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INTO THE FIRE: 2021 Trends and Predictions from 21WIRE

21st Century Wire

Looking forward into the New Year, here are but a few salient predictions and breaking trends to look out for.

In last year’s Trends and Predictions for 2020, we identified a number of important moves in the political, geopolitical, and financial worlds, but some of these ended up being affected in one way or another by the emergence of an epic black swan – ‘the pandemic’ – which took the world by storm in February and March. The COVID crisis certainly created a speed bump for two of our 2020 predictions: Trump’s economic success and certain re-election, and also the surging global protest movement –  both of which were gaining momentum in late 2019. Some will argue this was more than a mere coincidence, but we’ll leave that one for the Conspiracy Realists. As we now know, ‘the pandemic’ has opened up a whole new Pandora’s box of possibilities going forward, joyously referred as the New Normal.

Presently, all the indicators are showing that 2021 will be a continuation of that parallel universe inertia of 2020: more new and strange realities will come to the fore, as the new year takes us ‘out of the frying pan’ and into the fire – of what is looking increasingly like an embryonic brave new world.

So here is some of the good, the bad, but mostly ugly for 2021…

The Great Pestilence Part 2 – If you believe in the predictions made by the French philosopher Michel de Nostradamus, then you can expect no less than world-ending asteroids, a zombies apocalypse, and ruinous famine – all slated by the 16th century seer for 2021. It seems that at least one of those – the pestilence – is set to continue. While China appears to be getting on with life (even at the former epicenter of ‘the pandemic’ in Wuhan), Lockdown-loving governments in the West seem keen to continue the controlled demolition of their economies and societies, with public health ministers making-up ever new bio plot-lines to extend their “state of emergency” into the new year. Pandemic mavens in the UK and US have invented a new sequel to the fast-fading ‘novel’ coronavirus – by launching endless “new variants,” or mutations of the virus, which they claimed is 70% more transmissible that the original Rona. These fanciful pseudo-science tales were quickly debunked when leading microbiologists pointed out that this was actually fake news being spun-up by desperate government science hacks. Still, politicians are running with their colorful new talking points, in what can only be described as a tripling-down effort to save face and keep their New Normal agenda rolling. Expect many more of these illusive variants, ‘mutant strains’, along with various and sundry other ‘biological threats’ in 2021. Even Bill Gates and WHO director Dr Mike Ryan have foretold that “we must be ready for the next one” – which they promise will be “bigger than this one.” Oh really?

The ‘New Normal’ Persists – Despite all of the problems with the official ‘pandemic’ narrative – the fraudulent PCR Testing data, the myth of the ‘asymptomatic spreader‘, the inflated death counts, and the fallacy of wearing masks – the majority of the population in the West have unfortunately been acclimatized to the new pandemic-culture, or New Normal. Regardless of any real science and evidence which upends the hysteria of 2020, Governments, politicians, and corporations are not likely to change their course. They are firmly locked-in and committed to further pandemonium, indefinitely. The reason is simple: Governments do not want to relinquish their newfound authoritarian superpowers over the feeble electorate. That means continued crazed calls for more bio-surveillance, social distancing, mass testing, masks, closing businesses, schools, churches, travel restrictions, and more pointless non-science-based lockdowns. And all the while, still claiming that “we’ll all be free once we’re all vaccinated.” It’s now reached a level of institutional madness. Even if they wanted to reverse course, they cannot, because this would violate the First Commandment of 21st century politics: “Thou shalt never admit you cocked-up and got it totally wrong.” If they ever admitted they were totally wrong, that would be the end of all their esteemed careers as parasites of the public purse. So they are going to double-down on all of the nonsensical, economy-killing policies. This level of corruption is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in history. Worse yet, these buffoons will have no choice but to fall back on another pseudo-science train wreck: conflating COVID with climate change, and driving western societies towards a half-baked ‘Green New Deal‘ and a new world order underpinned by the globalists’ famed Great Reset. On so many levels, it’s a disaster of biblical proportions. Are there any adults left in the room?

Poverty and Food Shortages – One of the predictable outcomes of the Western governments’ hysterical COVID-based social distancing and “PPE hell’, and financially suicidal lockdown policies – has been chaotic supply chains and the failure of many food producers and distributors. This economic ecosystem is already fragile in good times, and requires a degree of stability across borders and markets. So it’s no surprise that many food supply lines are in turmoil – which has already led to shortages. If the madness continues, it may lead to famine in certain areas of the globe. Of course, this could be solved immediately, if Governments would drop the false pretense of the “global pandemic”, but as we’ve pointed out already, the political economy is now too invested into this narrative to reverse course. This may spell disaster for those in more vulnerable economic zones, not to mention the massive increase in the overall wealth and poverty gap – a direct result of reactionary lockdown and shutdown policies, and the hypochondria-inspired, crippling PPE requirements imposed by clueless government agencies – but which have also become a massive profit center for the usual opportunistic vultures. If fears of famine actually come to fruition, expect corrupt politicians and their loyal scribes in the Mainstream Media to blame “the virus” for a disaster which they themselves created by imposing irrational, ill-thought-out policies. It’s nothing short of biblical, and may spell the end to western civilization as we once knew it.

Anti-Lockdown Protests – As government continue to stress-test the public on baseless draconian COVID lockdown measures, not all of the public, especially residents in Europe and North America, are going to continue accepting ‘The Science’ that’s being peddled by their governments. The charade of COVID and the various scare tactics and false reports of “new mutant strains” etc. being employed by Government and Media – have all run out rope by now. This means that millions of citizens will be taking to the streets in even larger numbers in 2021, demanding an end to the ‘pandemic’ madness, along with the economic and social suicide policies that go with it. Moreover, expect significant numbers of police and law enforcement personnel to begin siding with the people, and not their state employer on this historic constitutional issue.

‘Shoeless’ Joe Biden – Barring some sublime magic move by Trump this month, it looks like Joe Biden will be sworn in as President on January 20th. According to most polls, about half the country do not recognize him as the legitimate winner of the November election, and for good reason. Hence, he will likely go down in history as another ‘Shoeless Joe‘ in American lore. That means that from Day One, there will be a passionate and vocal opposition to a Biden Presidency. Expect the Media to give Biden a free ride for at least the first 12 months, with zero criticism, even if he’s obviously out to lunch. It certainly doesn’t help that at 78 years old  he is not exactly in his prime, and obviously lacking the drive and energy required to lead a country like the United States. It’s been pointed out how he is suffering from a very visible cognitive decline. Already as “President Elect’ he is slurring his speech while reading off the teleprompter, with some critics pointing out that he likely doesn’t know or understand half of what is being written for him. Also, at his age, he may suffer a serious health challenge – maybe even from COVID (which the Media would make an endless meal out of, and use Biden to hammer-home even more ‘pandemic’ crisis regulations). Add to this Biden’s natural proclivity to drop gaffes, say stupid and offensive things, and lose his temper when asked a direct question by the press. If the DOJ advances it’s probe into his son Hunter Biden’s foreign pay-to-play grift and money laundering activities, as well as Joe’s own corruption in Ukraine and profiting off of a Chinese financial holding company – then the heat will be on, and it’s unlikely he will handle any of it gracefully. The conflation of these two problems may lead to him becoming a national embarrassment for his party and the country in 2021, so much so that even stalwart Democrats will begin the Chinese whisper (no pun intended) campaign saying “maybe it’s time Joe steps down.”

Trump – Hard to make any cogent prediction here. So from our standpoint, all bets are are off. We’ll just have to see what happens. One thing is certain, the Republican Party will never be the same after these last four years.

‘President’ Harris – With Biden already struggling to deliver canned speeches, it’s increasingly likely that his departure will be sooner rather than later – maybe even within the first 18 months. This leads us to the inevitable changing of the guard for the Democrats. Biden has already fumbled and called her “President Harris” on multiple occasions. Most smart pundits could see that Joe was only a ‘placeholder’ and that the plan has always been to shuffle him out and replace him with the highly unpopular, radical leftist junior senator from California, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Biden has even admitted publicly that he only chose her because she was a women, and not because she was qualified (less than one term as a US Senator): during the 2020 Democratic Primaries, Harris was polling at around 1% and was forced to drop out before the first state primary, showing what little real support she has from the American people. If Biden is bundled off stage, the Media will laud Harris’s appointment as “historic” as she will be ‘a woman of color’ as “the first woman President”, but an unelected one, and damaged goods from a dodgy Biden win. However, the Establishment likes her because she has remained hawkish on pushing the fake Russiagate narrative, she’s a loyal friend of Israel, and will press ahead promoting identity politics and the culture wars with more race and gender division, and of course, pushing mandatory masks and promoting ‘the pandemic.’ She ticks all of the Establishment’s boxes in that respect. The only problem is, she will never have a mandate with the American people, and therefore will not be able to “unify the country.” Expect serious opposition to this DNC Trojan horse, and in response, she may activate the radical leftist street mobs which she openly encouraged in 2020.

