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Canada Starts to Compensate COVID Vaccine Victims – Why Not the US?

One key point to focus on here: that the medical condition alleged by the claimant is more important than the size of the payout.

Wayne A Rohde from Vaccine Court writes…

As mentioned in my last post, the CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) has not compensated one COVID-19 related injury or death petition. Not one.

And the CICP has been in place since 2010, administered by HRSA.

Canada, our neighbor to the north, announced their own compensation program, The Vaccine Injury Support Program in December 2020. The program officially launched in June 2021.

Yet Canada’s program has received 400 claims through November 2021. And they have approved compensation for a few. The exact number has not been released by authorities. Their official language, “fewer than five have been approved”.

Their reasoning for not officially announcing details, “due to privacy reasons, the mount of compensation paid to Canadians will not be disclosed until a sufficient number of cases ensure anonymity of claimants.”

Ok, that partially answers the question of not releasing details. So what about the medical condition alleged by the claimant? That is more of a priority than the amount of a check.

What I find embarrassing to the US Federal Government is that Canada which copied the CICP and modified it a bit for their own use, is more further down the road regarding compensation of COVID-19 related countermeasures.

The US – ZERO. Canada – less than 5…

See more at Vaccine Court

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