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Taiwan Snubbed By US Defense Firm As Orders Are Redirected to Ukraine

Despite US war hawks egging-on Taiwan to prepare for war with its neighbor China, officials in Taipei have now been snubbed by US defense giant Lockheed Martin, who were instructed by Washington to shelve Taiwan’s howitzer gun order for 2003, and instead redirect arms supplies to Zelensky.

As a result of being downgraded by US, Taiwan is now weighing up other options for purchasing their much-needed military supplies. Incredibly, the US has pushed back the estimated delivery date for Taiwan’s order of 40 howitzer gun systems… to 2026.

Not surprisingly, this story is being gingerly avoided by most US media outlets who are currently preoccupied with promoting Biden’s latest ‘blank check’ round of funding to Kiev, as Washington signs-off on an incredible $33 billion funding tranche to Zelensky.

RT International reports…

Taipei’s $750 million order was “crowded out” of US production lines, delaying delivery to 2026 at the soonest, rather than starting in 2023 as planned, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense said on Monday. As a result, the ministry is looking at other available weapons systems, such as truck-based rocket launchers produced by Lockheed Martin Corp., to fill the void and will submit a budget proposal once a decision has been made.

Taiwan is trying to modernize its military with precision and long-range weaponry to fend off a possible attack by mainland China, which considers the republic to be a breakaway province. The artillery order was approved last year, making it Taiwan’s first arms deal with the US since President Joe Biden took office, and it was to include 40 155mm M109A6 self-propelled “Paladin” howitzer systems. It also covered related equipment, such as support vehicles and precision guidance kits.

Biden’s administration has ramped up the delivery of heavy weapons, including howitzers, to Ukraine to help Kiev repel Russian forces. Washington has pledged 90 howitzers and 140,000 rounds of 155mm ammunition to Kiev as part of about $15 billion in promised weaponry. Biden is seeking lawmaker approval for $33 billion in additional aid to Ukraine.

Can the US really afford to fight two, or three, major proxy wars simultaneously?

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