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McCain and Graham: Suspect Dzhokar has no rights and should be tried as ‘enemy combatant’

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

The old wounds of 911 and the cryptic calls for legalised torture have once again taken center stage in the American political discourse this week.

Seen by some as the poster children for new Senate ‘term limits’, Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain are warning against trying the surviving Boston bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, in a court of law, claiming he should be held as an “enemy combatant” instead. They were joined in their call by Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH).

Salon reports
“It is clear the events we have seen over the past few days in Boston were an attempt to kill American citizens and terrorize a major American city,” the four Republicans wrote in a joint statement.

“The accused perpetrators of these acts were not common criminals attempting to profit from a criminal enterprise, but terrorists trying to injure, maim, and kill innocent Americans”.

“The suspect, based upon his actions, clearly is a good candidate for enemy combatant status. We do not want this suspect to remain silent,” they wrote.

McCain and Graham also praised Boston Police for invoking the Orwellian “public safety exception” which allowed them not to read any Miranda Rights to the younger Tsarnaev.

Salon also adds here: “We should be focused on gathering intelligence from this suspect right now that can help our nation understand how this attack occurred and what may follow in the future. That should be our focus, not a future domestic criminal trial that may take years to complete,” the statement said.

Congressman Peter King (R) New York has taken the opportunity of this crisis to renew old Sept 11th called for increased surveillance of Muslims in America. He is arguing, that in wake of the Boston bombings, law enforcement should increase surveillance in Muslim communities, and not to be bound by “political correctness” anymore.

Feds send for Gitmo team to interrogate Boston suspect

Sens. Graham and McCain may get their wish in full, as Obama officials announced yesterday that the 19 year old Tsarnaev will likely be questioned using  ‘enhanced interrogation’ by a federal team known as the High Value Detainee Interrogation Group, which includes strongmen from the FBI, CIA, and DOD.

Presently, the suspect is said to be in serious condition held at a heavily guarded Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and interestingly, unable to talk as a result of “injuries to the throat”, as Federal prosecutors await their chance to interview him.

It is not clear as yet, whether or not, or when the suspect will be allowed a lawyer present during questioning.

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  • They are sure scared of letting this kid have his day in court, aren’t they?!?

  • Harold Smith

    Clearly, traitors McCain and Graham don’t want the surviving “suspect” to have any say in the matter. How much more obvious can they make it?

  • Essential Intel

    McCain and Graham are making fools of themselves. The feds already blew the boy’s throat and tongue away. Even if he recovers somehow, they’ll come up with a way to paralyze his hands so he won’t be able to write anything. Torturing him is physically impossible in these conditions. He’s clinically dead and will remain so at least untill the dust settles later on.

  • Bernd Miller

    One possibility of the Boston bombing is likely an act against one part of the government by another! Listen to what a retired Lieutenant Colonel has to say:

  • Thebes42

    IF there is evidence against this kid, why has it not been released?

    Supposedly there is video of him planting the bomb. That was never released, only pictures of him carrying a backpack.

    Supposedly he shot at police, threw bombs at them, and ran over his own brother in front of them. There would be police dash-cam video of all of that. None of it has been released.

    Yet, I have seen youtube video showing that the older brother was taken by police, alive, naked and apparently uninjured.

    Yet, I have seen photos showing a Craft International Team (think special forces Blackwater) at the very scene of the bombing just minutes before it happened. Afterwards one Craft member was waving around a radiation detector. When the FBI’s bomb squad arrived on scene, they first pulled up to The Craft’s Em-Comm SUV and spoke with them.
    I have also seen video showing the younger brother, without assistance, standing and walking out of the boat. He had supposedly been shot in the neck, yet there was no blood on his shirt or face. He has supposedly also shot himself in the head in a suicide attempt, but again that is clearly contrary to him walking around without blood on himself.

    I can’t say what really happened, but something about this is horribly wrong. We are being lied to in substantial ways, while the Political Class is attempting to use the official narrative to promulgate new restrictions upon American Society.

    If the government is to maintain any credibility they must release reasonable evidence supporting their story. As it stands, their story is contrary to what publicly available evidence we currently have.

  • Miss Lindsey Graham, DRAFT DODGER, wants YOU to go to war.

    I just want to remind you of what a COWARD John McCain really is …..
    Back in 2000, in South Carolina, the robocalls–and calls to local right-wing talk radio shows–were about John McCain’s “interracial child” and Cindy McCain’s drug addiction. They were a craven, disgusting tactic by the George W. Bush campaign. Bush did not just spit in McCain’s face, Bush spit all over McCain’s WIFE’S face.
    Instead of punching-out Bush,COWARD McCain groveled and supported Bush.
    Now McCain runs around wanting to start all sorts of WARS,
    I suggest McCrazy go finish HIS OWN WAR.
    McCain was caught up in the Keating 5 scandal in the 80’s and
    looked to be thrown out of Congress and potentially put in jail.
    Amazingly, since then he’s been a consistent stooge for all
    aspects of globalism, most notably Empire and illegal alien
    importation. Of course, he got a minimal wrist slap for his
    role in the S&L corruption.
    What a coincidence! No, what a useful & obedient tool.
    His conduct gives credence to the numerous claims that McCain was a “JailHouse SNITCH” in Hanoi.