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Is This Proof That Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Still Had Backpack On After Boston Bombing?

21st Century Wire

Since the two Tsarnaev brothers were announced as the FBI prime suspects in the Boston Bombing which occurred last week on Monday April 15th, the major media networks and the US government has assumed that the suspects are guilty on the basis of them being placed at the scene of the Boston Marathon finishing line before bombs were detonated.

Let’s examine some of the evidence…

The photo was released to press by a Florida man named David Green (pictured below) who is said to have run in Marathon, and is said to have unknowingly captured a photo of the alleged younger brother at the scene following an explosion.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.30.35 AM
ANOTHER ‘STAR WITNESS’: Who is David Green?

A report states: “David Green of Jacksonville Beach told The Associated Press he finished Monday’s race about an hour before the twin blasts. He said he and friends were watching the rest of the race when he went to a nearby store to charge his cellphone.”

PHOTO: Notice the pixelization along the back of the alleged bombing suspect. Was it Photoshopped to remove the backpack?

The photo above was provided by WCVB network and this version of the original picture is cropped, and other wider versions do exist, as shown in the video below. Notice the pixelization along the back of the alleged bombing suspect. Was it Photoshopped to remove the backpack?

Aside from the overwhelming photographic evidence which authorities have told the public to ignore, and other evidence which is still coming to light, as well as clear evidence that the FBI released what looks to be digitally altered surveillance video of the two brothers – the public has been told by the FBI, the national media and even the President – to assume the guilt of both suspects.

The video below shows, among other things, that at least one of the FBI’s prime suspects, 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is seen fleeing the scene of the bombing – possibly – with his back pack on. The blur makes it difficult to determine.

See for yourself and then ask yourself if it is possible that these two brothers are being set up to take the fall in order to, and for whatever reason, cover the existence of other possibly known operative who were on the scene of this horrific event.

Is he wearing a backpack? You decide…

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  • John Machado

    If you watch Fox Noise long enough and the twisters get to work, they will manage to “show” that Hillary Clinton did it … of course, these are the same clods who are willing to overlook Newton’s laws in re 9-11 because the proof .. real proof .. then… is…most probably….Cheney had more to do with it than did bin Laden………there is no back pack there .. unless, of course, you want there to be …………. it’s his upper arm


  • I agree the whole thing reeks. I would say to keep questioning further. Pictures of the “suspect” running away? How convienient. It might be his backpack and it could be his arm,either way, it is being put right in front of our faces. They are playing us.

  • hwt

    The FBI & mercenaries working together were caught on camera It shows the back pack matches theirs & they were seen leaving without theirs & this is an inside job done by Obama’s mafia . look for Obama to declare martial law as Boston

    had… Obama is the Manchurian candidate folks.

    • Allthetime

      http://i.imgur.com/iVzG7MK.jpg Here is proof that your theory is wrong. Sure it doesn’t rule out that there could of been a conspiracty. But I STRONGLY doubt it.

      • Mike Davis

        I’m not so sure it is proof, because here is an image that shows said man standing at the finish line without a backpack. Also after the blast, and it appears another “agent” on his phone is holding a backpack, and may have given it to him. http://i.imgur.com/2bMgLqx.jpg

        • Allthetime

          The picture I just posted to you IS a picture of him with his backpack on AFTER the blast. That was the point of posting proof it wasn’t him. Of course that doesn’t rule out others.

          • The one guys pack back is on but the other does not have one.

          • Allthetime

            Look at the picture again. One guy is holding it down at his side, the other has it on his back.

      • noneya

        thats a different group i actually reported those exact guys to the fbi.

      • noneya

        there is several of them i swear to god i called boston police department they hung up on me when i told them i had proof the guys in that pic did it. it was a switcharoo dont you see about 34 guys wearing black back packs then bang time to find who did this atrocity even though every one of those son of a bitches were wearing the exact back pack

        • Allthetime

          ….they hung up on you meaning it’s all a lie? And you have proof those two planted it? Mind posting it? Because that would basically end this debate forever.. So I highly doubt you had indisputable proof. I would hang up on anyone who said that too because I am sure they are getting tons of CONSPIRACY calls.

        • Lori Amendolara

          There should be absolutely NO DOUBT by anyone that there WAS a bomb drill going on; that the government denies it and is covering it up looks very incriminating of the gov. I’d say the average citizen who’s using their own mind rather than absorbing media like a sponge can see that there is absolutely reasonable doubt in the case of dzhokhar. I wonder if his public defender will really defend him, or will she just advocate he cop to a guilty plea to avoid the death penalty?

      • Looking at the debris, I would think the explosion came from within the building. Very similar to the explosion in the film Children of Men.

      • how does this pic show that? i see the two guys that were standing at the blast site now standing in the road,minus one backpack.The one he is holding in his hand,is the one sitting on the ground next to the guy with the gray hair,the one he is holding does not have the white tag on it.

        • anh ha

          thats a different group i actually reported those exact guys to the fbi game avatar and game iwin

  • disqus_e259HkJj5H

    Interesting….there’s definitely something not quite right about it all that’s for sure.

  • EP Wimsatt

    I saw NO backpack

  • adam

    it is a false flag but he is 100% not wearing a back pack

    • van anh

      And you aren’t looking closely enough. The square is not on a strap in this photo. Also one of the first pictures he posted was of the Navy Seal with his backpack on with a white box AFTER the explosion. Are you that naiv game ibet88

  • Bart

    As much as i believe there is something fishy about this whole thing.. IM SURE, there is no backpack showing on this picture
    i believe so because:
    – you can see the folds of his jacket
    – his hand is at about his waste, if you keep your hand there yourself, do you see your elbow sticks out behind your back about as much as you can see on that picture
    – there is a sharp angle which is from his elbow

    • Guest

      What’s in his right hand? His backpack was on his right shoulder. If there was an explosion and he wanted to run away quickly then his back pack, lowly slung on his shoulder, would have been a hinderance. The quickest thing to have done would have been to drop it off his shoulder and to carry it instead. Or of course he could have put both straps on his shoulders, although this would taken more time than just to let the bag slide down his arm and in to his hand.

      • Bart

        no clue, we can only guess.. im just saying, in this picture i really dont see a backpack.

    • one more thing, he was with a white backpack, not a black or gray or something dark like his clothes…and we can see by the other photos, he was carrying it on the right shoulder, we cant see his right shoulder on this picture. BUT, i totally agree with you and everybody else that there’s something REALLY fishy about this thing.

  • It definitely appears that he indeed is wearing his backpack, starting at about 4:00 on this video. The special undercover police all had black backpacks on before at finish line and this video clearly shows them after bombings without them.
    I believe the U.S. Gov’t set these guys up for foreign political reasons. Similar to what was proposed in the 1960s Operation Northwoods, look it up and learn, see how despicable and how evil our Gov’t can be, the extremes they’re willing to go to for political reasons.
    NO Video has been released yet to the public or any politician clearly showing suspects leaving their backpacks. No proof these guys did it. Radio testimony of woman claiming she saw police run over suspect no. 1 in suv, not his brother. She said too that police riddled him with bullets with little chance to survive.

    • Allthetime

      http://i.imgur.com/iVzG7MK.jpg Yet again I am posting this. This is after the bombing and the two police officers both clearly have their backpacks on. It was a good theory, heck I believed it for awhile, but look deeper next time. Also it is a WORLD event. There will most definetly be higher officials at it SPECIFICALLY for this type of occurrence. Also look at both sides, if there is no proof the two kids did do it (which there is), where is the proof that the seals did instead? Completely agree that our gov’t is evil, but I just don’t see the point of putting a bomb here.

      • Mike Davis

        what about this image? http://i.imgur.com/2bMgLqx.jpg

        • Allthetime

          I’m not sure what you are trying to prove with this image still. It doesn’t show any proof that their backpacks were anywhere near the blast, nor does it even include that if could have possibly been them.

          • Scotty Bee

            OK Allthetime I have a ? for you, but first I do agree the picture was taken AFTER the blast. Clearly after, but almost 2 mins after. Could he have grabbed another bag in that time? And I don’t know the answer, to this one but when was this bottom pic taken. Clearly it’s AFTER the blast, because they are running. And he doesn’t have a backpack on. So when was that one taken? Just a question. We all deserve to know the TRUTH!

          • Allthetime

            Well couldn’t the truth be that the original suspects planted the bomb? These are all crazy theories that people are posting. The picture I posted is fairly close to after the bomb. This picture you posted you see the man running with a water bottle. Who the hell opens a water bottle amidst an explosion? Why would he run if he just dropped a backpack with a bomb in it? Do you know how conniving that would look? My guess is he put his backpack down and is drinking water because he has been running around the whole time. I can’t rule out that there wasn’t a conspiracy, but so far nobody has come up with something to completely change my mind.

          • Scotty Bee

             It could be true, but they refuse to show us any real evidence. They say they have video of them dropping their backpacks…OK show us! They’ll show us graphic beatings and shootings on the nightly news all the time, but we’re to sensitive to see a guy drop a bag on the ground?!? Come on Man! Then they kill one and shoot the other in the throat and don’t give him a lawyer or a trial. An American citizen! And don’t say he shot himself because this photo shows him climb out of the boat with NO suicide attempt wound. These aren’t Crazy Theories, these are crazy Facts! Your Dis-Information is not necessary but I’m glad to see we have Agents working Allthetime….. did you say he sat down his backpack to drink some water?? That’s the beauty of backpacks your hands are still free! And clearly he did set his backpack down, and RAN away from it… because it exploded!

          • Allthetime

            O dear lord…. give me some EVIDENCE that it was HIS backpack. Saying he was running without one is not proof. Where the heck did you get the idea he isn’t getting a trial? They are talking about putting the trial in Springfield. You are reading too far into theories my friend. Have you ever thought that the release of such photos may compromise the courts? Evidence would not be released until after the trial. Lastly, what is the gain of this? CISPA? Plz….. that is a law that would have passed regardless of this. Martial Law being put into affect in Boston? No way. Would you want people on the streets with two terrorists running around? People would end up just getting in the way. America takes terrorism very seriously if you couldn’t tell. Here is a picture of the suspect seemingly dropping it near one of the victims. Emphasis on “seemingly” but it is a heck of a lot more evidence than anyone else is providing. http://pmchollywoodlife.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/boylston-street-on-boston-marathon-lead.jpg?w=600

          • So the backpack you are showing in this picture is white. Why did the authorities say the backpacks were black and why did the pictures of the Tsarnaev brothers show them with black backpacks? Just askin’

          • Allthetime

            Ah yes that is the question isn’t it? This is the only thing throwing me through a slight loop. The most famous picture is the picture of the blown up backpack. When looking at it you see nearly no white beside the insulation. The way I look at it is the backpack was turned inside out from the blast causing the black insides to be exposed. As you can tell there are pockets flipped inside out much like pants pockets. (Normally white backpacks have black insides) From the picture I am posting you can see that the back (part touching the suspects back) is in fact black. So we can not rule out that is could be the suspects backpack. I truly wish there was a better picture of the back pack after the explosion. Thanks for the point though and I truly appreciate this civilised discussion unlike the conversations I have had elsewhere. http://msnbcmedia.msn.com/j/MSNBC/Components/Photo/_new/130422-suspect-2-backpack-jsw-252p.380;380;7;70;0.jpg

          • Scotty Bee

            Man if that photo got him chased by police, shot and thrown in jail…i pray for us all! And the only picture of the blast wreggage I’ve seen matches the “contractor” bag perfectly. Notice the little white square. Pretty obvious

          • Allthetime

            That little white square is a continuation of the rip. Look at it closer. The white square on his backpack is smaller and is attached to a strap. Would the bag rip with such continuity if the white square was attached to the strap? NO. That wouldn’t make any sense. If it was his backpack you would notice a strap with a box on it, not a clear rip. Underneath that white box you can tell there is insulation. Since his is a strap there wouldn’t be any insulation under it if the white box was ripped, which it in fact is.

          • Scotty Bee

            What are you looking at? They box is in the same condition as before it exploded. It is clearly partially obstructed by a piece of insulation. You are trying way to hard to not see the obvious truths. What’s with all the Family Guy coincidences… now that’s a conspiracy

          • And you aren’t looking closely enough. The square is not on a strap in this photo. Also one of the first pictures he posted was of the Navy Seal with his backpack on with a white box AFTER the explosion. Are you that naive?

          • Gosh

            That is the inside of the bag perhaps. The strap looking part on the left has the light color from suspect 2’s bag.

          • Samuel Vetter

            umm, them executing the MIT officer, stealing a squad car and carjacking another due while telling him they are teh ones who did the bombing (so dont fuck with us or well kill you) and then running down police barricades, throwing more pressure cooker bombs, bomb making materials being found by one of djokhar’s dorm mates in his closet… his friends finding him acting funny, detached, the next day… the above is why the police chased and shot them down. Not the photo. They were still just looking for them at that time. The city wasn’t locked down (and it was never under martial law for God’s sakes… look up the definition. It was on an ordered lockdown for safety. THere actually is a difference…. derp)
            so, I see a whole lot of impressive stretches of coincidence, denial of obvious connections, coupled with the preconception that the photos released to the media are all that were available to look at by the investigators. Really, the photos released to the media for the most part were photos showing what the ppl lOOKED LIKE, so that the public could be on the watch for them. THey weren’t the damning photos which would necessarily have to be held back for use in court. With the level of internal investigation that could explode on the JD if something doesnt fit, I’m sorry, I just don’t buy that they went off half cocked when they designated the 2 brothers as the suspects. Look at what the suspects were planning the next night.. another bombing. Look at what they DID… killed an innocent MIT cop, i repeat here… stole a squad car, carjacked a dude, confessed to him, stole his atm, made him give them the info so they could withdraw 400 and then 800 dollars, then let him go. Ya, sounds like we DEFINATELY HAVE THE WRONG GUYS!

          • Allthetime

            THANK YOU. The idea of this being a conspiracy is absolutely presumptuous. Pure coincidental occurrences. I feel like I could post a picture of a bedroom with trash bags on the ground, and people would assume there was 3 people killed. Nobody looks at things logically or checks into things, they just like the thrill of believing there was a conspiracy.

          • Scotty Bee

            Once again everything you mentioned that they did is speculation. Not one bit of actual evidence has come out to prove any of it. Then they SO conviently “confess” to the carjacking victim?? Didn’t they have a gun? That usually does all the talking. Quit believing everything you are TOLD. And don’t say they are saving all the good evidence for court, they are creating the good evidence for court.

          • anh ha

            game dien thoai, click wiew

          • HeidiK

            Okay. I know there is a lot of conspiracy going on and the what if questions but this is what I found very weird. Please please review the videos of the suspect walking one behind the other. They said this is Dzahar’s bag sitting on the floor… Compare this bag to the one that is on the video and you will see the truth.. Dzahar’s bag is white with black lining and the bag sitting in that photo is mostly black with line lining…

          • How can that be his backpack when the people in front of where he is,you shouldnt be able to see the backpack in front of their feet.Plus we were told his brother placed that one and he placed the second….this is the first place a bomb exploded.

          • angel

            That is not Martin’s dad.His dad was running and also they said the kid was near the finish line wating for his dad to finish.When his dad finished the run he went to hug him and went back where his mom ,brother and sister were.So who is that guy behind the kid? Also that is not Jahar ,compare the nose, chin ,jaw , chick and hairline.Can people see that it is not him? And the backpack is not the same?
            Also look at the photo ? It is not the same area where the 2nd bomb went off.Blue mailbox is missing.Why can people find out what time the runners that pass by where the brothers were ,what time they finished the race?This is all lies,they are making all this up.
            The people that helped frame them should be in jail.also for making everyone going thru this horrible time.

          • angel

            One more thing why people don’t start investigating the life of that fake Cowboy ,Jeff Bauman ( Nick Vogt) and all the crisis actors? And all the people involved in this false flag?
            That guy Jeff Bauman never shows his left hand.I can tell that Jeff Bauman is REALLY NICK VOGT. Compare his hairline on his forehead, and his face hairline and teeth .
            People need to wake up now and help this innocent kid .Think if was one of us or some of our family member?
            God help him and all of us.
            Love ,peace no more war.

          • And him getting out of the boat,no blood no nothing.this is complete bullshit.How could he be climbing out of the boat,but immediately need a breathing tube???

          • angel

            There is no blood in the boat and no mark of bullets, weird right?

            Also do you see any sign of blood on this person’s ? How about the shoulders size and hair ? Come on people wake up? To me does not look like him coming out of that boat at all.Why they don’t show more footages? maybe they had the kid out of the boat before showing that and had the kid down.

            The story that the owner of the boat said it is so ridiculous.

            Also did anyone see the cover of the boat dirty from the bomb they threw on it?
            I do have a lots of questions but who can answer?

          • you do realize that the photo in the top right of this pic was AFTER the bomb went off right? So he did have his backpack on AFTER the explosion.

          • Ryan Martin

            I’m glad you aren’t my lawyer. lol

      • Like I said in the other post,if you look at the pics of these two men standing by the blast area,you will note the back pack he has on has the white tab on it.The one in the street does not,there is a black bag on the ground beside where they were standing.

        • Allthetime

          I do not know what you are trying to prove with this? If not having a backpack implies you are a suspect, than half of Boston should have been arrested.

      • Marc Bell

        Brothers let taxi driver handle their backpacks, then loiter around and get photographed, and 19 doesn’t even hide his face with sunglasses. Remember he’s a bright kid. Something doesn’t make sense. I don’t know who did this but security contractors could benefit big time as well as home land security funding. We are talking about incredibly cynical and jaded people here. I don’t know if evidence is photo shopped but we all know people get framed (oswald is pretty much proven) and we know media and Washington lie as it suits them – ex. they “knew” for sure saddam had WMD. Many soldiers were sacrificed there needlessly, not to mention 300,000? iraqis. We are fools to not question everything they say. Who watches the watchers? Only you and me.

  • fred

    Why didn’t the brothers disguise themselves?

  • The other images of the white-hat suspect in the official FBI “video” shows clearly that this person carried his backpack slung very very low on his right side, in such a manner that it would not be visible in this shot of him fleeing the explosion whether it was there or not, alas. This image is therefore ambiguous with respect to the presence or absence of the backpack. For other big anomalies in the FBI story see http://newdemocracyworld.org/culture/marathon2.html

  • Kurt P

    No backpack. Blow the photo up and it is pretty clear.

    • the kid wears is backpack on the right side shoulder….that is why we can’t see it. Check other photos of him and we see is backpack on the right shoulder

  • BlogMagog

    That kids backpack look light colored, almost white. Where is the white backpack at the crime scene? All I see are black ones. Also why are Craft there? What is in their backpacks? Find pictures of the Saudi kid and his backpack.

  • srprose

    I don’t see a backpack

    • Guest

      You are a zeek. Read the words below

    • jizdaz

      yes, but I see heavy traces of something having been erased where the bag would have been, using a editing software…

    • jo xo

      Don’t you guys think that his posture is a little unnatural? Its like his center of gravity is so far backward

  • No Judging others

    I understand where you are coming from but just so you know, Dzokhars backpack is distinctly more white, so if he left the scene with his backpack, the straps would’ve been more noticable… just saying

  • Found the image, and no backpack. That’s his arm/elbow. Other pictures has his backpack over his right shoulder (this is his left) AND it was a lighter color.
    Still a False Flag in my opinion but this is a dead end.

  • jugrw1

    Was taking a look at their apartment’s pictures published by NyDailyNews.com, and found it quite disturbing to see a very similar backpack to the one Dzhokhar had with him on the day of the bombing in two of the pictures.

    The backpack is easily seen on top of a luggage in pictures 4 and 5. If you compare it to the event’s picture it won’t take much to notice that they’re exactly the same backpack.

    The pictures can be seen here:

  • anonymous


  • ronnie

    Take the image into Photoshop and adjust the mid tones to lighten. This will increase the contrast between his jacket and the wall. It’s his arm, not a backpack.

    • Tim

      That’s a backpack bro, as evidenced by the original picture showing it.

