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Why an Obsession with Safety Creates Sick Minds and a Sick Society

For decades, advanced western countries have gradually constructed a silent fifth column within society known as “Health and Safety” culture. Proponents claim that this new layer of administration is meant to protect people from themselves. This new corporatised structure of governance, based on risk aversion, has reached near farcical levels in recent years. From schools, to workplaces, to the management of cities and states – government bureaucracies have managed to usurp political decision-making by gradually erecting their own parallel framework for local, state and global technocracies. When the ‘global pandemic’ narrative finally took hold in March 2020, the tentacles of a new globalized technocracy quickly began strangling individuals and communities, and is now threatening to upend already weakened democratic institutions. This takeover of society has been aided by mass-censorship run by Silicon Valley monopolies like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter designed to protect the narrative supremacy of supposed ‘science’ authorities like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Through global governance and medical apartheid mechanisms like Vaccine Passports, this new technocracy is fast usurping the national sovereignty of nations. Can this psychological and political breakdown of society be stopped before basic democratic and constitutional freedoms are completely eroded? 

The following brief presentation entitled, “Why an Obsession with Safety Creates Sick Minds and a Sick Society,” was produced by the Academy of Ideas.

This is Part 6 in our 6 part series which charts the trajectory of our current civilization, as well as the metamorphosis of mass hysteria and psychosis. Watch: 

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Part 6: Why Obsession with Safety Creates Sick Minds and Sick Society

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue