    Had the US heeded its Founders’ warning against entangling alliances and meddling in the internal affairs of other sovereign states, it would not be in the situation it currently finds itself.

    Nobody likes a busybody, and this also includes countries. Now, the US has alienated Ukraine; for what?! What benefit does it receive for butting in Ukraine’s internal affairs? None whatsoever, only that country’s hostility.

    John Kerry, do us a BIG favor; keep your big nose out of Ukraine’s business.

    • nicholasi

      big nose. ha ha. reference to his real identity — not American, not Irish! and not called “Kerry”

      • Mr.Joe

        Ha ha : )

      • Heidi

        “Kerry” is also related to George W Bush — they are cousins so many times removed, and were in Skull and Bones. And ran in the same presidential election. Imagine the coincidence!

        There is a reason that so many of the USA’s ‘leaders’ allow a crappy little country in the ME to dictate the USA’s policies — because so many of them are actually GENETICALLY related to the SOB’s that have been stealing Palestine.

        • TomM60

          Screw Palestine, that has nothing to do with what this government is up to and you are right every politician since Reagan is a crook or criminal and it’s all the American voters fault.

      • Tom Monisky

        Kerry’s real name is “LURCH”….Adams family

        • nicholasi

          Its real family name is Cohn. Like Cohen.

        • Rogoraeck

          Now! You insulted LURCH!

    • Tom Monisky

      10000% correct

    • TomM60

      This was bound to happen in Ukraine thanks to the corruption that has been going on since they became independent from the USSR. The anger has been building but I detest American politicians sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong. If the people of the USA, their congress and senate had taken care of McCain and Kerry like they should have and bounced them out of office or sentured them they wouldn’t have been able to go there to begin with. I fault the American voters for what is happening in our government today. They think they are the police force of the world because of this sick New World Order conspiracy between England and the USA. Until the voters of the USA realize we have no government for the people we are going to be the laughing stock of the world. No money, no guts and no brains is what our politicians are about today.

      • Eileen Kuch

        Unfortunately, the US Media is thoroughly controlled by Zionist Jews. This control has gone on for generations; thus, generations of citizens/voters have been brainwashed for that period of time. Public education has also been taken over, and the schools changed from education centers to indoctrination centers.

        As for the ousting of Viktor Yanukovych, Israel is certainly behind it all. Proof? A number of Mossad agents infiltrated peaceful marches last month and instigated the more recent violence that eventually caused the ouster. Jews have hated Ukranians for centuries and perpetrated their worst atrocities against them in the Holodomor of 1932-34.

  • nicholasi

    next they should target the parasitical scum who control the US

    • TomM60

      Yeah, the American voters who continually vote for the two major corrupt parties.

      • nicholasi

        True. But I meant the jew.

  • nicholasi

    McCain’s father (responsible for USS Liberty cover-up) and grandfather were bother big laegue freemasons. McCain surely is to. jews (like soros) and freemasons all over this bitchaction against Ukraine

    • Tom Monisky

      McCain and Kerry are bedfellows…. Lurch and Logan!

      • nicholasi

        Lodge fellows.

    • TomM60

      As far as I’m concerned they are all a gang of thieves and Hillary Clinton is right there in with them. The people of Egypt would like to get their hands on her.

  • OsNetDaily

    The national-socialist flag on top of the silly black sign, and the small number of “protesters” clearly shows you that it’s a case of controlled opposition psyop meant to discredit the anti-western crowd in the Ukraine. Soros usually likes to fund both sides of the controlled opposition.

    • TomM60

      Putin only finances one side.

  • I know, its sad how so many people still have a strong propensity to blame the people of various nations, and/or their religions for what members of their governments and religions do.
    If I had a vote in what the Venusian bloodline does, I would then feel responsible for all the misery, mistrust and warring the Venusian bloodline creates on planet earth.

  • Stepford 88

    That could also explain why the police are holding back from retaliating against the rioters. If the mob are a an assembly of false flags Americans all using strawman names but are members of the Greenberg family of Crisis actors.

  • johnnie walker

    how old is that photo of the “yankee go home”? where is the snow that is blanketing the city of Kiev? Any proud Ukrainian would be waving a flag of Ukraine, not that red banner in the photo…..I don’t know who those 9 protesters are, but the certainly aren’t “intelligent Ukrainians”…..it’s quite simple what the people of Ukraine want, freedom from corruption and the Zionist criminals raping their country….whether it be from the west or the east.

    • TomM60

      They are paid for by Putin. Who do you think?

  • evoval

    Not that I doubt their claim but where’s their proof of it?

  • Ken

    If you cannot say JEW then you are part of the problem. All Nations on Earth must eradicate the JEW to save their Nations and Cultures. The putrid JEW has had to be removed from 109 territories throughout history for very good reasons. If lemmings cannot learn from history, they deserve what ever they have coming.

    • Rogoraeck

      I agree 100% with your comment!

      • douglasawillinger

        Mystery Babylon papist suck ups!

    • douglasawillinger

      Roman Catholic pig suck ups!

  • Jean-Francois Dube

    Watchout Ukraine, Monsanto is comin’!

  • Andy Handy