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UKC News: US Midterm Aftermath, Zelenky Begs American People for Cash, BBC Gaslighting

The US Midterms are still in progress as states like Arizona are struggling to perform the most basic electoral functions – like counting ballots. Chaos has ensued, as candidates and the media search for answers and solutions to this perennial problem. President seemed pleased that his party wasn’t completely crushed by a ‘red wave’, and is vowing to maintain the status quo (however based it might be), while Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis won a historic landslide win, nailing his freedom agenda to the mast for another 4 years. One person who is nervous is Kiev’s premier Vaudeville act, President Zelensky – now the Republicans are taking control of the US House of Representatives and threatening to cut off his fortnightly billion-dollar welfare cheque. In the UK, the government and BBC are worried that their propaganda model is failing, and are poised to dump yet more money into the hot new state-funded gravy train ‘counter disinformation’, where scapegoating their own public (and The Russians!) seems to be the only route to avoiding blame for their own policy and institutional failures. All this and more.

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with the end of week news round-up. Watch:

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