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Novak Djokovic Arrested, Detained Again in Australian Immigration Facility

MELBOURNE, Australia — After winning his visa appeal case in the Australian courts, the world’s number one tennis player Novac Djokovic was arrested and taken into custody by the country’s Border Force.

Following his court victory last week, the world’s top professional tennis player was arrested for refusing to comply with the country’s mandatory vaccination rule.

It is believed that Djokovic’s previous court victory had publicly embarrassed Australia on the global stage, and so angry ministers vowed to take revenge against the “anti-vaxxer” Serbian athlete.

The second visa hearing is set to take place on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. Melbourne time.

Djokovic, who came to Australia to defend his Australian Open tennis title, will now be forced to further languish in custody while he awaits yet another court hearing over the status of his visa – held in the same hotel he had triumphantly left before.

Australia’s immigration minister Alan Hawke is claiming that the ‘unvaccinated’ 20-time Grand Slam winner somehow poses ‘a risk to public health’ and ‘public order’ as his presence in the country risks encouraging ‘anti-vaccine sentiment’ among the Australian public.

Lawyers for Djokovic believe the cancellation of his visa is “irrational.”

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Djokovic had previously obtained a valid visa to play in the tournament based on proof of prior recovery from an infection. But Australian bureaucrats unilaterally squashed his legal visa status, forcing the world-class athlete to miss his pre-event training while he was being detained in an immigration ‘hotel’ detention center for almost a week. Following his release last week, fans celebrated and breathed a sigh of relief that world’s top player would be allowed to compete in the tournament.

It is believed that vindictive minister Alex Hawke could not accept the possibility that Djokovic, one of the only players in his sport to refuse the experimental gene-based pharmaceutical injection, might win the tournament and become an inspirational role model of health freedom for millions around the world.

“I consider that Mr. Djokovic’s presence in Australia may pose a health risk to the Australian community, in that his presence in Australia may foster anti-vaccination sentiment” said Hawke.

However, Hawke was forced to admit that he didn’t even read Djokovic’s case file because “I’m not medically trained,” and that the player’s recovering Covid status poses only a “negligible” risk to others.


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