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Natural Immunity Is Getting A ‘Boost’ – Will Zero Covid Zealots Take Heed?

Natural Immunity: Believe It!

Let’s face it: ‘The Great Jabbapalooza’ of the general population has been a colossal failure.  Worldwide uptake is barely one-third. It’s time to turn the page back.

Even the most steadfast bastions of Zero Covid zealotry, like the U.S. government and its all-powerful CDC, have managed to only ‘fully’ vaccinate (remember: this term is a marketing trick to prop-up Pfizer) just over half of its citizens.

What are the elite authoritarians running this transnational pharmaceutical racket doing? They are doing what they’ve always done – doubling down on their failed policies for risk of being called out on their lies.

There is, however, good news on the horizon!

Natural and acquired immunity, a biological phenomenon that’s been widely accepted in mainstream discourse for generations – but now being suspiciously discarded – is getting a renewed ‘booster’ shot of confidence from a few different pockets of the world at this very moment.

Share these stories far and wide and let’s see if our Corona dictators will consider taking heed…

Unherd reports:

A major study conducted by Israeli researchers into natural immunity has found that immunity acquired via infection from Covid-19 is superior to immunity from the Pfizer vaccine.

New Civil Liberties Alliance reports:

Jeanna Norris is a supervisory Administrative Associate and Fiscal Officer at Michigan State University (MSU). She has naturally-acquired immunity to COVID-19 after recovering from the virus late last year. However, the university has threatened disciplinary action, even termination, if she and other employees do not comply with the school’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy. Ms. Norris is challenging Michigan State’s unconstitutional “COVID Directives” for the Fall 2021 semester.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue