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MIDTERM WARNING: We Are Being Set-up for Another Fake War

Sporting the traditional department-issued pearl necklace and looking ever worse for wear: the USA’s unofficial War Secretary.

21st Century Wire

August 11, 2010

Editor’s Note: As autumn gradually rolls around and US midterm elections just ahead, we are hearing the tell-tale beats of the war drum repeatedly throughout the US media. Iran is clearly a target of the US and Israel in their bid to up the stakes and add a third theatre to the current global war on terror, flanked by Pakistan and North Korea (Russia and Venezuela also getting some minor airtime).

The war drums have been banging for Iran for quite some time now and recent intensity indicates that a bombing raid may be months, if not weeks away. Overstating Iran as a nuclear threat will unfortunately suffice in US opinion polls. Watch this space.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has added another dimension to this latest chapter of the fabled New American Century, as she takes the Vietnamese side in their current dispute with China over a set of small islands in the South China Sea. Clinton claims that these islands are “in the US national interest”.

Are they really? America, much less the world, cannot affort another multi-front conflict. Trends Research director Gerald Celente explains in clear English why Clinton and the rest of Washington are blowing rather dangerous hot air…

In case you are baffled by current events, Gerald Celente lays it on the line.

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