  • What a coincidence Older Brother ( Suspect #1 ) has almost identical Attire as the several mercenaries on photo ( Infowars ) , tan pants , dark jacket and black back pack …

    • geepers

      Yes, and Chris Kyle was the head of Craft. Kyle is the guy who was blown away a couple months or so ago.

  • Bla Bla Bla Shhhhh!

    “The surviving suspect in the Boston attack told investigators he &
    his brother learned to build bombs by reading an online magazine published by terrorists.” Did the gov make him tell them that? Conspiracy A-holes need to just go away. He doesn’t have a backpack on in the picture.That is his elbow. And all of the vid’s I have seen have this guy with a lite brown pack and not a black one like you say in the vid. If the Gov had anything to do with this then why just 4 people dead and hundreds maimed? Why not just hundreds dead? Crazy is just crazy and that is all there is to it. These 2 guys hate us Americans just like half of the world does so why is it so hard to just realize they did it and that is that?

    • geepers

      “online terrorist sites” are b.s. Any so-called “terrorist website” can easily be tracked down, as can anyone be tracked on the internet. That is why the group “anonymous” is so bogus and probably ran from Langley. Why in the world would ANYONE BELIEVE the FBI? The head of the FBI is the U.S. Attorney General…Which is Eric Holder…The same Eric Holder behind Fast & Furious guns to Mexican Cartels. These kids were set up. They were probably involved some way, like the FBI is notorious for Setting up, arming, and arresting suspects. They just did their last one in Feb 2013; a mentally ill man named Matthew Aaron Llaneza. Look it up on the FBI website. It’s all there.

    • Sure they did,what do you think the freakin fbi is going to say,he is saying we set em up?lmao

  • Michael Umbrell

    He does not still have his backpack on stupid. Even if he did, is it not possible to have a bag inside a bag?

  • geepers

    I don’t think you can tell one way or another if he has a backpack on. Which makes this Non-evidence. The only thing that might mean he is still wearing the backpack is his right shoulder is possibly pulled down by the weight of something. That would make it the same shoulder he was holding the backpack from the original video the fBI has.

  • Kacey Roberts

    There was a picture where his backpack was shown on the ground, and it was a few feet away from the 8 year old boy who died.

  • dogbedsuk

    Its really difficult to see if he has a backpack in that photo. It just looks like his elbow. In other footage his backpack was grey looking? At 2:50 is that the older brother next to the woman in the pink top?

  • PhillyGuard

    Compelling proof that he left the scene with his ELBOW.

  • MMB

    Dudes, in the FBI’s video the kid with the white hat had a white backpack. Either his backpack magically turned black or it’s his elbow. Because the woman in the front is in focus and he is running in the background and less in focus his elbow trails a little behind him making it appear to be a backpack. This picture actually confirms for me they have the right guys. So, thank you.

  • no he is not wearing a backpack

  • I added brightness to the picture, and cannot discover a backpack. That does not proof he did it. I just don’t see a backpack. It would not surprise me the bombing is a false flag operation, but I haven’t seen any REAL proof yet. I also have not seen any REAL proof the brothers did it. I guess I need some more time to figure this one out.

  • I added brightness to the picture. I don’t see a backpack. Also, on the FBI video he was wearing a white/gray backpack, not black. This does not proof he did it, of course, it just means I cannot see a backpack on this picture. False flag? I honestly don’t know. I haven’t seen any proof yet. I also haven’t seen any proof that the brothers did it.

  • Anonymous88

    These two brothers were recruited by the CIA as agents to operate within Chechnya. The government was running a series of bomb drills through a private contractor Craft International. I suspect the brothers were ordered to perform in what they thought was a mock terrorist exercise on behalf of the CIA. Other agents associated with the CIA planted the real bombs. You can see in the photos another suspicious man with the exact same backpack working through the crowds. The two brothers were the patsies participating in what they thought was an exercise and the Craft operatives probably thought so as well (e.g. see if you can identify the suspect carrying a mock bomb).

    The police were given orders to kill on sight. They ran down the older and shot him. They riddled the younger one but left him alive because he was already incapacitated. You’re probably never going to hear the younger brother speak to the public about the event. You’ll only be told what he “confessed.”

    What you need to be asking is, who hired Craft International? What was their assignment on that day? Who is that man with the dead eyes with the exact same backpack over his arm?

    • clarioncaller

      Those three Craft operatives have been identified as ex-military gov’t agents. They were posing as CT state police immediately after Sandy Hook in an interview, and one was recognized in the video by fellow soldier who called him “Chrome Dome”. This was a total false flag op used to desensitize the Boston citizens to martial law.

  • This investigation is turning out to be quite the ordeal…Maybe they should do what the Police Departments do, if it is a City Police Investigation(event with Police Involved), the State Police do the Investigating. Here in Toronto, the OPP investigate, I should say they use to, I am not sure if they still do this. There are too many bits of information that make it so confusing, I really sympathize with ALL AMERICANS to be going through this. I really think they should investigate this “False Flag” issue to see if there is any merit. There are way too many sites and points being brought forth for the authorities to ignore this. Also on CNN they even pointed out and announced the the 19 year old didn’t have any type of weapon with him when the Police fired on the boat…all the gunfire, was the COPS not the suspect. This makes me think the Criminal Complaint might need to be re-worded as it wasn’t the suspect that started or even participated in the gunfire at the time of apprehension…also something to remember, the 19 year old suspect was intibated and they had to rouse him to speak with him, sounds to me like an aweful lot of communication for someone they had to wake out of sedation, if you ever had surgery, when they wake you right after, do you ever recall them even talking to you? Just something to think about!!! SOMEONE has some “SLAINING TO DO”

  • JackDeth

    This is idiotic.

  • Samuel Vetter

    but the dude lying in the hospital admitting to it all doesn’t mean jack squat then i guess… wow I was sooo stupid to have believe that crap the media was feeding me! And the other bombs they were dropping during the car chase, the bomb found strapped to tamerlan’s chest the night he got shot… the materials used to make the bombs plus another bomb in process of being built hidden beneath stuff in his closet in his dorm room… the evidence and admittance that they were planning on going out on another bombing rampage the night their picture showed up on TV, so they knew the gig was up and instead decided to steal a car, get as much cash as they could so they could try to get as far away as they could.
    But clearly, these WEREN’T the ppl who did this! The guy who had his car stolen and was asked by Dzokhar “you know who we are? we did the bombing yesterday”… ya that guy was clearly just a plant. Boy, these coverups are sooo clever! I’m glad we have well trained professional Sherlocks on teh case who can tell us the truth, lmao.
    Its sad that this Gomer happened to discover he had this pic of Dzokhar on his phone and figured he could get some press and be famous for a day if he started telling everyone contradictions of the brother bomber story. And he knows all of this because of this picture on his phone he hasnt had the opportunity yet to put in context and timeline with all of the thousands of video footage and other photos that were combed through by ppl who do this as their career.
    My money is on this guy’s story. Its got waaaaay more evidence and credibility than suspects who have now already admitted to guilt several times, and even have gone so far as to give the background reasons for why they did what they did. But damnit, we have totally the wrong guy! We better let him go… so sad, he’s just another poor victim in this tragedy, should be sent home with money for his time and being questioned by scary ppl.

  • Amy

    Um, except that the picture of that guy in the top right side of your 3 pictures – the guy you think DID it – is, when shown in its entirety, a picture of the guy watching the post explosion scene WITH HIS BACKPACK ON. You debunked your own conspiracy theory. LOL. http://i.imgur.com/iVzG7MK.jpg

  • The 19 year old had a backpack that was black and grey when you see him walking behind his brother.

  • tor556

    First off, I’d like to start off this post by saying that my heart goes out to all the victims and victims’ families after this horrible tragedy has occurred. I’m really not big on conspiracy theories at all and truth be told, I never gave them any attention. Do I think the government created this whole thing? No. I don’t think this is a conspiracy either, just a lot of loop holes in the story. I don’t listen to everything the media says and believe it but I also don’t read everything on the internet and believe it. I live right near Boston and although I did not attend the marathon, many friends did and people did die that day. It’s actually kind of insulting that people are claiming that some of the people who lost their legs are actors. That’s going too far.

