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Dr. Kevin Corbett on COVID and HIV: ‘We’re Falsifying the Hypothesis’

The following is a conversation with Dr. Kevin Corbett from UK, who is a PhD qualified nurse, health scientist, and private researcher. He was one of the first to call fraud on COVID-19 back in 2020, with his research backed up by extensive professional experiences in areas such as clinical nursing and academic medicine – all of which has allowed him to see the parallels of the current COVID ‘pandemic’ and the HIV/AIDS crisis which preceded it. 

In the interviewer Dr. Sam Bailey from New Zealand talks with Dr. Corbett about:

  • Working in the first HIV-AIDS hospital in the UK and meeting its patron Princess Diana
  • Exactly how “pandemics” can be invented with new tests like PCR and Antigen/Lateral Flow tests
  • How fear based narratives influence people and ushers in experimental ‘public health’ protocols
  • Why pharmaceuticals can be a death sentence
  • Why “evidence based medicine” is actually destroying quality healthcare
  • The corruption of medical journals and his involvement in the Eurosurveillance Corman-Drosten retraction paper

All this and more. Watch: 

Find his website here: https://kevinpcorbett.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KPCResearch

Also, for additional background on this subject watch Viral Delusion with Dr. Kevin Corbett.

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