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Explained: Transhumanist Agenda’s Biblical Roots

21st Century Wire says…

This is much deeper, and older than many of us realise…

There are many who will write off this sort of discussion as delusional and ‘off the edge’, but there exist a number of historical references in both biblical and other ancient texts which refer to the very same biotech revolution, and the challenges to fundamental ethics currently being made to humans by the elite ‘Transhumanist Movement’.

Are the ancient texts really that accurate in describing our postmodern dilemma? The parallels are too incredible to ignore…

This TV program originally aired in 2007, featuring host Tom Horn, with J.R. Church and Gary Stearman, as they discuss his book,Nephilim Stargates’. Watch…

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  • Essential Intel

    “There exist a number of historical references in both biblical and other ancient texts which refer to the very same biotech revolution” – LMAO. Nothing of sorts exists in the Bible and there is no mystery to solve. It was already solved from an entirely different angle, but of course cultist kooks like J.R. Church and Gary Stearman can’t figure this out because their job is to obscure the issue. For the real deal behind biblical (or any other) myths check out this link: http://essential-intelligence-network.blogspot.com/2011/12/illuminati-at-roots-of-christmas-tree.html

    • Ghana Serapis

      Sorry, but they only have the visual part. Break the code in visual creation (universe, galaxy, solar system, star, planetoid, humanoid). All matter is a plasma sculpture. All plasma carries coding designed to create sculpted matter including DNA and other life coding. His reference to biblical and ancient could be to the books of Enoch, Noah’s great grandfather? The Enoch chronicles provide many of the foundational stories for Nephlim (giants), angelic war, GMO, and men of reputation for magic.
      Maybe a catastrophe occurred during the petroglyphic recorded period of an earlier Z pinch machine? It could have been run by the pyramid grids until it blew the chunk of land out of the earth now covered by the pacific? Like a short circuit? Maybe why this side of the moon has blast phenomenon and not the other?

  • Matt H

    The Brain Chip and the Transhumanist Agenda playlist – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRkDC7LzbiK0Y8xM1N3QMiHJkmOYj-42P
    There’s a lot of information about this agenda there.

    See also Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda –

  • wolf0027

    yes. i am on this wave. i reccomend reading the book.

  • In the last minute of this video, JR talks about asking for forgiveness and being saved. What people need in addition to forgiveness is being reborn or receiving ‘new life’ or becoming spiritually alive. We are all born spiritually dead. We need the new life that is offered us by Jesus Christ. The way we get this new life is by inviting Jesus to come and live in us.

    I go so far as to suggest we are ALL forgiven but, unless we have Jesus living in us, we are spiritually dead. Being forgiven does not make us spiritually alive. We are not saved by the death of Christ; we are saved by the LIFE of Christ (see Romans 5:10 where it says we are saved by ….HIS LIFE!). The death of Christ was necessary to receive forgiveness. Without the blood of Jesus taking away our sin, past, present and future sin, Jesus would not be able to live in us because He can not live where there is sin. His death had to happen first so that His blood took away sin.

    When you receive the gift of salvation, you need to thank Jesus for the forgiveness of your sin and ask Him to come and live in you. Each time you might have doubt about your salvation, remember to thank Him for having forgiven you and having to come and live in you. Do not ask Him to forgive you again. He has already done that! Thank Him for it!