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SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘The Tragedy of Droids’ (2020)

Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE.

In modern depictions of science fiction epic narratives, a story is never complete without a lovable or memorable robot, or ‘droid’ as a central character stealing the spotlight. Upon closer examination, there’s also something profoundly tragic about the role which these artificial lifeforms play across literature, cinema, and specifically within the Star Wars universe. Hollywood social engineers have also projected the contemporary leftwing politicized theme of ‘social justice’ on to cinema’s droids and robots. Clearly, there is an effort by entertainment to humanize AI robotic forms onscreen, which prompts a discussion as to this means, and how it relates to transhumanism, and more importantly – how droid narratives are meant to reflect the human condition. Watch:

Run time: 35 min
Production: Pop Culture Detective (2020)





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