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EXCLUSIVE: The Roots of U.S. Corruption in Ukraine – Interview with Andriy Derkach

Patrick Henningsen | A stunning account of US influence and corruption in Ukraine, the fate of Zelensky, and new revelations about the Nord Stream sabotage.

New Study: Cable News Viewers Have More Hawkish Views on Israel’s War on Gaza War

21WIRE | A new survey on media consumption shows why Americans are so polarised on the issue of Israel and Palestine.

SES and Intelsat Join Forces to Compete With Starlink

21WIRE | Will Starlink maintain its monopoly on satellite internet?

Bucking the Trend: Can Ukraine Avoid Its Path Into Oblivion?

Arnaud Develay | The link between Burisma and terrorism has now been made, but will US officials act to avert a looming disaster?

Episode #503 – ‘War Pigs & Cash Cows’ with Patrick Henningsen, Basil Valentine, Hesher

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

VIDEO: Inside the (Disingenuous) ‘Disinformation’ Industry

21WIRE | Government and Soros-funded censorship and the dangerous authoritarian operatives playing god on the internet.

Russia Asks UN to Consider Sanctions Against Israel

21WIRE | More foreign officials are beginning to call for sanctions on Israel.

U.S. Pleads With Iran Allow a ‘Symbolic Strike’ By Israel – But Iran Refuses

21WIRE | Still, US officials say Tel Aviv has not yet briefed the Pentagon on its ‘final decision.

Scott Ritter: ‘The Missiles of April’

Scott Ritter | Make no mistake: what happened over the weekend represents a sea-change moment in Middle East and world geopolitics.

Kim Iversen Talks to Patrick Henningsen About Russia, Ukraine, and the Problem with Israel

Kim Iversen Show | An in-depth and candid discussion on US foreign policy and what it will take to avoid WWIII.

Israel Confirms Key Airbase Was Damaged by Iranian Strike

21WIRE | Despite denials by the Israel about the success of Iran’s operation, there is plenty of footage across social media showing numerous Iranian missiles hitting their targets.

Episode #502 – ‘A New Middle East?’ with guest Elijah Magnier

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

INTERVIEW: Medea Benjamin – ‘Gate Crashing The War Party’

TNT Radio | Gate crashing another one of Washington’s pro-genocide confabs.

INTERVIEW: Benjamin Rubinstein – ICJ: Nicaragua vs Germany (Guess Who Wins)

TNT Radio | Tragically, Germany hasn’t learned its lessons from history.

INTERVIEW: Dustin Stockton – 2024 Election Change-Ups, Curveballs

TNT Radio | First rule: expect the unexpected.

INTERVIEW: Leila Hatoum – How Will Iran Respond to Israel’s Attack?

TNT Radio | As Israel attempts to draw the US into conflict with Iran, we ask: what’s next for the region?

INTERVIEW: Joseph Arthur’s New Gaza Track: ‘Father’s Cry’

TNT Radio | Recording artist talks about the state of the world and his evocative new song.

INTERVIEW: US Senate Candidate Diane Sare on Biden, Ukraine and Israel

TNT Radio | What will it take to bring the country back in line with common sense foreign policy?

SPOTLIGHT: Biden’s Gaza Disaster & Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity

Patrick Henningsen | The real agenda behind Israel’s murder of western aid workers in Gaza.

Biden vs Trump: Who is the Harbinger of WWIII?

David Woo | Biden or Trump: who will bring us closer to Armageddon?

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