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THE BIG SHUFFLE: 2017 Trends and Predictions from 21WIRE

21st Century Wire

Looking forward into the New Year, here are a few predictions and some emerging trends to look for in 2017.

In last year’s Predictions and Trends for 2016, we identified some key trends and areas of activity to look out for, but few could have predicted some of the incredible turns that took place in national and world politics. Not since 2000 has there been a year with more anticipations – of hope and fear, about what might be around the corner.

2016 turned out to be a year where old systems of control and order were challenged, and where establishment power bases were threatened by insurgent forces. Will the tides of change continue, or will globalist elites regroup and reform their structures of power?

Once again – the good, the bad, and the ugly in 2017…

Geopolitical Reshuffle – Last year, at the closing of 2015, we described how a major geopolitical realignment was underway, and that the US would be left behind if it could not pull itself out of its half-baked 20th century ‘New American Century’ mode. Well, it happened, and the US has been left behind – and in even more profound ways than we previously thought. The geopolitical center of gravity has since shifted away from Europe and over to Eurasia. Syria should be the canary in the coal mine – a point in history where Washington can no longer dictate the pace of bilateral negotiations… for the simple reason that it can no longer dictate (nor invent) the ‘facts on the ground’ it so desperately requires to justify its public-facing agenda.

syriaSyria’s Recovery – A number of harbingers appeared this year that indicate affairs might be shifting in Syria – away from the hopeless maelstrom of the last 5 years, and towards eventual stability. Incredibly, Syria is still standing after having withstood the biggest international onslaught of terror and disinformation ever waged against a single nation. Still though, rogue factions within the US will still want to continue flooding Syria with arms for ‘rebels’ and other “militias’ still holding out a candle for ‘regime change’ in Damascus. Turkey will no doubt continue to play a double and triple game by hosting jihadis and facilitating a rat-line to both ISIS in Raqqa and Al Nusra in Idlib. But Syria’s fortunes could well change if a new President Donald Trump is able to agree on some mutual objectives with both Vladimir Putin and Bashar al Assad. If the terrorists’ external life-line is closed, then things could improve rapidly in Syria, as the government would then be able to drive out the remaining terrorist imports currently getting support from US, UK, France, German, Israeli, Turkish, and Jordanian intelligence agencies. The War may be far from over, but it’s important to note here that when Russia entered the frame in 2015 in Syria, it permanently tilted the chessboard away from Washington’s Grand Coalition, and back towards the nation state Syria.

putinPutin’s Ascendency – Having taken on the US, the EU, NATO, and the GCC in Syria – and won, expect his brand cache to only rise in value. Russia’s successes and Washington’s failures will eventually hit home, as Germany or the EU begin to waiver on renewing anti-Russian sanctions, which could signal the end of this cold spell in East-West relations. President Vladimir Putin will almost certainly win re-election if he decides to run in 2018. The timing of this will be crucial, because right after will be the 2018 World Cup celebrations in Russia – a tremendous one-two PR punch for Moscow. Meanwhile, western liberals and Cold Warriors will still accuse anyone who dares to agree with any Russian foreign policy as a Putinist. But how long until this once derogatory label becomes a compliment?

powerR2P is Dead – Bad news for Samatha Power. One of the positive side effects of the west’s abject failure to fool the world over their proxy dirty war on Syria, is that the great  ‘humanitarian’ scam created by western lawyer elites used to destroy countries like Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia and Iraq, known as “The Responsibility to Protect” or R2P – is now in tatters. It seems like Syria was just one scam too many, which means Washington’s fraudulent case of “humanitarian intervention” is finally being scrutinized by policy makers worldwide and finally seen for what it is – a clever legal trick, colored with expensive marketing campaigns by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Avaaz, Purpose Inc, and others, used to justify illegal smash-and-grab wars waged by the US and its NATO accomplices.

farageNO BREXIT for Britain – The biggest shock to BREXITERS will come in 12 months when they look back at 2017 and realize that they are no closer to a real BREXIT than they were in 2016. If the Conservative government were actually serious about leaving the EU, they would’ve already started the process. Further delays only open the door for the possibility of a second referendum, which could trigger a mini civil war in Britain. A more likely scenario would be when the government announces they will instead “renegotiate our terms of membership” with Brussels – whereby the government could be perceived as placating both warring factions at home, while achieving what David Cameron’s government wanted all along – to stay in the EU. It will take some very skilled lawyers’ speak along with plenty side-winding deception to pull this one-off and hoodwink the public, but we think Westminster has the talent to do it. Expect the media to play a central role in helping to confuse the public to the point where most people will just want to be done with the issue. Meanwhile, Nigel Farage will have been long gone by then, probably hosting his own show on FOX News in New York City.

mediaWestern Media’s Crisis of Credibility – Aleppo was a major nail in the media establishment’s coffin. As with BREXIT and the US Election results, the liberation of East Aleppo from 4 years of western-backed terrorist occupation has been a major blow to the western corporate media – who have now been completely exposed as lying and running systematic propaganda and actual fake news, perfectly streamlined with official US State Department and British Foreign Office script lines. As a result, Big Media credibility will be further damaged in 2017, as legions of ‘journalists’ and newspaper editors will be forced to evade the issue of Syria in order to try somehow to save face. Rather than fire editors and journalists, they will instead hand out promotions to the worst offenders. From here on, it will only get worse. They will not be able to escape the lies this time because of the sheer volume of deceit which was produced over the course of this conflict. With their readership and audiences in free fall, it won’t be long until the mainstream media organizations will have to lobby governments for a financial bailout – like with General Motors, the day is not far off where mainstream media will need government subsidies in order to continue producing propaganda for western governments and their corporate sponsors.

saudiSaudi Arabia’s Fall From Western Grace – Saudi Arabia is still one of the world’s most hypocritical and corrupt countries, and they are anything but democratic – a hereditary, backward feudal monarchy funded by US petrodollars that funds and backs terrorism in Syria and globally, and who attacks its neighbor in order to install its own puppet leader – as is the case in Yemen. As US weapons makers get rich selling arms for Saudi’s undeclared war of aggression against its neighbor Yemen, the Kingdom’s global brand continues to collapse under the weight of its own avarice.

Yemen  Truth – Like Syria, Yemen is an international crime scene. Because of the Syria War, Saudi Arabia’s wonton slaughter of the Yemeni people is one of the most under-reported atrocities of all-time. Now that the Syrian war has begun to turn against the violent US and Gulf-backed jihadists in Syria, the world’s media might begin to focus on Saudi’s crimes against humanity in Yemen – a brutal military campaign done in 100% partnership with the United States, and the UK also. Even Israel has provided military expertise to Saudi Arabia in their illegal war against Yemen. The war on Yemen is a shameful chapter in 21st century history, and hopefully, 2017 will be the year that Saudi Arabia stops their slaughter in Yemen, and is finally held to account in the international community.

seagalRussian Sanctions – Lots of noise has been made by Obama and the Democrats about how the Russians, and even Putin himself, hacked the US elections and helped Trump to victory. This debate will be tied-up in Congressional committees for the next two years, and in the end there will be no real evidence presented that “the Russian hacked us.” However, all this hype and hysteria will have been enough for Congress to continue with economic sanctions against Russia for another year – despite any bromance between The Donald and Vlad, unless Trump appoints Steven Seagal as a special envoy to Moscow – in which case, all bets are off…  

iranIran’s Back – Although Trump is surrounded by hawks, pragmatism and dollars could win the day regarding any policy shifts between Washington and Tehran. While the Israeli Lobby and the McCain and Graham’s of the world still shriek like hyenas when the word ‘Iran’ comes up, the fact remains that Iran could become a lucrative trading partner for the US now that economic sanctions have been lifted. Already, Boeing’s Aircraft division has signed a $17 billion deal with Iran which would mean as many as 100,000 potential jobs for American workers. Money talks. If Iran’s oil and gas production comes back online and export globally, and, if Iran manages to stay out of any wars, it could mean that this former Persian power will be on the road to economic recovery and stability in 2017.

North African Terror – If ISIS is uprooted from its bunkers in Syria and Iraq, then the terror vermin will be looking for new areas to colonize, and no one would like this more the US, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Saudi, Qatar and Jordan – all of whom need ISIS in order to justify most of their own military and police state roll-outs. One possible new home could be North Africa. With a good foothold in Libya already, ISIS might find additional nesting in neighboring Tunisia – already a promising terror hot bed. Likewise, Algeria would be attractive too, especially if the west can use ISIS to manipulate an energy play there, and if it all goes well, maybe even a full NATO deployment – an exciting prospect for the men in tight trousers in Brussels! They love ISIS, because ISIS is good for business.

trump-chinaThe Chinese Wedge – Trump hawks are hoping to drum-up some possible military tension with China in the hopes of continuing ‘Obama’s pivot towards Asia’ – translated: inciting a further arms race with China. Who benefits? Anyone in the ‘defense’ industry, of course. The idea could be helped by using a détente maneuver with Russia to try and drive a wedge between Russia and China. The only problem here is that the US is playing catch-up and won’t be able to undo recent strides made between Moscow and Beijing in bilateral trade, as well as joint financial and energy agreements already in motion. Besides this, even Trump knows that China is one of the USA’s biggest trading partners, and success at home will rely on good relations with China. If this fails, then Washington’s only other option in the far East is to incite tension through the theatrical puppet show in Pyongyang

kimThe North Korean Threat – Once again, TEAM America and CNN are on standby to deal with the ‘North Korean threat’. Will 2017 finally be the year that the world realizes that the Kim dynasty in Pyongyang is really a marionette regime managed by the CIA in order to keep Japan in line, the South Korean DMZ money pit fertile, and China on the back heal? We only wish. No, instead, expect some serious “threats” from North Korea – well, not real threats, more like stock footage of missiles launching and falling into the ocean, and Kim Jung Un looking through binoculars out over the horizon somewhere – played around the clock to dramatic music on every US TV news network. Popular US news windows for the “North Korean Threat” are usually February-March (to help secure annual US defense budgets), August-September (to remind us Kim is still there), and December (just in time for the holidays).

al-baghdadiThe Raid on Al Baghdadi – Back in November, the Pentagon and its stenographers in the western media claimed that ISIS’s “leader of the caliphate,” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, somehow ‘escaped’ a US-led coalition airstrike on the city of Mosul. If only it were true. With Obama desperate to squeeze some more points for his legacy, expect the President to announce some super-secret CIA operation involving a SEAL Team – to conduct a “brave and valiant mission to capture or kill al-Baghdadi…” – the illusive ISIS mastermind villain. This would be a repeat of Obama’s famous staged ‘raid’ which allegedly killed Osama bin Laden in 2011 – you remember… the raid in Pakistan where there were no photos or videos of anything – only computer CGI cartoons as ‘proof’ of the mythical operation? If Obama can’t nail the al-Baghdadi PR treasure trove before he’s kicked out of the White House on January 20th, then expect Trump and his sidekick Mad Michael Flynn to get credit for the ‘historic mission’ – a virtual rerun of Reagan taking credit for ending the Iranian Hostage Crisis the day he took office in January 1981. Whoever gets credit for this will score big “national security” points. The bigger question is whether or not Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is real, or is he just CIA fictional character?

erdoganErdo-gone? – 2016 was a busy year for Turkey’s original Sultan of Swing, caught somewhere between Moscow, Brussels and K Street. Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan is busy flirting with Washington and entertaining Moscow in Ankara, all the while pretending to be ‘fighting terrorism’ while simultaneously supporting ISIS and other Islamic jihadists under-the-table in Syria, and, even invading both Iraq and Syria with his Turkish military, attacking PKK and YPG Kurds along the way. All that, and Erdogan had time to enact a mass purge of his political opposition – a purge that would put old Joe Stalin to shame. The jury is still out whether or not this summer’s Turkish Coup was real or a ruse, but no one can argue that Erdogan has too many balls in the air right now – and with the Turkish economy struggling over a collapse in tourism from repeated terrorist attacks, and with 50,000-100,000 total political dissenters already marginalized from Erdogan’s far-reaching purge – Turkey could be ripe for a real coup this year.

A Genuine Palestinian Spring – Before Christmas, we saw something that many people thought they would never see: a UN Security Council Resolution demanding that Israel “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem,” and which declared the establishment of settlements by Israel with “no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law.” This was purely symbolic, as Israel has never complied with any previous UN resolutions anyway. Still, Netanyahu (image, left) is throwing his toys out of the pram. But what it has done is revise a global conversation about how Israel is attempting to construct a “Jewish State,” which by its definition is discounting the native Arab Palestinian population, not to mention a pure religious, or racial state is antithetical to “western values”,(although this doesn’t seem to bother Washington or London when it comes to its ‘special friendship’ with Saudi Arabia). For many this is a taboo subject: for decades, the government in Tel Aviv has brutally suppressed the native Palestinian population, ever since WWII battle-hardened Jewish militants from eastern Europe invaded Palestine in the 1940’s and began ethnically cleansing the local Palestinian population to carve out what is known today as the State of Israel. Suddenly, the world is now talking about Palestine and questioning on what basis Israel is keeping Palestinians trapped in reservations with no rights, no freedom of movement and no citizenship of their own – at gun point. So with the world watching, maybe 2017 could be the year the world witnesses another Intifada, or a Palestinian Spring. People will debate whether a ‘Two State Solution’ is really viable, or whether every one should simply live together as equal citizens on the land in one state. Whatever happens, it probably won’t be without violence, although we sincerely hope that it could be peaceful. Unfortunately, Israel has a record of military brutality when putting down any resistance against its hyper-apartheid system of human management, so it will be up to world powers to make sure Israel does not repeat the 2014 massacre of Gaza residents when the IDF slaughtered more than 2,000 Palestinians. Either way. Israel’s current system of repression and violence against Palestinians is unsustainable, and will eventually be replaced by something more civilized.

TPP is Dead, Long Live the TPP – Much has been made about how the TPP and TTIP are dead in the water, now that Donald Trump and BREXIT have come around. Despite recent speed bumps and political obstacles however, these corporate confabs are far from defeated, and we can expect that proponents will be pushing for major planks in these trade platforms to be implemented in the next 24 months – either incrementally by stealth, or through bureaucratic default somehow. Wall Street wants TPP/TTIP and the giant multinational corporations and their legion of highly paid lawyers want TPP/TTIP. Not to mention both these trade agreements were the life’s work of the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and the Council of Foreign Relations – and so don’t expect them to disappear overnight.

GREXIT – As Britain has proved, it’s almost impossible to sever ties with the EU, no matter which way the people vote, but if any vassal state is ready to bolt from Brussels this year – it’s got to be Greece. Their economy is set to go on life-support after the spring when a new round of austerity measures is set to kick-in. The people might be out on the streets – only this time, demanding an end to the euro madness which they never signed on with. Italy is also on the cusp, although their situation is not as terminal.

NATO False Flag? – In an effort to frame Russia and its allies, the possibility of a major NATO ‘false flag’ increases – specifically designed to disrupt any US-Russia, or Trump/Putin bilateral relations in 2017.


America Divided – After the most contentious US election in history – we must face the reality of increased partisan politics – aimed at creating strife among the masses…

Obama’s ‘Legacy’ – After eight years, there’s a lot to unpack here… In post-Reagan politics, the idea of a politician’s “legacy” has become a most unhealthy obsession for political leaders. Many believe this is motivated more by how much money an ex-President can graft off of their career in office, than any genuine reflection about their performance. Eight years ago, this man swept into power on the wings of Hope and Change. Eight years later, our hopes have been dashed, and all we’re left with is a bit of spare change in our 1-obama-arrogantpockets. Domestically, instead of being a President for everyone, Barack Obama quickly closed ranks and clung to a political machine and pushed identity politics on America to the point of near nausea. Beyond the race-baiting and the hyper-partisan rhetoric though, there’s the economy. A confident Obama had decreed earlier in the year, “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.” Not quite. Despite fiddling with the unemployment figures to pretend there was only 4.6% unemployment in America (a fraudulent assessment promoted by the Washington Post and others), when the real figure is at 10% (and even then, much higher if you are talking only of full-time jobs), or claiming the US is experiencing the greatest economic recovery since the 1950’s (another giant lie) –  the numbers don’t lie. Almost all of the gains in jobs have come from the so-called “service sector,” and not in manufacturing or skilled work, and there Obama has also managed record low levels of GDP growth, averaging between 1 and 2% per year. Regarding Obamacare, the government did manage to get 20 million Americans health insurance who did not previously have it – but only at the expense of the rest of the working population, with millions of Americans  now paying double what they were before – making Obamacare a major failure of hubris by a government who refused to listen to its critics, “hoping” it would somehow correct itself. All of this certainly contributed to Hillary Clinton’s epic loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 election. The fact that Obama, his wife and VP Biden (and every celebrity in Hollywood, and the mainstream media) all went out campaigning for Hillary as an extension of Obama’s ‘Legacy’ only pushes the dagger of history in further. But the worst part about this story, is that Obama’s only strategy throughout two terms was to borrow and spend. Fact: President Obama added anywhere from $983 billion to $9 trillion to the national debt. Despite telling voters in 2008 that he would close Washington’s illegal off-shore torture center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the fact stands that Obama did nothing at all: as of July 6, 79 detainees remained on lockdown in the billion dollar dungeon that Obama promised he would close in his first year of taking office. Internationally, he had some bright moments: successfully pushing for the Iran Nuclear Deal, and opening up relations with Washington’s estranged neighbor Cuba. But those achievements were buried under a mountain of criminal foreign policy failures. Yes, it’s official: no US President has overseen as many wars, both overt and covert (Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Iraq 2.0, Afghanistan 2.0) and ordered as many extrajudicial killings (including many hundreds of innocent civilians murdered by drone) – than Barack Hussein Obama. As far as supporting international terrorism, there has never been a more successful President. Right before Christmas, Obama issued a White House memorandum that waived any arms export control restrictions on providing ‘military assistance’ to any and all ‘foreign forces’ in Syria, including ammunition, lethal TOW Missiles and RPGs, and ‘training’ for tens of thousands of extremist foreign fighters and Salafi terrorists currently operating in Syria, as well as thousands of  US-trained and equipped fighters in camps in both Turkey and Jordan. Then he renewed the NDAA and gave the Pentagon another $611 billion plus extra for black budget projects (estimated as high as an extra $50 -100 billion). The cherry on top was Obama’s insistence on framing Russia as the Democrat Party’s official scapegoat for tanking in the 2016 election. Instead of letting it go, Obama double-downed on the ‘Russian Hack Hoax’ in order to save face. He had plenty of bedfellows to help him – with ‘Never-Trumpers’ John McCain and Lindsey Graham leading the parade from the right. No doubt, this is a politically motivated government-approved conspiracy theory – and one which will surely damage US-Russian trust and relations for years. However, Obama now owns this conspiracy theory and it will define his legacy going forward – most likely as another calculated failure from the President who made Jimmy Carter look like FDR. Obama will always be remembered as the one who was “leading from behind.” And to think – they gave Obama a Nobel Peace Prize in 2008 before he even took office, allegedly, to “encourage him.”

By these, and so many other measures – Obama will likely be viewed as one of the most divisive, petty and incompetent US Presidents of all time.

trumpThe Trump Effect – As Democrats and liberals lick their wounds and spend the next years blaming Vladimir Putin for losing the White House, the Senate, the House and 23 state governor races – Donald Trump looks fairly busy getting on with the business of governing – already making noises about cutting out the pork in Washington, and possibly running things more like an efficient corporation, rather than a typical DC feeding trough. News of looming corporate tax cuts and lower regulations has already sent the stock markets and earnings projections surging upwards, as major US corporations, including Apple Inc, engage in serious discussions about keeping jobs in the US, but also about bringing manufacturing operations back from overseas – and to America’s home shores. Other encouraging talk is taking place about repatriating an estimated $2.4 trillion in off shore assets of wealthy US citizens and business shielding their fortunes from punitive US government tax rates. This could translate into another bump for the economy. How long can this financial epiphany last? What goes up must come down, right? Perhaps, but if the US economic fundamentals are strengthened – like lower government spending, higher savings rates, job growth and GDP growth – then a bulwark might form that can absorb a cyclical market crash. Just like in the 1980’s, intangibles like confidence in the market will help spur direct investment growth, and the jobs that follow  – at least that’s the hope. Time will tell. Will we see the Trump Effect? 

Death of Political Correctness – Another Trump Effect for 2017 is the wounding of the social engineering beast known as political correctness. PC culture has had a near stranglehold over society during the last 10 years, but it’s now limping in retreat after Trump’s election victory. For many, no longer are they fearful to speak their mind about an issue, nor are they scared to have a politically incorrect opinion about radical feminism, the promotion of transgenderism, and the left-wing obsession with dehumanizing individuals with identity politics labelling. ‘Safe spaces’ are now under threat – and for good reason. It’s forcing many people to act like adults again, and to stop deferring to the nanny state to police language and thought in the US and beyond.

The Establishment Vs. Trump – After a hard-fought battle to the White House, what new trip wires will be present to stump Trump? President Elect Donald Trump faced an unprecedented wave of organized opposition prior to moving into the White House, and we can expect that trend to continue after he’s sworn in. While those in the Democratic Party are seeking to convert street actions and flash mobs into votes in 2018, the real strategy here seems to be about forging deeper narratives and creating a collective feeling of ‘disenfranchisement’ among liberal millennials.

Fake News Fail
– In order to blame someone for the loss of Hillary Clinton, and for the US-led Coalition’s failure to over-throw Bashar al-Assad in Syria – and to marginalize and defame alternate media outlets online, the western establishment created the meme known as ‘fake news’ in late 2016. What was meant to silence the opposition is actually backfiring on the corporate media and liberal academia. Instead, the public have turned their meme back on them – exposing an endless trove of Mainstream Media-generated “fake news” – used to sell endless wars and manipulate public opinion in the west. With 30 years of CNN archives and other endless examples of engineered lies by everyone from the New York Times, to the Washington Post, to NBC News, to the BBC – their own fake news show reel has only just begun.

sorosOccupy Goes Purple – The fall of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party from their perceived position of invincibility has triggered a crisis in a political party and ideology that’s now desperate to rediscover itself and invent a new raison d’etre. If the MoveOn.org post-election anti-Trump street riots proved anything, it’s that George Soros still has plenty of cash to throw around for a color revolution in the US, this time it will be a purple revolution. Unless they drop the price of beer and marijuana, American college students will need something to keep them politically active this coming year – and a new-improved, Purple Occupy 3.0, Anti-Trump, Anti-Facist, Anti-White, Anti-Rich, Anti-Big Oil, Anti-Meat, #Anti, #Anti, #Anti- mega street party could be in the works. A pop-up utopia beckons: city parks will be transformed into giant ‘safe spaces’ – glorious gluten-free and deodorant-free zones, where iphones and drum circles tap in harmony, and where large groups of millennials can sit in circles waving their hand, playing ‘repeat after me’, shouting “Mic check!” We can’t wait.

Democrats’ Tea Party – If the Republican’s 2008 election collapse is anything to go by – followed by endless in-fighting, finger-pointing and selfish internal power grabs, then we could see this happen to Democrats in 2017. In 2008, shrewd GOP operatives saw the appeal of a liberty-based, paleo-conservative Ron Paul campaign and his new Tea Party Movement – and so they hijacked it and immediately pushed out Ron Paul and his supporters, replacing it with side shows like Sarah Palin and the ultimate Judas goat, Glenn Beck, who helped to fill its ranks with hard-core ideologues and reactionaries which ended up nearly destroying the GOP from the inside over the next 8 years. In 2016, Bernie Sanders had a very similar popular appeal for young Democrats and party purists, attracted to the father figure in Sanders and his socialist ideas. 2017 could be the year that a similar intra-party insurgency sprouts up on the Left, and moving the party farther to the left – attractive and popular, but ultimately a disrupting force that will actually sow division within the Democratic Party for the next 8 years, until a new Messiah can be anointed in 2022.

Obama’s Third Term? – In 2016, we witnessed the unthinkable. For the first time in modern US politics, the favored party was so upset they had blown the election that they rioted in the streets and petitioned to scrap the foundations of the US Constitutional Republic – calling to abolish the Electoral College system. Had the result gone the other way, we’re sure they would not be calling for this, but that’s where America is at – in a hyper-partisan cat fight. The tantrums and sour grapes didn’t end there. Backed by Democratic Party money, Green Party leader Jill Stein was then used to challenge the legitimacy of the new President-Elect with cries of election fraud and staged a recount in three contested states. As we predicted, this went nowhere, and so Hillary’s last-ditch Purple coup d’etat failed. What this whole debacle proved was the Democratic Party is struggling with the reality of being on the losing side and are willing to try to up-end any democratic Constitutional provision in order to get their leader into power – no matter what. As reality kills their bid to get rid of the Electoral College, expect directionless Democrats (who couldn’t even manage to get a new leader last month, dumping a young and dynamic Tim Ryan in favor of the near senile, 76 year old political dinosaur Nancy Pelosi) to possibly use the repeal of the 22nd Amendment as their battle cry for the next mid-term elections. By repealing this law, it would enable Barack Obama to run for office again in 2020. By that time, the party might be so lost in the woods that desperate Democrats will really see this as the event horizon they were looking for. If that doesn’t work, then expect the party to start inflating Michelle Obama as their next big political celebrity. Wouldn’t it be ironic, if Obama’s excuse for running again could be, “Hey, Vladimir Putin did it, so why can’t I?”

hillaryClinton Foundation Dries Up – Now that Hillary Clinton is out of the running for President, expect any prospective donors to the Clinton Foundation to put their checkbooks away. Even the Saudis can’t find a reason to grease Madam Secretary’s palm anymore. If they do stay open for business, the Clinton’s might have to resort to charity mugging on the nation’s city streets to raise funds, just like other NGOs desperate for cash like the Southern Poverty Law Center who can be seen begging for money outside of supermarkets in Los Angeles and other cities. Yes, 2017 might be the year the Clinton Foundation’s gravy train comes to a screeching halt, and Bill can get back to running the original Presidential Library in Arkansas.

king-obamaObama Makes a Play to Head UN – Obama’s recent refusal to veto the UN Resolution against Israeli Settlement expansion – in the final month of his lame-duck presidency – indicates that he might be setting the scene for his next actor-and-chief role – as the next UN Secretary General. It’s very possible that Obama would be drawn to this position of power, seeing that he has no hope of attaining any political power as high as what he will have for only three more weeks from now. From a globalist perspective this makes sense. Writer David Haggith explains, “Given how Obama’s trans-Pacific trade pact [TPP] set to strip the US of sovereignty by handing many trade regulatory powers to the UN, I believe Obama was already using his final months of the presidency to diminish US presidential powers and increase UN powers in order to prepare the way for a move to becoming UN Secretary General. The same can be seen in his negotiations to diminish US control over environmental regulations, putting regulatory power more in the hands of the UN. He needed to diminish US powers while he could in order to create a more powerful international position for himself in the future with less interference from the US.” Will it be World President Obama? No doubt, this would send a serious tingle up the leg of Chris Matthews.

goreA Cure for Climate Change Hysteria – 2016 saw a number of sacred cows fall to earth. 2017 could be the year that many people will come to realize that, yes, the earth’s climate does in fact change, and has been doing so for quite a long time (even since the very beginning of time). For the last 8 to 10 years, persons have not been allowed to speak freely about this subject for fear of being branded a “climate denier,” much less question any of the elite scientistic UN-approved orthodoxy of man-made global warming. Certainly man could be contributing to some ‘greenhouse gas’ warming, but to what degree this is happening is far from settled, and real data analysis indicates that alarmist findings of the UN’s IPCC have been wildly exaggerated. Either way, the establishment no longer manages this debate like radical religious clerics any more – if their ‘science’ is off, the truth will eventually come out – and with it, the wagon wheels from the climate change gravy train will come off, too.

‘Cyber Breach’ – Problem, Reaction, Solution – Remember Yahoo’s billion plus breached accounts in December? Their private cooperation with the NSA (releasing collected data) betrayed the public citizens this past year. Most likely, there will be larger security breaches – with new security proposals on the ready.

Cyber False Flag A large-scale DDoS attack directed at companies or governments hit in 2016, but as we’ve said before, America’s National Security Agency (NSA) and its bevy of contractors, many of whom are tasked with global and (illegal) domestic surveillance – are already in the game of passive data collection and clandestine processing of communications. Surely they would know where any future attack originated (including in-house). If a major event does take place, who’s to say it wasn’t a state-engineered event? ADDENDUM: One of the likely results of the establishment’s officially adopted “Russian Hack” conspiracy theory is that now any cyber event can, and will be blamed on the Russians, or any other foreign power. In this sense, the NSA or the CIA, or a contractor could carry out an event which will then be hyped by an eager mainstream media – and then blamed on a foreign power. Likewise, Israel could carry out a malicious cyber attack (which it has done before), and the US and western media could be counted on to lay blame on one US adversary or another. A perfect cyber storm, and optimal conditions for mass deception.

GMO Truth – Another topic whose corporate juggernaut has slammed in the wall of truth is Genetically Modified Foods and consumables. Previously, any dissenters on this topic were attacked by corporate gatekeepers and henchmen who claimed that GMO’s were needed to “feed the world” and that they are “perfectly safe.” Now, it’s widely accepted that GMO products do NOT increase crop yields, nor are they completely safe. Add to this key studies which link GMOs to a decline in bee and bird populations.

Vaccine Truth – Like with GMOs, the corporate fence protecting this issue from criticism is being torn down as we speak. The success of the film VaXed went a long way to helping this issue become a mainstream conversation. Also, celebrities like Robert NeNiro and others have stepped up in support of this issue. To all those mainstream pundits and corrupt news anchors who bullied people into not speaking about this for years, we have a newsflash: it’s no longer a ‘fringe’ issue.


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