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Expensive Psy-Op: U.S. Finds Another $44 Billion for Ukraine

Note From Glenn Greenwald

On the show for which we are posting the transcript below, we reported on and examined Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s live speech to the U.S. Congress to demand more and more and more U.S. money and weapons be sent to him.

Zelensky spoke, and demanded more U.S. support, all as Congress was already preparing to approve yet another massive expenditure, this time $44 billion to fuel the War in Ukraine, bringing the total to about $100 billion in just ten months. Why? Are American citizens benefiting from any of this? And does that even matter anymore?

For our Interview segment, we spoke to one of the nation’s premier investigative journalists, Lee Fang, who reported last week’s installment of the Twitter Files showing that Twitter is actively partnering with the Pentagon to disseminate propaganda, fake news, and even fake profiles on its platform.

We’ll spoke to him about the implications of that story, as well as a blockbuster story he reported in late October about how Homeland Security has aggressively expanded its partnership with Big Tech to censor the Internet.

Watch this episode of System Update: 

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