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Utopian Madness

Will we conquer other planets the way we conquered Earth? (Photo: D Mitriy. Source: Wikicommons)

Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek
Break Free With Karen Hunt

“. . . the newspapers of Utopia, he had long ago decided, would be terribly dull.” ~ Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey

We are in the midst of a mass psychosis. This psychosis is built upon delusions which originate in the ruling class. We must never forget that no matter how powerful the elite appear to be, no matter how intelligent or benignly nerdy, they are insane. In their deluded state, they believe they have all the answers and thus they deserve to have the absolute power to dictate those answers to the rest of us. If we disagree we are a danger to ourselves and to society. This they truly believe. They are our saviors.

In order to accomplish their goal of saving humanity they must inflict “menticide” on the masses, or a killing of the mind and the spirit. Joost Meerloo explains this in his book, The Rape of the Mind:

“Menticide is an old crime against the human mind and spirit but systematized anew. It is an organized system of psychological intervention and judicial perversion through which a [ruling class] can imprint [their] own opportunistic thoughts upon the minds of those [they] plan to use and destroy.”

In order to accomplish this, the elite must manufacture waves of fear within the populace. Each wave is followed by a period of relative calm, but after each calm, the fear intensifies. We’ve experienced such a period of calm this summer. A respite from our prisons. We were allowed to go mask-less, to travel a bit more, gyms reopened. And now, everything is even worse. By the winter the waves of terror, in the form of ever worsening news, conflicting reports and downright lies, will become overwhelming.

Confusion has resulted in the minds of all of us experiencing these onslaughts. Desperately, we try to decipher the strange and terrifying things that are happening around us and to us.

Meerloo further explains:

“Each wave of terrorizing . . . creates its effects more easily – after a breathing spell – than the one that preceded it because people are still disturbed by their previous experience. Morality becomes lower and lower, and the psychological effects of each new propaganda campaign become stronger; it reaches a public already softened up.”

Emotion, without reasoned thought to temper it, becomes the automatic response and, we feel, justifiably so. Meerloo again:

“Logic can be met with logic, while illogic cannot—it confuses those who think straight. The Big Lie and monotonously repeated nonsense have more emotional appeal … than logic and reason. While the [people] are still searching for a reasonable counter-argument to the first lie, the totalitarians can assault [them] with another.”

If you feel like you are always one step behind the game, you are. We keep repeating to one another in horrified fashion “I can’t believe this is happening.” And the more we say that, the more it normalizes the realization that these things we “can’t believe are happening” are happening. There becomes no answer other than to accept it.

Unless you live in a hut in the middle of the Amazon forest (and that’s beginning to look very appealing) you cannot escape the onslaught. Every single person with a smart phone gives in to this repeated propaganda, even those who think they don’t, because unless we throw away our devices, we are under its power to constantly influence us. And I mean constantly. Very few people ever turn off their devices anymore. We have learned to be connected twenty-four/seven. Throwing away our devices is not an option for anyone who wants to survive let alone excel in modern society.

This realization creates the “killing of the mind.” No longer do people pause and reflect. This is a useless waste of time. There is nothing to reflect about and no one to reflect with.

Even those of us who think we are rebelling, continually repeat the same mantras on forums like Twitter of “I can’t believe this is happening.”

People have retreated from reality. Beyond the closed doors of our minds dwell unpredictable demons. Stay inside. If you go out, you must arm yourself with the weapons of the COVID warrior: a mask, sanitizer and a vaccine. Navigate the battlefield by maintaining a safe distance from others. Don’t engage in conversation. If you notice anyone disobeying the rules, report them. Attack their reputation, get them fired from their job. Deny them health care. Why should they be allowed to buy food and maybe infect me? Better they die than me. They deserve it.

In our self-righteousness, we think they are the selfish ones. We have forgotten what compassion means.

In this state, depression, violence, drug use and suicide increase. People lash out at one another. Despair overcomes morality and decency disappears. We read the statistics and throw up our hands in horror. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

But there is hope, offered to us by the all wise and powerful gods. Once we have accepted the totalitarian of health and safety “dos and don’ts,” we have a breakthrough of “psychotic insight.” Following the rules means we will be saved. Order can be restored. It does not matter if the rules are absurd, or if they say one thing one day and the opposite the next. We have received so much conflicting information by this point, our brains are too weary to contemplate unraveling it.

As one example, the science on masks has changed multiple times, but that’s okay because science changes. On the other hand, only the changes made by the State-accepted narrative are allowed. Anyone who presents an opposing view, no matter how rational—even if it has the potential to save millions of lives—is a heretic.

I keep thinking of The Terminator, as I mentioned in my last essay, where first he was evil and then, he became good. By the time he reaches out his hand and says “Come with me if you want to live,” the world is so dangerous that anyone who wants salvation has no choice but to trust him.

This is what the gods are doing to us right now. They are reaching down and offering salvation. But that salvation comes at the price of our personal freedom. We must give up ourselves for the good of all. There can be no middle ground. Everyone must submit equally.

If we do this, we are promised that the fear and the chaos will stop. We will enter a utopian era, free of worry, free of work, free of the weight of ownership.

Of course, danger will always await us in the wings. That is why we understand that the gods must be ever vigilant, monitoring us to ensure uniform obedience. After all, no one wants to be punished for someone else’s mistakes. Any deviants will be dealt with swiftly, and rightly so.

COVID was the perfect umbrella under which to create this new world. With the vaccine, and the FDA approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vax, we have officially entered the Era of Totalitarian Rule under the guise of Health and Safety.

Like a hundred science fiction stories, “A new life awaits you in the Off-World colonies.” ~ Blade Runner, 1982.

Let’s think about the bizarre dichotomy between the world we now live in and the world of our overlords.

While we ordinary citizens endure the storms of a mutating virus, climate change, food shortages, evictions from homes, floods of illegal immigrants, a revival of terrorism, crime waves, the threat of civil war, even another world war, the first space hotel is set to open in 2027.

Voyager Station hopes to partner with SpaceX in its aim to send passengers to the first-ever space hotel. Note the similarity to the space station from 2001: A Space Odyseey, which was modeled on a design by Paperclip Nazi Wehrner Von Braun. (Photo: Voyager Station/Wikicommons)

Who will travel to that hotel? Do you think it will be the ordinary folk? No. As we are entertained by visions of the cool boys on the block racing each other to space, we are being locked down again and told we have to earn the right to see our own grandparents by constant testing and tracing and obedience to draconian new laws. While we struggle to gain more points as good citizens, the gods and those they deem worthy, are flying like angels in the sky.

I’ve listened to a few of Elon Musk’s speeches on immigrating to space. Interestingly, where others say we need to cut the population, he has said we need millions more people if we are to survive because we need those millions to populate space. After all, eventually the sun is going to expand and engulf the earth. So, we really have to think ahead—billions of years ahead. Okay….

But never mind that! If you suspend your disbelief, just as we do with a good movie, it really does sounds wonderful. Imagine colonies on incredible space stations and on Mars and other planets that simulate Earth, but are even better because there is no pollution, no disease. There will be a basic income so no one will have to work if they don’t want to. Robots will take care of all the unpleasant, boring and dangerous jobs that humans used to do. Musk recently unveiled his friendly 5’8” androgynous robot named Optimus. Don’t worry, it can’t go faster than 5 miles an hour so it can’t chase you, and it’s programmed not to hurt anyone. Where have I heard that before? Oh, that was in 2001: A Space Odyssey and there was a problem with that AI called Hal.

HAL 9000, the murderous AI on board the spacecraft Discovery, in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. (Photo: Cryteria. Source: Wikicommons)

Despite all of that, who amongst us hasn’t dreamt of traveling in space? Of living in some futuristic paradise. I know I have. I can’t help but root for this vision to become reality.

