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Race War on Twitter: Trayvon Martin supporters campaign to ‘Behead Zimmerman’

1-Justice for Trayvon-behead-Zimmerman

21st Century Wire says…

What is this craven government in Washington DC doing in respect to the calls for the murder of George Zimmerman and his lawyers, by Trayvon for Justice supporters? 

Many of the calls for the revenge execution of Zimmerman and his legal team are employing the Justice for Trayvon campaign slogan, “Justice, No Peace”. 

In an America intoxicated with media-driven racial politics, if this were white tweeters calling for the beheading of a black man, it would immediately be investigated by federal agencies like the DOJ as a potential “race-hate crime”, but in this case, it will probably be ignore completely by the ruling party, who are currently busy trying to jinn up a racial-hate retrial of the recently acquitted George Zimmerman.

Below is one such racially violent tweet from what looks to be a female African-American supporter of Trayvon Martin named Sunny Fashawn aka VeSun., who added“Behead Zimmerman, put that sh*t in a box and send it to his mother”. VeSun.

Rather ironically, has adorned her Twitter page with peace symbols (see image and source article below)…



Trayvon Martin supporters on Twitter have taken their anger over the acquittal of George Zimmerman to a new level, calling for the neighborhood watch volunteer to be beheaded, Pundit Press said Tuesday.

“[J]ustice no peace so get up off my street behead zimmerman (sic),” one person said.

“Behead Zimmerman, put that sh*t in a box and send it to his mother,” added “VeSun.”


“God telling me to behead zimmerman, (sic)”tweeted “Q.”

“Behead Zimmerman & make it ya new avi so I know it’s real,” demanded “yeenfreshazimiz.”

“Can we just behead Zimmerman in the national mall?? He’s clearly not guilty of doing ANYthing morally correct,” said “TRA”

“Kill Zimmerman and anybody who supports him… And decapitate his lawyer,” said “Tyrell McLean.”

Another Twitter user targeted Zimmerman’s brother.

“George Zimmerman’s brother should get chipped first behead the dude and send it priority mail to Zimmerman’s front door step,” suggested “Chris Gonzo.”

A post at Fire Andrea Mitchell dated May 18, 2012 said Twitter has allowed an account named@BeheadZimmerman to exist. That account remains on Twitter, but has not been active since June 2012.

Since the case made national news last year, Twitter users — dubbed the “Twitter lynch mob” byTwitchy — have repeatedly called for Zimmerman’s murder.

Since Saturday’s acquittal, the “Twitter lynch mob” has targeted Zimmerman, his wife, attorney and the jurors on the case with death threats that clearly violate Twitter’s rules.

“You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others,” Twitter says, although the site appears to be quite lax in enforcing those rules against users who have issued threats against Zimmerman.


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  • michaelrivero

    The real question is whether the US Government is CREATING the calls for violence and murder, posing as Treyvon supporters, to create racial tension as a distraction from NSA-gate, PRISM-gate, IRS-gate, DOJ-gate, Benghazi, the fragile economy, and the crumbling war agenda!

    • jdub

      8 faking the auroa shooting, the new town shooting and the fake Boston bombing the government is on some bull s$%t. Obama is going to start a race war like they did in the 60’s and we will have the white army save the black people again. History repeats it self . Yet no one cares that all the witnesses says tray on attacked Zimmerman.NO one cars that martin gay bashed Zimmerman( a violation of human rights) . No one cares that the proof they claim was made up by ABC news. I guess obama thinks its OK to gay bash as long as the basher has the same color skin as theirs or they are brain damage ultra libberials who in one breath say they are for gay rights then call for the lynching of a part black man because they want to push their ( let’s turn the whole world Into Chicago and new York) bull crap. It is.nice to know that if your black you can do anything you want and when you get killed in the act of gay bashing you get your 12 year old pic out every were. I wish I had magic powers to turn a 6’2 160 lb 17 year old football player into a pour 5’11” 130 weakling. Hay Obama your son wouldn’t of looked like tray stupid. He would of looked like a combination of yours and michelles families. Obama needs to stop worrying about his lizard brains( lol we all know you pray to the devil you anonkie f$%k.) And learn what genitic make up is how its impossible for Obama’s make believe son to look like tray on. It is nice to know that not only being gay 35 years ago you were a self hating gay bashing bigot. I can’t wait for you to get charged with treason

  • Neverdnyed

    Twitter postings advocating violence are a federal crime punishable by law. Why aren’t these terrorists being arrested?

    • Walter Ray Howard

      They’re black

  • websuspect

    hey since i live in the city where public beat whitey events are a public event. I am contemplating moving to some safe country like syria, pakistanm Lebanon or iraq.

  • What is wrong with these people. Think for yourself. This stuff is the media making race war and inciting violence!

    • Walter Ray Howard

      They’re a bunch of uneducated idiots