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CREATIVE CHAOS: 2022 Trends and Predictions from 21WIRE

21st Century Wire

Looking forward into the New Year, here are some predictions and trends to look out for.

In last year’s Trends and Predictions for 2021, we identified a number of breaking trends and global developments – some of which accelerated to become the biggest stories of the year. Other subjects we flagged-up are still fluid situations today and will continue well into 2022 and beyond. Note that 2021 was the year the so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ were vindicated across the board (yes, they were right about most major aspects of the pseudo pandemic), and that trend will continue onwards.

We see a lot of trends continuing to move into 2022: the continued rise of alternative media, coupled with the increasing draconian political censorship efforts by governments and Big Tech. Also, look for the continued flight of users away from social media giants like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – again fuelled by corporate fascist censorship, as users migrate to other platforms like Telegram, GAB, Odysee and Rumble.

On the other technology front, we see the emergence of a real virtual Matrix, known as the Metaverse, led by Mark Zuckerberg. Also, 5G networks are being rapidly deployed now with little regard to public safety, and paving the way for the Internet of Things and Internet of Bodies, all coming into view now.

Also, expect more sabre rattling by the US and UK against China, which is already being used to trigger a renewed military, space and cyber arms race. And with inflation hitting hard, and fiat currencies being intentionally devalued, the potential for a massive disruption in the financial markets and a cascading global financial collapse is omnipresent.

More importantly, as the great awakening gains momentum and the official narrative continues to fray at the seams, expect the globalist establishment to get increasingly desperate in enacting their unpopular technocratic policies – or risk completely losing face, and losing power. All of this sets the scene for creative chaos on both sides of this transforming paradigm.

So here it is a snapshot of some of the good, the bad and the ugly we see coming down the pipeline in 2022…

Lockdown Redux? – As the OMICRON invasion fizzles out, the big question on everyone’s mind is: will the totalitarians and quislings in government continue with their failed lockdown measures into the new year? The answer is most certainly yes, although not in every country. This depends on local opinion polls and other indicators of public anger. However, there are still plenty of largely compliant populations who will not challenge ‘The Science’ claims of their government and fall into line with the latest state-sponsored fear campaign. It feels like this will be a long, chaotic and confusing year on the Covid policy front.

Variants of Concern – One thing is certain though: they are running out of viable letters in the Greek alphabet for which to name their new “variants of concern.” After Omicron is the letter Pi, and at the end is Omega. Without the marketing and promotion of endless variants, then the endless pandemic would come to an abrupt end. It is unlikely that government regimes and their new pandemic industrial complex will let go of this lucrative treasure trove that easily – not when the money is this good. Watch as the media and public health mavens invent the next big variant, but then watch as it becomes a running joke – as more people are no longer under their hypnotic spell.

Booster Mania – Despite the complete unworkability of the official COVID mythology, governments and their bosses in the pharmaceutical industrial complex will continue going hell for leather in pushing their experimental mRNA booster jabs. As long as they can claim there’s a new variant on the loose – then they will keep pumping out experimental products to the public, paid for by the state. And the less effective the boosters are in achieving the unattainable holy grail of ‘Zero Covid’, the harder governments will be trying to push them on to the public. Yes, it’s counter intuitive, but government officials have now painted themselves into an unholy corner by relying solely on the fraudulent use of an “Emergency Use Authorization” status to legitimise the experimental gene-jabs. So expect Booster Mania to continue, including in the Netherlands where the government now wants their population to be jabbed with no less than 6 injections in order to save them from the wily Dutch version of the novel coronavirus. Endless boosters for an endless pandemic. Watch them go for it, and lose all credibility in the process.

Collapse of the COVID Narrative – If you listen closely now, you will see that the rats have already started to jump ship from their previously unassailable pandemic narrative. ‘Public health’ actors are now in full retreat on a number of key fronts: the myth of the asymptomatic spread, the non-diagnostic PCR Test, previous claims that the vaccine would stop infections and transmissions of the virus, the targeting of young children with experimental jabs, and their sacred COVID death toll. It’s clear that Dr Fauci and the CDC director, as well as their cohort in Britain and the EU – have now lost control of their tangled COVID and vaccine narratives. Listen closely and you will even hear this clown troupe saying that ‘people misinterpreted’ the vaccine’s effectiveness.’ In other words: the jab doesn’t seem to work (in their own words, not ours). For this reason, 2022 is going to be a trying time, as the pandemic grifters refuse let go of their golden goose so easily.

US Midterm Elections – Expect a major realignment in US politics come November, as Americans reject the radical Left’s woke agenda, and the fanatical pandemic and vaccine policies which continue to disrupt society and the economy. Republicans will likely win majorities in both the House and Senate, giving the GOP major momentum over a struggling Democrat Party going into the much anticipated 2024 Presidential election. However, this result will not go down well for angry leftist mobs who will likely begin rioting immediately after the results are announced, pillaging and plundering their way through Democratic-run cities right through to early December.

Backlash: Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports – For years, athletic administrators have cowered in fear when presented with the obvious conundrum of allowing trans women (biological males who identify as female) to compete in competitive female sports. The issue came to a head in the summer of 2021 when a biological male from New Zealand known as Laurel Hubbard, 43 yrs-old, was given a spot on the country’s women’s weightlifting team at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. In the end, Hubbard bottled it and could not complete the required lifts. But this unprecedented development has definitely raised the profile of this issue, and has exposed just how warped the Olympic Committee had become that it would allow biological males to compete against biological females in high-level sporting events. But the folly reached its zenith in the fall of 2021 when a biological male, known as Lia Thomas, decided to switch from the University of Pennsylvania’s men’s NCAA swimming team – over to the women’s swimming team for the 2021-2022 season. The muscular Thomas is now on course to shatter many of the national women’s NCAA swimming records. The situation is so outrageous that it’s finally shaking loose the liberal omerta which has, up to now, prevented women and other critics from voicing their disapproval of this crazy situation – raising legitimate concerns as to how this type of pandering to identity politics and ‘social justice’ lobbies can potentially destroy women’s sports forever. Now that the spotlight is on this story, a groundswell of opposition is forming, and it appears that 2022 will be the year this insane policy will finally be challenged, and could even be reversed in some regional and institutional organisations.

Crumbling Climate Hysteria – Greta’s big challenge in the new year will be to rekindle the global warming (aka ‘climate change’) narrative which was crowded-out over the last two years by the almighty Coroni. Things have been rough for the angry Swede and the climate cult, having to compete against Covid-19 for the top eschatological end times narrative of this young 21st century. The other problem here is that this pseudo pandemic opened the door to the pseudo science world of computer modelling a la Neil Ferguson and the unaccountable world of epidemiology science fiction. As a result, intelligent punters are beginning to work out that the entire climate change end times narrative is based on this same type of fictional computer modelling – used by the UN’s illustrious IPCC which claims to be able to predict the entire planetary weather system in 10, 20, 50 or 100 years time. As this house of cards continues to collapse, expect climate zealots and Neo-Malthusians to double-down on their Schwabian tales of fire and brimstone, and the Green New Deal utopia narrative. The more the MSM and establishment try to ram the climate hysteria down the throats of the public, the more skeptics will increase in numbers, exposing an increasingly incoherent postmodernist deception and new secular religion designed to disguise a global wealth and power-grab by a self-appointed elite technocrat caste.