BLM Riots – Under a Biden or Harris administration, you can be sure that the proto-Marxist political organization known as Black Lives Matter (BLM) will become more emboldened, and if by chance the unfortunate happens and some African-America man is shot and killed by a policeman somewhere in America, then it will almost certainly result in nationwide mass rioting and looting like we saw this past summer post-George Floyd. The likelihood of more flash mobs is also being fueled by the Government’s own efforts in destroying the economy over COVID and creating more unemployed youth in the process. Naturally, these kids will put on their fashionable pandemic masks and get out on the streets. This has already become a permanent state of affairs in cities like Portland, Oregon – a literal incubator for domestic terrorism from the left, where there is a permanent Antifa encampment on the streets, on-command and ready to be fired-up (no pun intended) by radical ideologues like Kamala Harris, and the growing legion of identity politics merchants in Washington and the Media. Again, it’s all great stuff for MSM ratings. Will America survive as a Republic with this billionaire-backed radical Fifth Column determined to destabilize society?

Cancel Culture – The culture wars will become increasingly bizarre in 2021. With Silicon Valley behind them, expect ultra ‘woke’ revisionist mobs to continue their ‘war on statues’ and to become even more daring in what they will try and expunge from the record of human history. So don’t be surprised to see radical leftist social justice warriors begin to take aim at anything they can mount a protest about, and in 2021 expect more book burning of classics and the attempt to erase and rewrite history as fodder for the postmodernist left and their long march through institutions.

Hillary Clinton – If Kamala Harris is installed in the White House, then it’s possible that the Democratic establishment will import the real power-broker as her Vice President. Any shortlist of candidates will certainly include Hillary Clinton. That could mean the Clintons would be back in the White House, and most certainly a ruthless cabal along with them. Other candidates could be John Kerry, or globalist technocrat Susan Rice. The left would certainly relish an “all woman” duo in the White House, possibly too irresistible to pass up. Mind you, if it’s Hillary who gets the VP call, then she’ll be one step (or one scandal) away from the Presidency. Expect her to get a cabinet appointment or some prestigious position early on though, possibly as UN Ambassador.

Return of ‘Humanitarian Interventions’ – Joe Biden already signaled in his speeches that “America is Back”, and that he “won’t shy away” from getting involved in the sort of endless R2P operations, color revolutions and proxy wars that defined the Obama years. This is how the Democrats like to roll, a slightly different approach than the more bombastic Neocon style of starting overseas wars. With R2P fanatics like Samantha Power and Susan Rice back in charge, then expect to see more “save the children” and “reestablish democracy” rhetoric as the precursor for military and NGO deployments by Washington, as it moves to “reengage” with the world.

Sahel Region – One possible new area of “engagement” by Washington may be the Sahel Region in Africa, Sudan, and Ethiopia. Controlling the all-important Horn of Africa and evicting Chinese influence from that region will be a top priority for geopolitical hawks in Washington and Europe too, so expect things to happen which will be used to initially draw-in a Western diplomatic, and a later joint US-NATO or EU military intervention to quell some “humanitarian disaster” or oust some despotic warlord, or even a cameo appearance by ISIS. Whatever the pretext, just know that the West is desperate to gain control of this part of Africa to compliment their near successful north-south partitioning of Yemen. With evidence of global cooling now becoming a more likely scenario than Greta’s global warming doctrine, that means the Sahel is also the next big “bread basket” of the world’s future food producing capacity – so we can expect a mad scramble to control this region in the coming years.

Vaccine Apartheid – Here’s one trend which will be rather unpleasant. Even before the COVID-19 folly began, Western politicians, mainstream media, and public health gurus – were all deriding vaccine skeptics, including anyone with legitimate questions, as “Anti-Vaxxers”. This pejorative label was designed by the Establishment to marginalize and persecute anyone who dared to challenge the nearly infallible pharmaceutical gospel currently being preached 24/7. However, this demonization effort has backfired somewhat, as many people realized this preemptive attack was being ramped up in advance of the crisis, as seen with Boris Johnson’s September 2019 speech at the United Nations. There is almost an obsession now with government and media when it comes to vaccines. Ungrounded claims are being made about the new jab’s effectiveness, to chorus of screams that “only with the vaccine can we reclaim our old lives.” The Big Pharma hype is so over-the-top now, it’s gone beyond bizarre. Critics have also exposed the strange rush to push these new experimental mRNA vaccine cocktails into the public domain – bypassing the 4 to 10 year period of required research, crucial safety and efficacy testing – all because we’ve been told “we can’t wait, we must get the vaccines out in order to save us from the pandemic.” The Establishment have now backpedaled, no longer using the derogatory term Anti-Vaxxer, with Government psychologists inventing what they feel is a more persuasive term, called “vaccine hesitancy.” All of this may be leading to a type of ‘vaccine apartheid’ – where the State and its corporation agents will attempt to separate populations by the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, likely through new Orwellian programs like “immunity passports” or “risk-free certificates”. Some major airlines have already announced they will be requiring vaccines to fly internationally. It will be interesting to see if this initiative takes off, or not. Of course, the irony is that the new COVID ‘miracle’ vaccine does not even provide immunity to COVID, it only “reduces symptoms” according to pharma executives. What could possible go wrong?

The New Enemy No. 1 is China – Move over Russia, your days of being Washington’s No.1 nemesis are now over. US intelligence officials and the think-tankery are all in agreement that China is the “greatest threat to democracy and freedom” since World War Two. Like it or not, this is the new Washington consensus. It began under Trump, but expect Biden to carry this new torch forward, at least rhetorically. US Intel Chief John Ratcliffe warned how China is achieving its power by ‘stealing US secrets’ and then replacing US firms in the market, as well as serious geopolitical, resource and business market ambitions in different global regions. While much of this may be true, expect Washington to do little about it beyond the usual lip service. The Trump administration took a hard line on China, imposing tariffs on Chinese imports, but it’s not clear whether Biden will maintain the course, as he and his family may have more fealty towards China for reasons yet to be fully disclosed. Pentagon gurus are warning of Chinese threats, from espionage, to exotic EMPs, and “crippling cyber attacks.” This will be especially useful for Washington to cover-up its own massive failings and self-harming COVID policies. Indeed, the war of words is already on, but China has not yet responded in kind. Naturally, many in the US will continue blaming China for releasing ‘the virus’ and ruining the US and European economies (when in fact it was the West’s ridiculous lockdowns and other lame COVID policies which caused every problem they’re experiencing right now). Ironically (or not), all of the West’s purported problems are due to the exact authoritarian policies they’ve emulated from China – lockdowns, mass testing, track and trace. Nonetheless, this geopolitical standoff may escalate gradually into a new cold war lasting for years – because the US cannot survive politically without a global adversary. Nothing personal to Xi & Co., but it’s just the nature of the Washington blob. Without a major adversary, half of the defense industry would collapse, and thousands of lobbyists would be out of work and on UBI. The next phase will be a new Red Scare – where US media and political operatives will be stoking fear of Chinese spies in every US institution and corporation, and calling for a “purge” on national security grounds. Again, many high-profile politicians, like Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) may be comprised by alluring Chinese honey traps, but except Washington to do little about the actual espionage, and instead use the perception of a general ‘threat’ in order to further drain the public purse on bloated National Security state, and to take further liberties and rights away from Americans. Watch it ramp-up to silly levels in 2021.

From Recession to Depression – Any fool can see it: because of the deft kamikaze COVID economic policies being employed by governments, insane levels of QE, zero interest rates, currencies inflated like cheap party balloons, debt is at record levels, the stock market is being pumped up with government steroids, and everything else is over-leveraged. Unemployment is at record levels. Governments do not seem to care – they are printing money literally like there’s no tomorrow (maybe they know something we don’t yet). It’s a house of cards waiting to collapse at any moment. Frankly, it will be a miracle if we don’t see a major financial institutional or country(s) failure in 2021, and one which will surely trigger a global meltdown, and likely send a few national currencies into hyper-inflation free-fall – maybe even the US dollar. And when it finally blows up, they won’t blame themselves, they’ll all say it’s because of the virus. That last part you can take to the bank.

California Exodus (to Texas) – This is a trend which is already in motion: they’ve been fleeing the Golden State for years – to Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington state. But the latest and most significant wave is breaking towards the great state of Texas. Already, major technology firms like Tesla, Oracle, and HP have announced they’ve had enough of California’s crippling taxation and regulatory regimes, and so they’re taking their industries, and thousands of high-paying employees, to a state where they can get more bang for their buck. Texas has no state income tax, and property is much more affordable – which means high earners from CA will be much better off. Another reason for this latest wave is also due to crazed Democrat ideologues like Governor Gavin Newsom, and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti – both of whom have taken a hard turn towards fascism since COVID lockdowns began – as political leaders, they seemed to be enjoying their newfound totalitarian powers a little too much. Businesses and people can see this, and therefore know that the state is slowly becoming uninhabitable. Not to mention Hollywood is collapsing as well. Leaving the Hotel California?

