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SANDY HOOK: One year later there are more ‘questions’ than answers

21st Century Wire says…

It’s been a year since the public became aware of the shooting that took place at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

This first point is absolutely key: we were led to believe that the alleged act of violence was carried out by that of a deranged lone gunman, only after reports had initially stated there was  a second shooter on several CBS and ABC affiliates.

This was a ‘gunman’, Adam Lanza (above), that had no real motive, an unlikely suspect who no one had actually seen in 3-4 years, a gunman who had an aversion to shooting (so we were told at the time), and a gunman who is believed by many to have a different identity.

As evidence emerged out of the ‘boiler rooms’ of media halls, mainstream correspondents began selling the public on the latest tragic shooting in America. Not since Columbine had the corporate media been so fixated on an apparent tragic shooting, pushing the fear and death of it all on a 24/7 loop, offering very little in terms of motive or actual evidence of a crime.

In November of 2012, it was reported that Obama and other communitarian Democrats were already busy rewriting old gun-ban legislation just prior to the Sandy Hook shooting. The Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007, otherwise known as H.R. 1022 of the 110th Congress, it introduced an early list of gun-bans and restrictions used for Obama and Diane Feinstein’s gun-ban list that was dropped due to lack of public support.

The timing of the Sandy Hook shooting was an odd coincidence, considering that there was such a strong push to rewrite gun laws prior to the events of that day in Newtown,  or was it?

Take another look at the YouTube video from a 1995 CSPAN channel by then U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Eric Holder, who blatantly and irresponsibly called for those in positions of influence to distort the public’s perception about their 2nd amendment right.

There are those within government who have been crafting ways to rid the American people of their guns rights for sometime. This has been well documented, using many government and media proxies to act on their behalf.

Is it conspiratorial to consider there are some within congressional rooms and White House walls, that would stop at nothing to achieve a gun-ban?

“We need to change the way that people think about guns.” – Eric Holder

Following Sandy Hook, there were programs immediately setup to buyback semi-auto weapons from the public sweeping across the country. There have been many such programs over the years, including those in the South Side of Chicago, a city that has been ravaged by violence with these same programs in place, with or without a buyback plan.

From the outset, it seems clear that at the very least, there were elements surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting that were bizarre and a direct breach of the public’s trust whether by MSM media or by some law enforcement officials, leading many to believe these anomalies pointed towards a deep cover operation.

As news information had become shrouded with conflicting stories, mainstream journalists were questioned about the distorted reporting. In a conversation between Chris Phillips and David Silverstein news director for Fox News 43 Pennsylvania, we saw the official narrative unraveling. Chris pointed out the revised reports by MSM did not match that of police scanners, or helicopter surveillance video of the scene in Newtown. The scanners themselves revealed that there were at least three other suspects in custody, with some accounts claiming as many as 6 or 7, given the scanner conversations.

Below, is the apparent police scanner audio from officers at the scene of Sandy Hook elementary…

Listening to the scanner reveals some startling discrepancies in the official narrative, not to mention a highly coordinated effort just minutes after the attack that seem almost choreographed. Today we’ve been told by media outlets that those in Sandy Hook want peace during this time of mourning for the families who have lost loved ones. I can respect people’s privacy, however, the public was often fed this line of thinking after the events on 9/11, thus, making sure to shutdown critical thought in the aftermath of a crisis. It is important to note that the surviving families of the Sandy Hook shooting had a gag order not to speak in public for sometime after the event, in addition to that, alternative media sites were threatened with prosecution for reporting inconsistencies in the official story by local law enforcement.

At the start of Sandy Hook Elementary’s 2012-2013 school year, Principal Dawn Hochsprung sent out a  letter to families the Newtown School District announcing the installation of a new security system.

Why was there such a large breakdown in security after installing a new system that included CCTV footage, footage by the way that we have never seen to this day?

In an article titled, ” The Sandy Hook massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information,” it was stated that:

Along these lines on December 19 the Connecticut State Police assigned individual personnel to each of the 26 families who lost a loved one at Sandy Hook Elementary. “The families have requested no press interviews,” State Police assert on their behalf, “and we are asking that this request be honored. The de facto gag order will be in effect until the investigation concludes—now forecast to be “several months away” even though lone gunman Adam Lanza has been confirmed as the sole culprit.


Political scientist W. Lance Bennett calls this the news media’s “authority-disorder bias.” “Whether the world is returned to a safe, normal place,” Bennett writes, “or whether the very idea of a normal world is called into question, the news is preoccupied with order, along with related questions of whether authorities are capable of establishing or restoring it.”

This photo was taken in October of 2012 and depicts an evacuation drill with Sandy Hook elementary kids – via the school’s Principal Dawn Hochsprung’s twitter account, who was also slain during the shooting.

A month after the shooting took place, it was revealed that Connecticut’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, conducted a disaster response drill in conjunction with FEMA:

The course will provide them with the information needed to address the unique needs of children prior to, during and following disasters. It will also provide them guidance and direction on how to form coalitions and how to become advocates for the unique needs of children in all aspects of emergency management.”

VIDEO: Robbie Parker seen here, relaxed, joking and smiling, then doing actor breathing preparation and ‘getting into character before his notorious CNN interview.

The whole atmosphere surrounding the Sandy Hook coverage was some of the strangest I’ve ever seen. How could we forget Robbie Parker, the father of  6 year-old Emilie Parker, who was seen laughing and joking seconds before a grief-stricken interview on CNN. Then There was the good Samaritan, Gene Rosen, who was caught stumbling through interview after interview, changing his story of the events that day with each new T.V. camera. We also saw the very bizarre and creepy medical examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver, who appeared excited and confused when briefing the press, Carver was also apparently instrumental in the passing of a congressional provision, Bill 1054, blocking the disclosure of autopsy results to the public after he threatening to resign in 2011.

Why would they not want autopsy results revealed to the public?

United Way, was said to have extended its condolences three days prior to the shooting. Many have probably tried to debunk this, however, we can’t ignore the mountain of evidence showing Sandy Hook to be a true conspiracy that has all the hallmarks of a covered up.

There was also Rachel Lunzer of Yeshiva University, who created a movement called Project 20/20 in the aftermath of the tragedy in Newtown.

Project 20/20 called for 2,000 people to honor the dead with 20 minutes of kindness for a week following the shooting. During a highlight of the event it was reported that:

The station(fire station) was surrounded by news teams, and within its walls were the CIA, police forces, and despairing parents.”

If we are to accept the official story of Sandy Hook, why then, was the CIA present at a community event in Newtown following the Sandy Hook shooting?

This has prompted other theories that challenge the way people view these types of tragedies.

Over the past month, we’ve seen the release of heavily censored 911 tapes and a police report from the Sandy Hook shooting that also seemed to be missing critical details from that day.

Sandy Hook elementary was demolished in November of 2013.

There have been many people giving a rationale for this outcome but the truth is, the whole event was guarded from the public’s eyes from the very beginning and its destruction will forever bury evidence of any alleged crime.

In a strange twist Robbie Parker and his wife Alissa Parker, released a video this week titled, “Evil Did Not Win.”

I agree that ‘evil did not win’ that day, mostly because there are those who are willing to investigate these troubling crimes with or without the help of media and law enforcement.

It seems that the digging for answers in the aftermath of crisis or tragedy has been condemned, just as it was after 9/11…

21st Century Wire Sandy Hook File

  • Dennis Kelley

    i wish you had the balls to look one of the parents of the victims in the eye and tell them that the body of their baby they had to bury was just a hoax. but you don’t. your entire site is an ejaculation into the tubesock of the internet. pathetic, really.

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      I would love to be wrong about Sandy Hook, however, there are just too many anomalies to consider the official narrative to be real. In terms of victims being real or not, very often sophisticated false flags contain a certain number of real deaths with a mixture of fabricated deaths to cloud people’s perception of the event. Why is it so upsetting to you Dennis that there are those who want a thorough investigation of an important event in history.

      • Dennis Kelley

        i guess i’ve been drinking too many of Alex Jones’ estrogen-laced juice boxes. i know: maybe you should ask the shape-shifting lizard people. i’ll bet they have some answers like how Obama was connected to the Kennedy assassination. no one has ever investigated that. what are they afraid of? Brennan was probably busy faking the lunar landing…strap on your foil hats, kids! detective Helton is on the case!

        • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

          You seem to be pretty occupied with some far-fetched conspiracies there for such a rational government drone. I guess I should want to be a mindless drone-bot just like you! On second thought I think I’ll keep the brain I have.

        • MiykaEl_TX

          Just like a troll to compare subject on hand to other conspiracies or absurdities. Get lost troll

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      I’m sorry real reporting is so emotional for you. When you look at real evil in the world and truly confront it, you too might start asking tough questions yourself, that is if you have the “balls,”as you put it.

    • Hannon

      I don’t know what happened there exactly, but every time there is a hyped up internet conspiracy, the public is not allowed to see the evidence. On the contrary, every time there is a real crime, the evidence goes on public record. They could follow hundreds of years of precedent, the general rule of a self governing republic and show us the hard evidence, but until they do, I’m calling them liars.

      • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

        Agreed Hannon, well said. Where is the hard evidence? The public has had to endure many war-time photos and images over the years. Many showing the young being injured or killed. This of course is one aspect to the case but I think providing CCTV footage and photos of the crime scene might be a start to understanding what happened.

        Dennis proved my point above, you can’t ask any questions about these types of events without being publicly condemned by the legion of the state.

        • Hannon

          It goes beyond not showing us the photos, they aren’t showing anything. I live here in CT, now I have to register half my guns, lose my ability to buy more and all without a single piece of evidence. That’s not counting all the things they are clearly lying about. The NWO scumbags must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for field operators, because they are getting worse at pulling off false flags, even the beer drinking sports fans are starting to notice.

        • LocalHero

          “Hard” evidence? How about ANY evidence?

    • LocalHero

      Would love to do it. Bring ’em on, imbecile.

      • Dennis Kelley

        haha. imbecile. that’s rich. i think your tinfoil hat is on crooked…

        • Deb La Vigne

          It’s great that you have a job, do you get federal wages & benefits for being a Troll? Due to Obamacare I know a lot of people who need better jobs and health insurance.

          • Dennis Kelley

            yes. i am a troll employed by the Obama administration to fool all of you geniuses into giving up your civil rights. you found me out. my you ARE clever.

    • MiykaEl_TX

      Yea, ok troll

    • Billy Carlin

      You mean these FAKE parents dickhead who are ACTORS working for companies involved in trying to disarm the American people at teh following link all with EVIDENCE and links to the FACTS:

  • WatchmanofEzekiel33

    Do you really think name calling is going to gain your view any favor? My question is why does the face of the shooter remind me of a face of an alien from an older Star Trek episode? Spooky for sure.

    • LocalHero

      His pic was designed that way (via photoshop) to give you that impression.

  • Joseph Morgan

    No evidence, no real proof. What would you who believe Sandy Hook happened the way media and government claims, believe if someone living in Sandy Hook told you it was a big lie?

    • Marcel Wilson

      I could easily look them in the eye. It’s them that couldn’t. Too many unprecedented things didn’t happen for this to have been real. People don’t just stop being people. 100% of parents with children killed or shot have sued until now 0% not a single parent sued. Not real.

  • Dennis Kelley
  • Dennis Kelley
  • Dennis Kelley