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Biden: US Will Now Export Its Unlicensed Experimental Vaccines

As the old saying goes, simply follow the money.

As the vaccine roll-out begins to peter out in the US and in other western countries, political leaders are looking for a home for hundreds of millions of potentially wasted doses already purchased by governments. More importantly, this will help Big Pharma gain a subsidized foothold in foreign markets.

Back on May 4th, President Joe Biden hailed his milestone achievements of mass-injections:

“Well, as everyone knows, I promised that we’d administer 100 million shots in my first 100 days. After we met that goal, we doubled it to a — a historic 200 million shots. By the time we reached 100 days last week, we had shattered that mark with over 220 million shots in arms.”

Joe proudly crowed about his new world record of getting these experimental pharmaceutical “shots in arms,” but his victory speech is somewhat misleading. A substantial number of Joe’s total ‘shots’ are actually absorbed in double-counting, which means that 200 million people have not been ‘fully vaccinated’ as many might have inferred by Joe’s convoluted statement. That’s because in 2020 and 2021, the public have been led to believe by pharma giants and ‘public health experts’ in what is arguably one of the greatest marketing stunts ever conceived – that for the first time in history people were convinced they needed two injections rather than one (along with reoccurring seasonal ‘booster’ shots), in order to be ‘effective against COVID.’  This clever confidence trick has virtually doubled sales and profits for the corporate drug cartel, while allowing politicians to inflate their ‘shot’ totals to give a false impression of just how many people have actually been vaccinated with the current range of experimental unlicensed jabs (which was never approved by the FDA in the US). When you add this to the overall COVID-19 fear propaganda campaign, along with the media constantly hyping artificial scarcity by promoting the idea of vaccine shortages (see “Free The Vaccine” and “The Peoples Vaccine” campaigns), a demand, and thus markets have been created which pharmaceutical firms could only dream of in previous times.

Despite desperate efforts by the White House, including Biden’s television addresses where the President was practically begging Americans to ‘just take the shot,’ along with veiled threats of more federal restrictions should people not ‘comply’ with mask mandates and take their injections – despite all of this, to date approximately 33% of Americans have accepted the experimental vaccines and mRNA gene therapy injections. Based on these numbers, Biden’s ambitious vaccine roll-out appears to have stalled. Worse yet, as reports continue pouring in about adverse reactions and fatalities from the experimental jabs, the government and its partners in Mainstream Media and Big Pharma – are locked into a race to try and move as many units as possible before the ‘global pandemic’ fear subsides and the public begin to doubt many of the outrageous claims and ideas which have been floated by officials over the past 14 months. Their window is closing radiply, and so we can only expect more desperate claims and proclamations being made by politicians and ministers in Big Pharma stakeholder countries.

This also means there are potentially hundreds of millions of vaccines dosed already paid for by US taxpayers which will never get used – leaving mountains of experimental jab-stocks which the government will be keen to dump on some poor developing countries, preferably in Africa and South Asia, before declaring the gesture as ‘humanitarian aid’ and claims of ‘saving millions of lives’ from COVID, and so on. Much of this corporate trade will likely be laundered by way of United Nations and various NGO programs, including through UNICEF, USAID, OXFAM and many others. For Big Pharma, ideally, this burgeoning export business will develop into a reoccurring sales channels – with the ultimate goal of opening up new markets for drug giants by getting the US taxpayer to subsidize their vaccine and drug exports in the form of ‘foreign aid’ – a form of corporate welfare for Big Pharma. The government will also use its powerful national security apparatus to “steer doses abroad” under the auspices of ‘global health security,’ not unlike how it’s used to break into and control markets for oil, mining and agriculture. In this way, the US government is acting as a dedicated marketing and distribution partner for transnational pharmaceutical corporations.

And so the great global experiment continues….

Bloomberg News proudly announced the move this morning:

President Joe Biden plans to send an additional 20 million doses of U.S. coronavirus vaccines abroad by the end of June — including, for the first time, shots authorized for domestic use, where supply is beginning to outstrip demand.

Biden will announce Monday that he’ll export 20 million doses of vaccines from Pfizer Inc., Moderna Inc. or Johnson & Johnson, on top of 60 million AstraZeneca Plc doses he had already planned to give to other countries, according to a senior administration official familiar with the plan.

The official, who asked not to be identified ahead of planned remarks from the president, stressed that the measures are only a first step as the U.S. pivots its attention to quelling the pandemic abroad. Biden has previously pledged that the U.S. would soon become an “arsenal” of global vaccine supply.

Biden will also announce that he is putting Jeff Zients, who has served as the White House coronavirus response coordinator, in charge of his effort to beat back the pandemic globally, the official said. Zients will work with the National Security Council and other agencies to steer doses abroad.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the announcement, saying that the doses would go “to help countries battling the pandemic,” without specifying which ones. The 60 million AstraZeneca doses are subject to a safety review before they’ll be shipped…

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