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Arizona: Democrat-run Elections Descend Into Turmoil As Voting Machines Mysteriously Malfunction

Well, that didn’t take very long, did it.

Voting got off to a very bad start this morning in Arizona’s largest region, Maricopa County, as reports of widespread problems with voting tabulation machines began pouring in.

Apparently, the tabulators machines, including those made by the notorious firm Dominion Systems, could not count voters’ ballots.

Of the county’s 223 voting locations, approximately 60 of sites had problems with the vote counting machines as soon as the polls opened this morning. The unlikely “glitch” is said to be affecting some 20% of the county’s polling stations.

Critics are accusing the state’s Democrat election officials at the very least of gross incompetence, and at worst – a clear case of voter suppression, due to the long wait times and interruptions resulting from the mysterious breakdown of machines – many of which are located in areas with a high concentration of Republican voters.

“After people have voted (their ballot), they try to run them through the tabulator, and they’re not going through,” said a nervous Board of Supervisors Chairman, Bill Gates.

In Arizona, voters also have the option of placing their ballot in a secure box to be tabulated later, although it’s understood that those votes may have to wait days, or longer even, before those votes are finally counted.

As it turns out, the Democrat in charge of these elections happens to also be running for governor, Katie Hobbs who is the current Secretary of State for Arizona. The controversial Hobbs, currently trailing in the polls behind Republican Kari Lake, was also accused of incompetence two weeks earlier after some 6,000 bogus ballot were mailed out to 6,000 residents. However, that scandal has not stopped Hobbs from recusing herself from her duties during the election.

After today’s voting machine debacle, many Arizona residents are suspecting foul play by Democrat election officials. This wouldn’t be the first time Arizona’s elections and voting counting has come into serious question. In 2020, Arizona found itself as one the country’s key swing states in deciding the election. Overnight, chaos ensued, as the state’s election officials suddenly found themselves unable to perform the basic task of counting votes, as they dragged the results of the 2020 Presidential Election for days, and into the following week – fueling speculation of systemic election fraud. In the end, Democrat Joe Biden was finally declared the winner over the incumbent President Donald J. Trump – by a mere 10,500 votes. Following this disaster, the corporate media and the Democratic Party began attacking anyone who questioned the integrity of Arizona’s dodgy election proceedings by calling them an “election denier.”

Fox News’ Alicia Acuna reports on Maricopa County, Arizona officials confirming problems with vote tabulators. Watch: 

Arizona Central reports…

Voters were quick to share their frustration. Josh Erb, who tried to vote at the Mountain Park Health Center Baseline Clinic in south Phoenix, said he’ll need to come back to the same site once he gets off work.

“They said that we can slide it in the machine, but I don’t want to risk it,” Erb said. “If it’s not working, I’m not going to place my vote.”

Sandra Tufel went to cast her ballot at the Queen Creek Library about 7 a.m. and encountered the tabulator issue.

“People weren’t happy,” she said. “I’m going to have to trust the system and trust my ballot will be counted. It was a frustrating experience.”

UPDATE: Maricopa Country election officials claim to have identified the problem: “Maricopa County has identified the solution for the tabulation issues at about 60 Vote Centers. County technicians have changed the printer settings, which seems to have resolved this issue. It appears some of the printers were not producing dark enough timing marks on the ballots. This solution has worked at 17 locations, and technicians deployed throughout the county are working to resolve this issue at the remaining locations,” the county said in a statement.


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