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Globalist Agenda: Melissa Cuimmei Explains Vaccine Passports and Financial Reset

In this episode of “Iconoclast One to One,” independent Irish investor and analyst, Melissa Cuimmei, speaks with host Sara Haboubi about the real agenda underpinning the desperate push for Vaccine Passports, lockdowns, and ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. She also exposes the true implications of a Chinese-style social credit system which is clearly coming in on the back of a new digital wallet system and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) money system which elites are now pushing to implement. All of these are designed to pave the way for a global ‘Great Reset’ of the world’s fiat financial system, and a plan to reconsolidate the planet’s wealth, assets, power, and technocratic control over most areas on the planet.

Also discussed are the role of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and possible solutions to what is shaping up to be a global coup d’etat by elites. History has left us many clues – so it all depends on whether we are listening, and whether we can formulate the future we want, and not the one which the billionaire class are attempting to implement for ‘the greater good.’

Watch this important and broad-ranging discussion. Watch: 

This episode was originally posted by RylandMedia at Bitchute:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue