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“Let’s Go Brandon” by Bryson Gray (MUSIC VIDEO) [Ft. Tyson James & Chandler Crump]

This week, a controversial new song has shot to No. 1 in the hip-hop charts, entitled, “Let’s Go Brandon” by Bryson Gray – a track which is riding on the wave of a popular crypto-political meme. The track was so popular on YouTube that the company’s censorship department in San Francisco was forced to take it down for fear it would garner tens of millions of views. The company removed Gray’s music video, claiming he was guilty of spreading “medical misinformation.” But the Orwellian move quickly backfired, as the track has now gone global viral on every conceivable platform, and is quickly becoming an anti-Biden and anti-Big Tech anthem. Worse yet, for the Democratic Party this incident threatens to further hemorrhage support among two key demographics: African-American voters and young males under 30. 

For those who aren’t aware, the chant “Let’s Go Brandon” became popular after a NASCAR crowd was chanting “***k Joe Biden,” but the partisan reporter instead said to TV camera they were chanting for race winner, Brandon Bilt.

Watch Bryson Gray’s smash hit “Let’s Go Brandon,” a song which has now reached the number one slot on iTunes and in numerous other music charts: 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue