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The End of Covid – An education to end every pandemic.

We’re excited to announce the new “free replay” period which starts on October 1st. Get over 100 hours of content, covering every aspect of the “pandemic.” Sign up by clicking here or on the graphic and text below and stream it for free through October 11th.

Sign Up Here for The End of COVID


Sign up to attend “The End of COVID” – an education to end every pandemic. If you’ve been listening to our recent Sunday Wire shows, you’ll know that tomorrow is the launch of The End of Covid – an unprecedented virtual online heath education event to help close the curtains on the pseudo pandemic. With 90 sessions, this event will covering just about every aspect of what has happened over the past three years, as well as the longterm ‘global public health’ fraud led by the WHO and Big Pharma which set the stage for the whole Covid farrago in 2020. This event will also blow to lid off the dodgy science surrounding virology, ‘gain of function’ science fiction, and exposing the myths which underpin ‘germ theory’ of disease. With dozens of top presenters, including 21WIRE’s own Patrick Henningsen, and many of your favorite Sunday Wire guests like Steve Falconer, Dr. Mark Bailey, and Dr. Andrew Kaufman, this is an event not to be missed – set up like an online course, complete with lectures and learning modules. “The End of Covid” will bring together cutting edge (real) science presentations, interviews, and roundtable discussions with some of the top people in their respective fields. Because of the tremendous impact this information will have on the path of future pandemics, the creators of The End of Covid are giving everyone FREE access to the whole library of interviews and presentations for 22 days. After that, you can then get permanent access by giving your donation to this incredible project. So far, over 50,000 people have already signed up to watch The End of Covid!


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