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NATO Member Romania Refutes Kiev’s Claim About Russian Missiles Crossing Into Its Airspace

This isn’t the first time a lie was hatched out of Kiev and then promulgated by the US, UK, and EU media in order to push NATO and Russia closer to war. 

If you remember, back in November 2022, Associated Press was forced to retract a fake story planted by one of their reporters – a story which set-off serious war alarms at the time, as US and British politicians and media began invoking the possibly of NATO triggering Article 5, and a countdown to WWIII.

The fake mainstream story alleged that an anonymous ‘senior US intelligence official’ had said that Russian missiles “crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people.” Of course, the story turned out to be completely false.

AP then fired this supposed low-level reporter (although some suspect, and rightly so, that this reporter could also have been more closely involved than merely on a journalistic level).

The story was then taken down the following day, with an editor’s note saying the story was false and that “subsequent reporting showed that the missiles were Russian-made and most likely fired by Ukraine [air defense missiles] in defense against a Russian attack.”

So the missiles turned out to be Ukrainian, not Russian.

This week was a near replay of that scenario, with Romania denying Ukrainian and western media claims that Russian missiles has crossed the country’s airspace during a major offensive against Ukrainian military targets.

The recklessness of both the Zelensky regime in Kiev and its western media counterparts is equally as dangerous as last year’s fake AP story.

Déjà vu…

IMAGE: Launching a Kalibr high-precision ship-based land attack cruise missile (Source: Russian Defence Ministry/TASS)

RT International reports…

Ukraine’s top military official has accused Russia of launching two missiles over NATO member Romania as well as over Moldova. Bucharest and Chisinau have acknowledged there was an airspace violation in Moldova but not in Romania.

Valery Zaluzhny, the commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s armed forces, claimed that two Kalibr cruise missiles fired by a Russian warship in the Black Sea had passed through Ukrainian airspace, then crossed into Moldova and later Romania, before re-entering Ukraine. The reported incident happened on Friday morning amid an alleged barrage of Russian airstrikes.

Moldova’s defense ministry said a missile had entered Moldovan airspace near the town of Mocra in the breakaway region of Transnistria. The time of the alleged violation coincided with that which Zaluzhny reported.

The ministry said the projectile crossed back into Ukraine over the town of Cosauti in the Soroca district. Cosauti is located about 120 kilometers from the point where the borders of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania meet.

While the statement did not attribute the missile to Russia, the Moldovan foreign ministry did point the finger at Moscow. It stated it had summoned the Russian ambassador in Chisinau, Oleg Vasnetsov, to protest the violation of the country’s airspace.

The Romanian Defense Ministry however, denied the claim that its airspace had been violated. It reported tracking a missile launch from a Russian warship near Crimea that briefly traversed Moldovan airspace before re-entering Ukraine. The missile’s trajectory was no closer than 35 kilometers from the Romanian border, the statement said. The military briefly diverted two MiG-21 from a NATO air patrol mission, it added.

The Russian government did not immediately comment on the claims.

In mid-November, senior officials in Kiev accused Russia of deliberately striking Polish territory during a missile attack on targets in Ukraine. Two civilians were killed in a border village during the incident. President Vladimir Zelensky urged “collective action” against Russia.

Warsaw later said that the projectile was most likely a Ukrainian anti-aircraft interceptor. Ukraine doubled down on the allegations, though Zelensky then admitted he was not “100% sure” who the rocket belonged to.

Moscow stressed that images of the border village crash site clearly identified the projectile as a Ukrainian S-300 air defense missile.

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