Climate Lockdowns – Will the globalist elites try to push the idea of climate lockdowns in 2022? This is really the endgame for the WEF’s Great Reset social engineering project. They may begin floating the idea this year, but it’s going to be a really hard sell to implement it, for now. The ease in with which the public fell for the COVID-19 lockdown deception has no doubt encouraged globalists that they might be able to pull the same move under the guise of supposedly ‘tackling’ an imaginary climate crisis. By way of COVID, the Davos high committee has already achieved one of their biggest objectives – crushing a large portion of global air travel. Using the boiling frogs metaphor, then it’s more likely that ‘climate black-outs’ could be sold to the public – marketed as something akin to a religious feast or holiday where we can all join in collective sacrifice and pay tribute to St Greta and Gaia. But it wouldn’t stop there. Watch for an increase in the usual hyperbolic ‘extreme weather’ stories in the media, expressly designed to push more aggressive Carbon Tax initiatives and other ‘green’ control measures, none of which will apply to jet-setting oligarchs and elites. Remember, we’re all in this together, right? 

Rise of a Global Fascist Technocracy – Tragically, we are seeing the re-emergence of corporativist fascism at a government level – currently led by Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, and further afield down under in Australia. What we are witnessing is nothing less than a global coup d’etat.  In order to enforce a baseless pretext for the draconian Vaccine Passport agenda, governments are ordering businesses to comply with the new totalitarian technocracy and instructing their police forces to continue abusing their populations. Technocrats have all but declared open warfare against individual and human rights, and are busy dismantling the whole concept of democracy and republican forms of government. This is largely a global trend, and being heavily pushed in the developed world. As elites continue losing control of the narrative and double-down on control measures, expect more violent confrontations with paramilitary police forces.

Vaccine Apartheid Faltering – It’s now clear that the vaccine mandates being pushed by governments are being pushed back in the courts – for the simple reason that they are illegal and unconstitutional. The only reason governments have been able to get away with this epic blag so far is that they are pumping-out the 24/7 fear propaganda and numbing the minds of the public into full compliance. While authoritarians have managed to get the ball rolling on their openly fascist agenda, they will still have trouble sustaining the blag as fears of a killer virus  subside in 2022. Look for a massive backlash against authoritarian government pushing ridiculous vaccine segregation policies – forcing these governments to backpedal.

The Fall of Fauci
– 2021 ended badly for the globalists’ pandemic poster boy and Dr Antony Fauci, with the release of Robert F Kennedy’s blockbuster new book The Real Anthony Fauci which reached the No.1 spot on Amazon’s bestseller list. By the end of this battering, Fauci’s reputation will be languishing deep in history’s sordid dumpster. Previously elevated to status of a modern day saint by the media and political elites, “America’s Doctor” appears to have massively overplayed his hand and underestimated the public’s ability to research and understand how Big Pharma has captured every key government agency in order to game the regulatory system. Moreover, Fauci is already back-pedalling on The Science of COVID, including the myth of the asymptomatic spread, the non-diagnostic PCR Test, and the lie that children were ever at risk of getting ill from COVID. Watch as the MSM begins to distance themselves from Big Pharma’s key government embed and career gatekeeper. As Fauci goes, so does Pharma….

Big Pharma in Retreat – The inevitable Fall of Fauci also means that Big Pharma will begin teetering on the edge of oblivion as well – at least in terms of their disastrous and reckless roll-out of the experimental COVID-19 mRNA gene-jab. As the data begins to pour in on vaccine adverse reactions, injuries and deaths, these modern-day snake oil barons will eventually face the sort of industry-reckoning suffered by Big Tobacco and glyphosate moguls like Monsanto. Big Pharma pushed too hard and too far this time, before cashing-in early at the expense of an unsuspecting public. But people are now waking up in large numbers, and the industry’s legal liability shield will not protect this wildly corrupt industry forever. The clock is ticking. It’s only a question of time now.

Expansion of Clown World
– The bad news is that Clown World is not going away. As the establishment increases its corruption in government and expedites globalist and transnational corporate hegemony, they will require more clowns and incompetents to fill managerial positions, and thus, Clown World will unfortunately be expanding in scope and size. Expect Clown World to colonise any remaining institutions which had previously escaped over-politicisation and woke identity politics, including healthcare, sports, and any remaining untouched sections of the military. Their goal is create dysfunction, aloofness, and to make a complete mockery and farce of democratic systems and constitutional forms of government, before making us beg for a new ‘global’ solution to the crisis of confidence they created.

