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Celente Solution: The 21st Century ‘Global Game Changer’

Gerald Celente
Aug 3, 2011

KINGSTON, NY -After reading the newly-released SummerTrends Journal, no responsible journalist will be able, in good conscience, to paint Gerald Celente again as a purveyor of “Pessimism Porn,” a “gloom and doomer,” or an “alarmist.”

Celente will continue to make clear that “Happy Days” will not soon be here again. He will continue to explain that, budget deal notwithstanding, no future Fed quick fixes or DC schemes can reverse the “Greatest Depression”-bound economy. No bipartisan miracle will eliminate the budget or trade deficit, restore the dollar to its former glory, or bring back jobs lost to China, India, Mexico, etc.

Europe’s financial crisis is equally critical. And the EU, IMF and ECB rescue policies will prove as ineffective as America’s. Those warnings are not “alarmism” or “pessimism” ­ they are just a matter of drawing logical conclusions from hard facts and incontrovertible data.

Nevertheless, even with a major economic collapse ahead of us, Celente is convinced there is a basis for expecting positive global outcomes in the long-term. The potential “Game Changer” lies in a widespread recognition that the Industrial Revolution mindset and policies will not, and cannot, work in a 21st century world.

“It’s not just Model T economics that’s outmoded, so are our approaches to education, healthcare, politics and, yes, the military,” says Celente. “The old adage ‘Generals fight the last war’ is as valid as ever. While the technology may have changed, the mindset hasn’t. The conviction that brute force can prevail in an occupied country defended by guerilla combatants has proven a multi-trillion dollar, decade-long failure. Yet even as old wars drag on with no victory in sight, new wars are started such as ‘Operation Odyssey Dawn’ launched against Libya five months ago, a ‘kinetic military action’ that was supposed to end in ‘day’s, not weeks.’ “

Celente Solution: Direct Democracy “The government/political ‘system’ in place in America, and throughout much of the world, is obsolete and irreparable. The inept generals masterminding lost-cause wars are mirrored by warring senators and representatives in Congress. Anyone who watched weeks of the Washington Wrestling Federation’s (WWF) Reality Show, ‘Beltway Battle Over the Budget,’ and still trusts the judgment of politicians, is either delusional or ideologically trapped,” says Celente.

Yet, it is an undeniable fact that 535 elected members of Congress, despite their incompetence, pass laws that control the lives of over 300,000,000 citizens. “The problem isn’t just in the numbers,” says Celente, “it’s that the ‘Gang of 535′ represents lobbyists and campaign contributors, not the constituents they claim to represent. ‘Representative Democracy’ is a cruel sham; it’s neither ‘representative’ nor ‘democratic,’ and people are getting wise to it. Polls show that only 17 percent of likely US voters say the country is heading in the right direction, while 46 percent believe most members of Congress are corrupt.

“In those beliefs rest the possibility for change, real change, not Obama-change. As Victor Hugo put it, ‘There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.’ I believe that ‘idea’ is Direct Democracy, and I believe that the time has come for the entire world to wrest power from the hands of ruling political mobs and put it into the hands of the public. ‘Let the people vote!’ ”

Can Direct Democracy really work? It does in Switzerland! But is it a viable, realistic substitute for the many representative democracies, which, in practice, are not democratic at all? Or would it lead to mob rule?

Can Direct Democracy really be “The Global Game Changer”? For the inside scoop on the trend that is already generating a wave of international interest and for insights on many other mega-trends featured in the SummerTrends Journal, you’ll want to interview Gerald Celente.

Trends guru Gerald Celente has been right more times than anyone else 

To schedule an interview with Gerald Celente, Trends Journal publisher, please contact: Zeke West, Media Relations, [email protected] 331.3500 ext. 1

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