New York Exodus (to Florida) – Similarly, many New Yorkers (and New Jersey residents too), have seen how crazy their Democratic Governors and Mayors (Cuomo and De Blassio) have become, power-thirsty over draconian lockdowns and forcing thousands of businesses into bankruptcy, and closing schools – all under the increasingly dubious guise of “keeping people safe.” As a result, many are packing up and moving to the Sunshine State – better weather, and just like Republican Governor Abbot in Texas, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has vowed “never to lockdown the state again.” On top of this, major Wall Street names like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have announced they’re moving parts of their operations south to warmer waters. Others will likely follow. This will be a real blow to the perennial ego of New York City, but it only goes to show that if you take your business community for granted and bully them into an economic hole, they just might leave you in the lurch. For Florida it’s going to be a major social and economic boom.

US Migrant Crisis Continues – One of the major achievements of the Trump administration was to slow down the surge of Central American migrants across the US southern border. “Build the Wall” was the catchy rallying cry, but below the surface of that was a change in DHS and Border control policy which sent a loud message to the illegal Coyote “caravans” coming from Central America: you’ll no longer have a free pass into the US. A a result, the migrant surges stopped. No surprise there. A Biden administration will most certainly seek to reverse this, with a renewed push by Democrats to open the US southern border to an endless stream of what Joe Biden calls ‘hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers.’ It’s no secret that the Democrat Party views these as future voters and their key to turning states like Texas blue. So that political war is set to heat up again, and will become a massive issue once again going into the 2024 election.

Mass Shootings and ‘Domestic’ Terror – If a Biden-Harris administration assumes the reins of power in Washington, this could coincide with an increase in that phenomenon they call “mass shootings” and school shootings in America. These events were down from the normal frequency during the Trump administration, but during the Obama administration – especially between the period of 2012 to 2016, there seemed to be a high-profile “Active Shooter” media event every few weeks. This was generally regarded as a chaotic period in US history, and the FBI have never been held to account over their clear involvement in the background of so many of these Daily Shooter incidents. Some of these events were also filed under the category of “home-grown terrorism,” including some contrived FBI bomber ‘stings’ supposedly “linked to” or “inspired by ISIS.” Interestingly, a disturbing majority of these events will feature FBI informants, active duty or former military, and persons connected with CIA operations overseas, or some ill-conceived FBI ‘terror bust’ going on in the background. And without fail, political forces in Washington and the Media will leap to try and use the event for political leverage – whether it’s with the Democrat’s increasingly vociferous “gun control” issue, or to use as a legal justification for a foreign policy, like the unlikely San Bernardino Attack under Obama which was then used as the legal justification for anti-ISIS operations in Syria. Will it be a return to the bad old days?

ISIS Comeback? – As the legend of Ali Baba goes, once the Genie is out of the bottle – it’s hard to put it back inside. Certainly that’s the case with the Western and Gulf covert intelligence machine’s most gruesome creation to date, the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, or “ISIS”. Literally overnight in July 2014, this new terror brand managed to usurp al-Qaeda from the headlines and became the western ‘national security’ obsession until 2019. The Western Media couldn’t get enough of ISIS, and were their biggest marketing platform. Not to mention it was great for MSM ratings. Thus, the brand’s seedy allure is still strong among young extremists seeking adventure in regions like the Middle East and Africa. If Biden assumes power, expect a return of ISIS, and with it, a renewed raison d’etre for foreign intervention in Syria and other unwelcome  locations by Washington’s bipartisan brood of war hawks.

The Slow and Painful Death of the MSM – No surprise here. In 2021, the mainstream and Hollywood will continue to lose credibility, hastening it’s slow and painful demise as supreme culture makers. Their diabolical performance during this last US election cycle sealed their fate in Davey Jones locker at the bottom of the 21st century’s growing cultural detritus. CNN’s bloated corps of millionaire anchors are struggling to draw 100K viewers in during prime time slots. The same with MSNBC and NBC. In the UK, the BBC is also hemorrhaging viewers. Expect more celebrities to take to social media to try and get attention by virtue signaling for various causes, as their industry dries up. YouTubers and Indy Media are already now crushing the MSM in terms of daily traffic, so expect this trend to continue.