De-globalisation –  In 2021, the new buzzword in politics was “The Supply Chain!” – as government and media remain true to their old script, claiming that any economic disruptions should be be blamed on Coroni.  Suddenly, everyone was muttering this previously benign term from Economics 101. “We must fix our broken supply chains! We must Build Back Better!” But COVID didn’t break any of those chains. No, it was government policy that did all of that. Whether it’s the fuel price shock, supply shortages, or staff shortages, all of these disruptions have one thing in common: they all serve the globalist objective which is to crush main street, keep people locked in their homes, and continue the ‘de-globalisation’ of certain industries, thus limiting mobility for the working and middle classes – which is all part and parcel of the Great Reset and UNSDG 2030 agenda – an agenda based on imaginary computer-modelled climate change theory.

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Conjured ‘Cyber Threats’ and Other False Flags – You know the drill by now: problem, reaction, solution. Aside from the climatist fear-mongering and the endless pandemic, the next big project for the western establishment is to create a global “cyber crisis” and usher in a new Digital ID system for most mainline internet users. To see the blue print for this next global crisis, you need look no further than Klaus Schwab’s crypto global technocracy advisor body, The World Economic Forum, who outlined this coming upheaval in its “Cyber Polygon” tabletop exercise – global chaos from some murky ‘cyber attack’ (by who? Take your pick…) followed by a “Dark Winter,” all helping to usher in Schwab’s Great Reset agenda. Get ready, it’s coming.

Biden Gets Decommissioned
– Is Joe Biden the worst US president in modern history? After just one year, the polls seem to say so. Just 12 months ago he was preaching unity, and now he is busy dividing the country, and trying to impose medical apartheid through the unprecedented federal vaccine mandate. There are just too many other failed policies and scandals to mention: the immigration disaster at the US southern border, runaway inflation, the Afghanistan debacle, and his son Hunter Biden’s seedy escapades. Add to this the fact that Biden, now 79 years old, is now physically and mentally deteriorating in full public view. It is very unlikely that Biden will run for re-election in 2024. How long until the Democrats finally move Shoeless Joe out of the White House and into retirement? By our guess, this could happen as early as Easter 2022, and likely before the 2022 midterm elections where Democrats are hoping to avoid defeat in the House and Senate elections. It’s possible. But who will replace him? It may not be VP Kamala…

Hillary’s Triumphant Return? – Just before the new year, none other than Hillary Clinton reared her head – to perform a tearful reading of her 2016 acceptance speech for the election she claims was stolen from her by Russians! Why now? Is she jockeying for position for a VP slot under Biden himself or, heaven forbid, under a President Harris? The former would mean that Kamala would have to be moved out before Biden is decommissioned. It’s like a vapid version of Game of Thrones. Either way, we are now anticipating a possible rematch between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2024.

Israel vs Iran – Back in December, it was revealed how the Israel Defense Forces held a large-scale exercise over the Mediterranean with dozens of fighter jets – simulating a strike against Iran’s nuclear program. This came as Israeli officials stepped-up their rhetoric against the Islamic Republic of Iran, including threatening to mount a unilateral military attack against Tehran. Add to this an increase in Israeli air assaults against its neighbor Syria. Another reason why this situation is sure to become more inflamed is because the notorious Israeli lobby vanguard, AIPAC, announced before Christmas that it will now begin funding US political candidates – that means that US politicians will now be competing for AIPAC endorsements and campaign funding, and successful candidates will be those persons who are the most pro-Israel and most anti-Iran and anti-Palestinian. Like it or not, that’s just the way things work in this corner of the political universe. So expect warhawks and Neocons to begin circling again, and the war drums to resume beating in 2022, as Israel tries to court more support and cash from Washington.