    HOWEVER, some people are right. This whole thing reeks. By me saying that, it DOES NOT mean I don’t have any sympathy for the victims and I’m supporting this horrible act. I can still question this and have the utmost of sympathy for these innocent lives that were lost/hurt. There’s been so many inconsistencies it feels like my brain is spinning in a million different directions. I think maybe we should stop analyzing that picture of Dzhokhar fleeing the scene, though. You’re gonna have people say “yeah, he’s got a backpack!” and you’re gonna have people say “no, there’s no backpack.” We will never know if he had the backpack in that photo because there’s a girl right in front of his right side. I’ve just given up with this photo myself. I also don’t understand why they weren’t disguised? Tamerlan sort of was with the sunglasses but Dzhokhar was not. You would think that two supposed terrorists would know that in this day and age it’s so easy to capture a picture of anything with iphones and ipads. I’m still kind of questioning the killing of the MIT cop though. Yeah, I get that they wanted a gun and they tried to get it but couldn’t because Collier’s gun had a locking system. If these guys are smart enough to supposedly make bombs and carry out an attack like this, don’t you think that it’s pretty obvious a police officers gun is locked? Still unsure about that. There hasn’t been much information released about him so it’s hard to comment. Also, the carjacking victim gave an interview to the Boston Globe and gave his side of the story. It seemed like the younger brother did NOT carjack him and it was in fact Tamerlan who did. First I heard the younger brother was following, then I heard they picked him up. Who knows. The victim also said that they were in the car for a good amount of time, if they were gonna kill this guy, don’t you think they would have done it when he first stole the car? So I’m not sure if they were planning on killing him. Why kill the MIT cop but leave this guy alive. I get maybe they killed him because he was a cop (that’s awful, if that’s the case) but this guy could have easily turned them in. I’m also not a carjacker so I don’t know how that works…haha. “Danny” as the victim went by not wanting to release his real name for privacy reasons said that Tamerlan mentioned “Did you hear about the Boston bombing? I did that. And I just killed a cop.” Why would you tell someone that knowing you were not disguised and he could escape any time? “Danny” also said that when they were in the car Tamerlan ordered him not to study his face and when he caught him doing so said “Don’t look at me! Do you remember my face?” If he didn’t want him to remember his face..why would he tell him that he was responsible for the bombing? I’m not going to touch upon the shoot out with police because it still seems like the police themselves are trying to gather everything that happened with the shoot out. It was evident a shoot out did happen seeing as many of my friends posted videos of it being right near it and you could clearly hear gun fire. Wether it was back and forth, I have no idea. It sounded like it was. That’s what I don’t get when people say “Where’s the proof of the shoot out????!!!” Well. There’s been about 50 videos posted of it on youtube by witnesses. I suppose its true that you can’t tell who’s firing but still. Another thing I’m going to touch upon is the fact that police said he was armed when he was not and that he apparently attempted suicide. They found out that it was indeed Dzhokhar in the boat in someone’s backyard. There’s been released photos of the boat that show MANY bullet holes. I get that they weren’t sure if he was unarmed or not but don’t you think if you’re shooting at the boat and there’s no responding fire, it’s kinda safe to say that he’s probably unarmed. And it’s not the fact that after he was captured, they said he was armed that bothers me because everything’s so crazy at the time I wouldn’t really blame them if they thought he was armed. It’s the fact that days went on with them saying “He was armed.” I don’t get why people are saying “THEY WANTED HIM DEAD!” I don’t think they did otherwise he would be dead right now. They wanted answers just like the rest of us. I’d like to see the video of Dzhokhar placing the bag down (Of course cutting it before anything horrid is shown, obviously) because right now most people are thinking “Okay, so all we have right now is a picture of the two men walking with backpacks like most of the people there.” I understand they don’t owe us anything but until I see the video, yeah I’m gonna be a little skeptical of that. I also don’t fully believe Dzhokhar admitted either. We were told that he was heavily sedated and could not talk because of a throat injury and leg injury yet he’s being questioned. I know doctors said he was lucid and focused but they reported that he was swaying in and out of consciousness while being on the boat after losing a lot of blood and even feared he might die. I don’t see how you can be lucid and focused after only recovering for two days? He seemed like he was in pretty bad shape. He obviously had to have written this because he cannot speak. I get that it’ll be used for the trial but I would like to see the image of the writing. Not saying they owe us anything, just curious.

    Do I think he was brainwashed by his older brother? Could be. Does that excuse any of that? Absolutely not. A 19 year old boy knows wrong from right. I think he fed his little younger brother with all this information and Dzhokhar just absorbed it like a sponge, like many impressionable teenagers do. However, I do believe that without Tamerlan, this would have never happened. Now that Tamerlan is dead, I believe this kid now has to take 100% of the blame when I don’t believe that was the case. It’s just such a shame because it seemed like before this, he was a pretty good kid. Attractive, smart, witty, popular and he just threw it all away not to mention the lives of 4 other people as well. Many of people are saying, “Look at his tweets! That’s not something a terrorist would tweet.” Well it was said that he was only recently recruited by his brother to join the attack. He could have been totally normal at the time when his tweets took place because his brother wasn’t feeding him this information. Although I do find it very eerie that he tweeted “Ain’t no love in the heart of the city, stay safe people” and “I’m a stress free kind of guy” after the bombings took place. That’s extremely unsettling. I do think it is very important for us to question some of the things being presented at this point. I wish some girls would stop obsessing over him though, yeah he’s a cute kid but that doesn’t mean he’s innocent. They’re giving people who are actually looking logically at this case, a bad name. Some of the conspiracy theories I’ve seen on this case are laughable though, I’d say 8/10 of them. I hate that some people who are questioning a few parts of this are now “conspiracy nuts” There are definitely a lot of those out there but many people now are just saying “What’s going on? This story is changing every day.” I think some people think “Well, the news told me this…” “The cop said this…” and just take that as the right answer, without putting some research into it. Another good point I’d like to bring up, some people are conditioned by the media and others are conditioned by the internet. I know this post is really long but I just wanted to put my thoughts out there. I hope you realize by this post I am not claiming Dzhokhar to be innocent or guilty, I’m really on the fence. I’m not trying to defend a terrorists acts at all, just questioning some of the stories being presented. Once again, my deepest and utmost sympathies to the victims and their families of this tragedy.

  • disqus_Oex9PH6o3N

    Suspect #2 had a white backpack on…so this pic has to be his arm…..he was not wearing a black backpack….his older brother was.

  • Lori Amendolara

    I don’t get where it shows dzhokhar leaving with a backpack; what am I missing?
    However, nonetheless I am convinced that dzhokhar is likely innocent because the exploded backpack does match the craft or blackwater guys pack, yet dzhokhars pack was either light, light grey or white, but certainly not black. I’m absolutely horrified that a young 19 year old kid is likely being set up and the mainstream media and many politicians including Biden our trusty VP, has declared him guilty and a terrorist. I swear I don’t think it’s possible that he did it; I am sure he’s been set up, if I’m wrong, I bet I’m still right that there were gov factions involved and this is a false flag event.

  • What is the white thing over the ladies shoulder, could it be Dzhokhar’s backpack, maybe he dropped it when running. Remember that Dzhokhar’s backpack is all light grey. Not the white and black one seen at the second bombing site.

