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Canada and The New Collectivism

Over the last two years, Canada has emerged as one of the most ruthless totalitarian regimes in implementing their new biosecurity state. Leading the agenda is arch-globalist and radical leftist, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, currently steering the country into a New World Order/WEF/UNSDG template for a Great Reset, with unprecedented powers of the state, and underpinned by highly deceptive ‘Zero Covid’ and ‘Zero Carbon’ policies. This is a new technocratic form of collectivism tailor-made for the digital age, but with truly horrifying consequences for freedom, liberty and prosperity. Can Canadians stop this march towards a collectivist dystopia?

This short presentation, narrated by Kate Wand, is based on an essay by Bruce Pardy, entitled, “The Cold War Continues, and Now We Are Losing.”

“What lies before us is not Soviet-style communism with gulags and firing squads but our own distinctive made-in-Canada version of neo-Marxist progressive socialism. But don’t get caught up in the labels: capitalism, communism, and fascism; democratic socialism and social democracy; liberalism and populism, to name just a few. The variations shouldn’t obscure the main divide: either individuals are essentially free to pursue their own interests, express their own thoughts, and own their own property, or the state directs their actions, words, and beliefs to comport with official dogma.”

Watch this short film: 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue