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Syria and Russia Launch Joint Bombing Operation Against Turkish-backed Militants in Idlib

This latest joint operation by Damascus and Moscow to begin retaking the terrorist-occupied enclave of Idlib in northwestern Syria comes just days after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s meeting with his Russian counterpart. How will Turkey react? 

Russian Tu-22Ms drop bombs on militant stronghold in Syria (Source: Russia MoD)

Russia’s diplomatic and military maneuvers are made even more difficult in this situation due to the fact that Turkey is a primary backer of the terrorist brigades currently occupying Idlib and other areas inside of Syria.

Coordinated efforts have increased ever since President Bashar al Assad’s visit to Moscow. Russian and Syrian military forces have intensified their efforts to push back Western and Gulf-backed militant ‘opposition’ fighters (ostensibly al-Qaeda led terrorist brigades) in Idlib, and Hama, and other occupied zones.

Could this be a prelude to the ‘final push’ which Damascus has been seeking for so long?

The Cradle reports…

Local sources in Syria’s northwest reported on 1 October that Syrian government forces along with Russian warplanes have begun an intense bombing campaign on Turkish-backed rebel groups in the south and west of Idlib and northwest of Hama.

These airstrikes come just two days after Russian President Vladimir Putin met with his Turkish counterpart to discuss, among other topics, the implementation of a 2020 agreement to drive terror groups out of the Idlib governorate.

Days before this meeting Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told media that Ankara has not held up its end of the deal which calls for Idlib to become a “de-escalation zone.”

Earlier this month, the Russian head of state also hosted Syrian President Bashar Assad in Moscow.

During their meeting, the two allies reportedly discussed plans to liberate the Idlib governorate, with Putin, in particular, saying that the biggest issue threatening Syria is the ongoing presence of foreign troops in the country…

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