 War Drums: NATO vs Russia War – In addition to stepping up tension in the Middle East, western war planners are desperate to ratchet-up the prospects of war with Russia. Before the New Year, Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, warned that the Kremlin now perceives the US and its NATO allies, along with Ukraine – as stoking the war in eastern Ukraine. “The civil war in Ukraine, ongoing for eight years, is far from over …. the country’s authorities don’t intend to resolve the conflict” said Lavrov. But an all out shooting war between Russia and NATO is not practical for either side and may be too much to risk between nuclear powers. Certainly, Europe has no interest in such an outcome. At the very least, in 2022, we can expect a series of limited skirmishes and provocations by Kiev backed by London and Washington, and possibly another MH17-style false flag event, to be blamed on Russia, and then used to trigger a new round of diplomatic and economic sanctions. EDITOR’S NOTE: We were one of many who got this one wrong (alas, Russia did invade!), but then again, we always bet against the much vaunted “consensus of the intelligence community”, and we are correct at least 90% of the time. Oh, well.  In retrospect, it seems as if NATO, Poroshenko, and later Zelensky, did everything imaginable to bait Russia to take action in the Donbass, and beyond. In late February 2022, the West’s game became clear though, with the separation of the global economy and takedown of the western economies, as the globalists prep for their Great Reset. 

The Fall of Boris – It wasn’t long ago that British PM Boris Johnson came roaring into office with a giant BREXIT mandate. Oh, how times have changed, as Johnson was dealt another blow before Christmas, losing support in England’s “Red Wall” seats. The reason for this is simple: people do not believe or trust their newly woke authoritarian pandemic and climatist autocrat, who is now moonlighting as a top sales rep for the vaccine industry. He tried using COVID to channel his inner Churchill, but the gag was hardly convincing. As the people grow tired of the COVID theatre, the politicians in Westminster seem to think it’s their only path to maintaining power now and still haven’t worked out how badly they are doing on this front. By getting rid of Boris, the Establishment can release a bit of public anger associated with failed lockdowns, the “Build Back Better” debacle, vaccine fanaticism, the government’s general attack on small-to-medium size businesses, and on the peoples’ basic rights. Whether by inner party means, or through a general election, look for Boris to be jettisoned in 2022.

The Aliens – For most of 2021, mainstream media networks ran countless reports asking the question: will we finally be visited by extraterrestrials? While this is certainly a compelling line of investigation and theorizing, it may also be one big epic psy-op, and with all major active measures, timing is everything. Perhaps 2022 will be the year the Establishment unleashes the ominous ET narrative on the global population. Will it be a War of the Worlds plot, or will the aliens be carrying a deadly interstellar coronavirus causing us all to lockdown and take a few dozen more vaccines, courtesy of Bill Gates and Pfizer? Funny enough, this intergalactic narrative is extremely compatible with the Great Reset agenda. It would be the perfect ‘unifying moment’ for elites to wield the benevolent sword of global government over humanity. Just imagine. For many, this could amount to a spiritual experience and could spawn a new religious paradigm, effectively reorienting the current cultural-religious mix. If mainstream news is anything to go by, then the idea has already been seeded in the public domain now with MSM pundits enthusiastically airing stories about aliens and UFOs. What we are saying is that things can get weirder… so be prepared.

Asteroid strike – As with the Aliens, the next perfect ‘unifying threat’ would be the prospect of a giant asteroid heading towards earth. We’re told it happened before: at this impact site, known as the Chicxulub crater, near the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, ending the dinosaur dominion on our jurassic planet. No doubt, any 21st century asteroid threat would also prompt calls for a ‘unified global response’ to this apocalyptic existential threat. Not to mention, it would give elites the chance to utilise all of those multimillion-dollar underground bunkers.

So there it is. 2022boldly going where no man or woman has gone before.


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