  • XxxShogunxxX

    I lighten up the photo and this is what I got.

    • jo xo

      Where did you get this version of the photo? I’m seeing an obvious bulge right under his arm that looks like the shape of a bag on the person’s lower back. The version from Mark Ouwehand in this thread does not have that extra bulge…

  • tealy855

    If you take that same David Green photo about 25- 30 ft behind Dzhokhar you

    see Tamerlan on the sidewalk next to the baby carriage. Looks like they hacked

    ( photo shopped )off his neck and arms.

  • Marc Bell

    The state is amazingly lucky to have so many confessions from these two – first to random guy they car jacked – then Jafars note in boat and then he happily spills the beans again (including future crime plans!) in the hospital. Almost too lucky. They could have saved time renting a sky writing plane. Yet leaked iphone video has tamerlan pleading they didn’t do it. Hmm. Make up your minds you two.

  • Guest

    more on this:

  • ura soul

    more on this – a closeup of the image of david green holding up his phone reveals a white ‘blob’ behind the alleged bomber which is not on the more widely seen version of the image:

  • Tim

    The real question everyone should be asking is…..why aren’t the ‘mainstream’ news channels looking at the same photos we are (in an editorial-style broadcast or political discussion show) and asking the same questions we are? Folks, when the media is blacking out and failing to discuss obvious issues with the govt story, then we know the TV news is completely rigged and the only media we can turn to is the haphazzard alternative media online. I refuse to watch any TV news anymore. I haven’t for 6 months now and it’s such a freedom to be looking at REAL information online instead of the LIES put on television.

  • Mat Wilson

    This ought to prove everything:


  • LanceLHall

    If you find an original 3000 pixel wide of the photo above and zoom in you can see the younger brother had a white object behind him. The released FBI copy is a fake.

  • Believe What You’re TOLD

    The thing I’m amazed about is how many of the idiots leaving comments
    on this thread believe whatever the government tells them….never mind
    the odious collection of lies emanating from Washington about
    nonexistent weapons of mass destruction and falsified intel that got us
    into the Iraq war.

    Bush even joked about it at a Radio &
    Television correspondent’s dinner, much to the delight of the media
    hacks in attendance.

    Yeah, that’s really funny. We lied to go to
    war, bombed a country back to the stone age, killed scores of thousands
    of innocent people, brought back thousands of our troops dead and
    maimed….but it’s somehow funny enough to joke about those lies that
    brought all of that mayhem and carnage about.

    I’d venture a guess
    that many of the same step and fetch it gov’t waterboys that are
    spewing some version of “we should all just believe what we’re told” on
    this thread also believe that 2 planes can magically knock down 3
    skyscrapers, and office fires fueled by kerosene (jet fuel) can render
    steel into a molten liquid, as was filmed pouring out of a corner of one
    of the towers before it collapsed.

    Oh no…..forget what your EYES see…..just BELIEVE what you’re TOLD.

    people towing the gov’t line make me sick, though several of you I’m
    sure are working for one of the various agencies that monitor everything
    we Americans say or do on any of our communication devices.
    Again….even when you’ve been TOLD that the gov’t ACTIVELY PARTICIPATES
    on the internet using phony identities (for the supremely stupid among
    you, here’s proof:
    you still buy their bullshit.

    You fucking idiots just
    la-de-da it’s all just a coincidence that there’s a gov’t run terror
    drill along side of EVERY terror attack that mimics what happened in the
    attack. Hell, this time they even tweeted it in the Boston Globe!
    It’s all just a coincidence that paramilitary presence at the marathon
    with satellite communication, bomb sniffing dogs, and backpacks that
    EXACTLY MATCH the exploded one. It’s somehow FINE with you that you
    don’t deserve an official explanation as to why those people were there,
    what they were doing, who hired them, and why the BOMB DRILL turned
    into a BOMB ATTACK.

    What a bunch of fucking MORONS.

  • solar toad

    The guy that took the Photo of Dzhokhar running (without the backpack showing) must be a government paid shill….Unless the backpack is on his other side (which from the fbi video of the brothers, it looks like his backpack was not too full) which could very well be hidden.

  • Kyle W. Crater

    this is hilariously retarded

  • Julie Hall

    I have a screen shot of him wearing an off white back pack. It was taken from the FBI’s own video shortly after they told everyone to not pay any attention unless they were official images. So I went to their site. As an involuntary medium the night prior to the bombing I knew an incident was going to happen I also knew who did it. So the minute it occurred I was taking screen shots of every video I could get. In some of the video it even showed the man who was the prime witness and who had allegedly had both his legs blown off at the Boston Bombing – it showed him standing up then lowering himself down to the ground, it showed a fake prosthetic raised in the air resting on an African American female with not one drop of blood anywhere. Also in the video of the alleged double amputee victim being wheelchaired down the road. The ‘fake leg’ fell off and they Cowboy had to put it back on.. All without one drop of blood on the road or on the wheelchair. And the Cowboy’s tourniquet? Crossed over mid air completely ineffective if the victim had really just lost both legs and finally you NEVER put a recent DOUBLE AMPUTEE IN A WHEELCHAIR. He would have been placed on a stretcher.