And yet, doubts plague my mind.

How can Musk and the others like him be so stupid?

Stupid, you say? They are the most brilliant minds. They are the visionaries who will catapult us into the future. Save us all. Why be such a downer?

Because they are all missing—we are all missing—the most fundamental truth of truths: our dangerous selves.

Just listen to the irrationality of famed scientist Stephen Hawking:

“Aggression may have had survival advantage in caveman days…but now it threatens to destroy us all. A major nuclear war would be the end of civilization, and maybe the end of the human race so space travel is our best bet for survival.”

Hawking understands the basic flaws of human nature. His stupidity comes in his solution: Leave the mess behind and go make an even bigger mess someplace else.

Like the kid who trashes his room and then goes on to trash the next room, and the next, without ever cleaning up his previous mess, our gods behave like obnoxious, irresponsible teenage boys. Did no one ever teach them to clean up after themselves? Maybe they were allowed to eat desert and screw the vegetables.

The humanoid robot Atlas, created by DARPA and Boston Dynamics. (Photo: DARPA. Source: Wikicommons.)

Of course, we shouldn’t be too alarmed at their behavior. After all, they are above us all with their intelligence and wealth. Such mundane matters are not their concern. They have servants for that. And now, robots.

I have a friend from Senegal who has told me that this is a prison planet. The human race is so destructive and dangerous that we have been exiled here. Now we are trying to get off. What will happen if we succeed before we have learned the most basic of lessons? And will those who are above us ever allow that to happen anyway?

Do these giants of intellect not foresee obvious problems? We already don’t know how to get along with one another. From the moment a child can move and talk, a parent doesn’t need to teach it how to misbehave. Children need to be taught how to be decent and kind. How to share. That there are consequences for bad behavior.

Humans have always ruled by fear and manipulation rather than compassion and truth. Just look at how the gods are even now achieving their goals through mass psychosis. We fight for power over one another, even within families. Nations threaten to take over each other’s territories. We use our best minds to develop ever more powerful killing devices. We impose our beliefs on one another. We exploit the earth and then dishonestly change from one method of exploitation to a new one, under the guise of caring for the planet. But the real reason is greed among the gods.

Imagine the amount of materials that we will need to extract from the earth before we can start extracting it from other planets. In the gods insatiable appetite for power, they will feed off of every resource on this planet, if it means they can then leave the mess behind and move on to what they think will be a better world someplace else.

Imagine the coming space wars? What makes anyone think they won’t get worse instead of better. We can’t stop the wars here, do we really think that by going to space, wars will magically disappear and everyone will happily divide up new territories? Since when did that ever happen?

We know it won’t work simply by the methods they are using to achieve it. Implementing totalitarian rule where the the common man is exploited just like another natural resource. The goal is not to take us along with them. The goal is to dismantle us as we sit in our prisons, hypnotized by devices and drugs, engineering a new race with our harvested parts.

In their quest, how could they have forgotten the most important ingredient? The human spirit. In their arrogance, they think it is not important. They are gods, after all.

But they are not God. They are no different than any of us, only they hate to be reminded of that. They play a dangerous game. One they believe they can win because they have lost all connection to reality. They are irrational and arrogant.

And in following their lead, we are all losing our minds.

If we don’t rise up and cry from the highest mountains that these monsters above us are no better than bullies on the schoolyard and refuse to follow them, then we will never get anywhere. And more than that, if we don’t acknowledge that we let them do it by following their example, we are implicit and just as responsible for the catastrophic results.

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Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek is an artist, writer and kickboxer who spent the last four years traveling the world to gain inspiration for her books. She started the first boxing club for girls in Luxor, Egypt and was living there when the “pandemic” struck. The experience opened her eyes to the lies of the media and inspired her to start writing about it.

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