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British Academic ‘Canceled’ By Woke Trans Lobby: ‘I Won’t Be Silenced’

In this exclusive interview with UnHerd contributor Julie Bindel, philosophy scholar Dr Kathleen Stock exposes the pseudo-philosophy of gender theory and gender self-identification.

After being targeted by fanatical trans activists who wanted her ‘canceled’ by her university, Dr Stock was forced to resign from her professorship at Sussex University, and to stay at home for her own protection. The activists’ campaign against Stock, herself a feminist and a lesbian, began after she self-published a number of blog posts critical of extreme transgender ideology, and spoke out against the fact that the majority of academics, including philosophers, were afraid to criticise the radical identity politics trend of ‘self-identification’ by transgender people. The irony of the entire trans movement is that it’s about biological men pushing biological women out of womens’ spaces – which is causing social disruption and chaos in ways which aloof officials never bothered to consider.

Can academia survive if radical ideologues are allowed to intimidate and bully scholars who dare to exercise free speech and critical discourse? Watch: 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue