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Mark Crispin Miller: How to Identify, Understand and Dissect COVID Propaganda

When it comes to examining the impact of COVID-19 policies, rules and restrictions, it is best to view this through the lens of propaganda. Never before in human history have we seen such weaponized information warfare tactics deployed globally and for such an extended period of time. “Freedom” was suddenly redefined as something you must ‘win back’ through compliance to government diktats. This could not have been achieved without the help of dutiful practitioners in mainstream media journalists, the corporate managerial class, and academia.

This phenomenon can partially be explained in UK university lecturer Colin Alexander‘s 10 “golden rules” of propaganda. His advice: “First, appeal to the instincts rather than the reason of the audience, and second, build around a slogan. Then repeat, repeat, repeat.”

For an even broader perspective we can look to Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University. Propaganda is a key focus of his work, and in this informative interview he lays out the full scope and scale of the COVID-19 and vaccine propaganda leviathan, and how the new authoritarianism is being cultivated by the political left and the woke agenda. Watch: 

Mark Crispin Miller serves on the board of Alliance For Human Research Protection: https://ahrp.org

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