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NYC Elite Private Schools Go Full Bio-Fascist to Stop Alleged ‘Omicron Threat’

One of the more salient revelations in any crisis can be found when observing which sections of society exhibit the most zealotry in advocating for authoritarian rules and regulations. In the case of COVID-19, it appears that the middle and upper classes – those with the highest level of formal education – are leading the charge in demanding more harsh authoritarian measures which they believe will protect them and their children from the virus.

By contrast, vaccination rates are often much lower among ethnic minorities and the working class.

It should be no surprise then, that New York’s wealthy families are now demanding full bio-fascist policies be implemented in private schools, and that their children received regular doses of the experimental mRNA gene therapy injection – even though these children are statistically at zero risk of ever getting ill from COVID…

New York Post reports…

The city’s top private schools are bracing for COVID upheaval with classes set to resume next week amid a surge in cases.

Elite bastions including Spence and Horace Mann are implementing new vaccine mandates, specifying acceptable mask types and requiring negative COVID-19 to for kids to return to school.

Spence canceled classes Monday to provide parents a free day for kids to get tested.

“I realize how challenging a no-school call can be for families, and I appreciate your support and understanding,” wrote Spence chief Bodie Brizendine in a letter to families. “For all of us this is about staying safe and staying in school, and this is the best possible option for both.

The Collegiate School in Manhattan is joining other city private schools in requiring eligible students to get fully vaccinated — and boosted — to remain eligible for enrollment.

The school is also mandating that students get a negative COVID-19 test at the beginning of each week in order to come to class.

Collegiate is increasing student testing each week and updated its masking policy…

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