Technology Trends

Monopolies and Mergers – Silicon Valley is due for a major shake-up – not just firms leaving to Texas, but the valley’s whales are having feeding issues. While Google, Facebook and Apple continue hoovering up the promising start-up apps and increasing their users and revenue, Twitter is fast becoming the odd man out, as it’s despondent CEO Jack Dorsey seems to have lost interest in the struggling company, now sharing his time running another firm. Hence, Twitter is faltering and could get swallowed by another giant, creating a larger monster in the land of digital monopolies. By the way – expect the political censorship and deplatforming to calm a little in the meantime due to threats by the US Senate to move in on Section 230 protections. If Washington wins that battle, it could radically alter online rules on social media platforms. Watch this space.

Block Chain Tech – In terms of tech trends, no other mercurial foundational technology is moving quite as fast as blockchain, and all of its various applications. The reason it’s moving quicker now is because it’s married with finance, and may one day be the de facto digital platform for settling financial transaction peer to peer, or B2B – meaning that people and businesses may not have to go through a corporate intermediary. This is already happening on the cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to this, blockchain may end up becoming the platform for trading stocks, bonds, other currencies, and to settle and authenticate contracts and official documents. In short, this may be the next major infrastructure overhaul since the internet itself.

Bitcoin – 2020 was a massive year for crypto currencies and token coins, and this next year will likely eclipse that. As the ‘real economy’ continues to be strangled by insane government COVID policies, it’s no surprise that Bitcoin shattered the $20K barrier late this year, and according to a number of financial gurus, it’s due to go even further in 2021, possibly ‘orbital’ – up to $100K. Already, major financial institutions are getting big into Bitcoin, as are some high-profile billionaires – all of which may drive the price up even higher. There are other, better designed coins with real applicational and utility potential like Etherium, Ripple, INX, or even BAT, but the Bitcoin brand is still holding its wealth-storage value reputation as virtual gold in the crypto world. Expect even more Bitcoin millionaires to be made in 2021.

VR Headsets – That day has finally arrived which so many have dreaded – when virtual reality gaming (and other adult recreational pursuits) is reaching critical mass in market adoption. In terms of home entertainment, this is next level tech, and likely next level additive as well, which means an expansion of the legions of semi-professional males existing in a semi-vegetative state for much of their week. Of course, Silicon Valley loves this, as they’ll be able to lock-down more paying customers – and VR is now getting cheaper and more affordable too. This is coupled to another potentially big market – virtual real estate, assets and game characters which are already becoming an appreciative commodity online, including a $50K sale of a digital replica of the European city of Amsterdam on the virtual platform Second Life. The matrix is upon us, for real.

5G Network – All of this new and expanding virtual matrix will be powered by the rapidly expanding 5G network. However, tech wizards and governments have dismissed any concerns about the health and safety of 5G – calling this a “conspiracy theory” and will almost certainly avoid any reports of problems going forward so as not to impede the ‘progress’ of this next-gen wireless roll-out. The truth is, no one knows what the long term health and environmental effects will be.  Things to be aware about going forward: 5G will not only be the backbone to an ever more intrusive hyper-surveillance state, the INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT), and it’s going to power smart roads which will limit your speed and ultimately pave the way for unmanned, driver-less cars, lorries and deliveries vehicles. And that’s just the beginning. How far and how fast will it go?

Smart Headsets
– Now that you’re jacked-in on the 5G-powered digital universe, the next generation of ‘engagement’ devices for this new matrix will be enhanced video headsets, which means those crazy Google Glasses may soon come of age. The next level up from that will be “smart lens”, wearable tech which can be inserted into your eye like a contact lens – meaning you can be online all the time. The smart lens is a few years off, but look for its progenitors to beginning making a beta splash in late 2021. This could easily spiral into a dystopic nightmare along the lines of Bruce Willis in Surrogates. Alex Koyfman from Wealth Daily explained, “All of these new devices need to be interconnected, and the network needs to be super reliable lest millions of addicted users find their Pavlovian rugs pulled out from under them – Resurfacing the Information Superhighways – Today, reality has reached a point where all of these issues are being dealt with — at an unprecedented speed. That next-gen network that would have been necessary to make my imaginary world function is known today as 5G.” Will human sanity survive this level of integrated tech?

Those are just a few predictions and trends we think you should be looking out for this coming year.

So there it is. 2021, boldly going where no man or woman has gone before.


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