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You Need to be Watching What is Developing in Spain Right Now

Gregory White 
Business Insider
May 21, 2011

Protests have been raging in Spain since Sunday, May 15. The one we’ve been seeing pictures of is in Madrid, in the famous Puerta del Sol. But there were protests in 60 different locations on Sunday, and they’re still raging in different parts of the country.

ARAB SPRING REACHES IBERIA: Protests are mushrooming in Spain as gov't clamps down on free speech.

The center of the movement is very much Puerta del Sol, where protesters are now camping out overnight just like they did in Tahrir Square in Egypt. The protesters claim they will stay in the square until after regional elections this Sunday, according to Der Spiegel. The protest movement has been declared illegal by the government, over fears it may influence the result of the elections. The traditional media is allegedly under-covering the story…




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